Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Look at Ravage Toy has posted the image to the left of the Deluxe class toy for Ravage. Sadly that is all the information currently available so still unknown if it transforms and if so what is the alt mode. Thanks to Phil for the link.

Update: As pointed out by Duncan, the picture shows the image came from Deluxe class packaging and for years Hasbro only pictures same class figures on the packaging which means that Ravage is probably Deluxe class.


  1. He's a very cool design anyways.

  2. Counterpunch4/23/2009 6:33 AM

    so the writers said it is hard to introduce the Dinobots into the movie because of what they are, but they never explained how the fuck Scorponok & Ravage got the greenlight.

    It's more ridiculous to see a robotic scorpion & a robotic cougar that has limited functions...

    makes me think if they have animals as their alt mode does that mean they do have animals back on Cybertron? albeit robotic ones...

  3. ^^^ WHAT A BABY ^^^

    Scorpy was a part of Blackout. When he was released from him in Qatar he went and did the masters bidding. Blackout used his regeneration abilities to fill in the gap. Ravage will most likely be the same---part of Soundwave.

    Dinobots have no business being in the 21st century. The closest you will ever get to "ME GRIMLOCK---YOU SWOOP" is if Spielberg has the Dinosaurs talk in Jurassic Park 4

    P.S. Blog person---I may be wrong but I saw that Ravage link from a guy named Alejandro or Alexander on the comparison shots thread

  4. I just assumed Scorponok picked his form due to the desert environment and it likely being a creature he saw. Not much of a disguise being a large metal scorpion but the form seemed to come in use for him.

    I don't know if the form scanning thing works on organic forms (perhaps even insects like the Insecticons) but perhaps if it does it still needs to be on creatures that exist in present day. I suppose Dinobots could have already done that millions of years ago and have just been buried all this time. I dunno. Apart from Marvel comics Grimlock and Swoop I've never been that fond of the Dinobots.

  5. By the way I meant Furman's Marvel Grimlock that started in the UK title, not the way he was written in the in the US series before Furman took over.

  6. Carnivac knows what's up. The Dinobots intro what 7 episodes in to G-1 {don't remember exact} was already an indication of TF ridiculousness.

    They used those stupid characters to death but....they never should have had life. They figured that the DB's would give children more of an attention span b/c they were animals at one time.

    Kids minds wander when they hear the term energon cubes but "ME GRIMLOCK LIKE TO EAT MCDONALDS HAPPY MEALS" gets their butts on the couch.

    If anyone other than myself & Carnivac doesn't realize that they need to re-evaluate their common sense

  7. "If anyone other than myself & Carnivac doesn't realize that they need to re-evaluate their common sense"

    In other words "if you don't agree witch me, you are stupid, "cause i'm always right!!111"?

  8. thinking too much. there are so many things you have to let go and suspend your disbelief.

    and yeah, the schtick of "my opinion is the only right answer" is old.
    you can hardly pick one thing and say that was for kids when the whole thing was.

  9. ^ to the muppet calling me a baby.

    You wrote a whole fucking passage without justifying your words with why the Deceps can have animal as alt modes.

    Dinobots are the best Autobots. Simple.

    ' Dinobots have no business being in the 21st century. The closest you will ever get to "ME GRIMLOCK---YOU SWOOP" is if Spielberg has the Dinosaurs talk in Jurassic Park 4 ' <------ This movie is set in the 21st century no doubt but the Transformers are already in their millions old age already you pig.

    So what business does a scorpion or a cougar have then with the robots?

    All this they are part of their larger robots is just utter BS.

  10. ... so basically everyone is arguing over the validity of chatacters based on a story about alien robots from halfway across the galaxy.
    .... riiiiiiiiight.

  11. Well said Pork...

    ... well said!

  12. Things like a cougar and scorpion are things the Decepticons could have copied now. They could scan from afar and see that cougars are stealthy predators and scorpions can hide really well in the desert. If I had the function of those two, I think those alts would be good fits.

    Now why the hell would an alien creature looking for a form to take pick a set of bones? Why would they pick an inanimate thing to copy? Not only would they have to just randomly pick out a set of bones, but flesh out bodies (on top of bones) for them as well? Why go through all that trouble?

    Picking a cougar or scorpion makes sense as they have great functions here on earth. A set of bones ... not so much. IMO Dinobots in this live action movie is a dumb concept.

  13. @Pork "... so basically everyone is arguing over the validity of chatacters based on a story about alien robots from halfway across the galaxy.
    .... riiiiiiiiight."

    Even a fictional movie has to have a relation or connection to what we see every day in real life for it to be good. A good movie set far in the future with aliens and robots will always be infinitely better if it uses concepts of CURRENT military structure of leadership instead of one completely made up and out of the blue because we can connect to it. Even though robots like this don't exist, their behavior and actions seem more realistic if we can relate to them. So yeah, there is validity to people arguing about sci-fi realism.

    Scifi movies that have absolutely no connection to current reality would seem extremely far fetched and would net be taken well by the masses. EVERY good scifi has a good relation to what we already know.

  14. @ numetheus,
    Picking a cougar or scorpion makes sense as they have great functions here on earth. A set of bones ... not so much. IMO Dinobots in this live action movie is a dumb concept.haha yeah makes total sense, scan a cougar, then go dive in the ocean.

    from outer space, scan a scorpion see that it can hide under rocks well, then create a 20 foot version made out of metal. smart move. not sure why scorponok isn't the leader with that brain.

    not knowing the culture of the planet you came to, why not scan an inanimate dino exhibit at a museum and think its suitable. especially if thats where you just landed. what you first see you will take as typical.

    but it all comes down to what Pork said, its a fantasy world where we have to accept some things in order to enjoy cool robots. thats it.

  15. By the way it says deluxe class right on the side of the package

  16. Ravage is full of awesome. Dinobots are just retarded. But you know what? That is just my opinion. I seriously doubt dinobots will be in Tf3 either.

  17. @ Punch

    "Dinobots are the best Autobots. Simple."

    Thanks for making your opinion sound like fact. I hated the Dinobots, they got on my nerves. So since that's MY opinion, I am right and you are wrong.

    @ Pork

    "... so basically everyone is arguing over the validity of chatacters based on a story about alien robots from halfway across the galaxy.
    .... riiiiiiiiight."

    Yes, and also arguing over the movie adaptation of a movie that is based on a childrens 1/2 hour animated toy commercial that is meant for people 1/3 of the average age of the people on this blog. Put that one in perspective.

  18. As For dinobots if their is a "pretender" transformer Alice, then pretender dinobots would work too. Plus who says transformers must be nothing but metal. Who's to say they couldn't have rubber or cloth or even organic parts. I don't want to see some sort of crap out of the movie "Virus" or anything but maybe a metal shell with some organic skin laid over it.

  19. Yes, but is it the ten year olds or us that are pumping all our money into the toys and products? I'd say the producers know darn well who their real demographic is.

    Also, Ravage resembled a panther in the old days and I think we're kind of stuck on that concept. I'm thinking that in the movie continuity, he didn't scan a panther on earth to become that. He's clearly not trying to blend in and 'hide', plus where would he have gotten the whole one eye thing? I'm guessing he's just an alien beast of some sort.

  20. Thunda Chunky4/23/2009 11:11 AM

    To the Anon @ 10:38

    I was just thinking that same thing. I found it hard to think about how or why there's a 20 foot long mechanical scorpion fighting with our US military while I was watching the first movie because THERE WAS A 20FT SCORPION FIGHT THE MILITARY!! That shit was just fackin awesome to watch! Who cares where he came from? I wasn't around for the G1 days but did they explain why Scorpinok was scorpion "shaped" base? Dinobots, I think would be harder to explain and more or less irrelevant. Now the Aerialbots would be a godsend in ROTF.

    That's my opinion. I am always right. (I'm not but since everyone else said it...)

  21. I just don't understand why anyone would want to see Dinobots in these movies. I understand the Transformers universe and I know that they were/are cool characters, but come on. Can you imagine how silly that would look on film. It just won't come across good. In our minds, being the fans we are, we want to see them because we know Dinobots from when we were kids and how cool they were to us then/now. But they just can't fit in these movies, there is no way to explain to general movie goers why they choose those alt modes and taking into account that the film makers chose not rename Megatron, Galvatron so they wouldnt confuse the aforementioned general movie goers points to the fact that its not going to happen and for good reason. Even the goofball twins knew what to scan and if the are autobots that are more stupid than those two appear to be than the auotbots need to hand in the towel.

  22. Thunda Chunky4/23/2009 11:13 AM

    LMAO! The "word" I had to type in to verify my last comment was CUNT. LOL that brightened my day.

  23. you know what, if soundwave came into the movies as a tape recorded that mass shifted, i wouldn't complain one bit.

    That's my opinion. I am always right too. :)

  24. Wooow, so many damn manchildren in here arguing about a robotic panther? Calm the fuck down, people. A robot with two legs and two arms is just as much of a human as a robot with four legs, a tail, and lots of teeth is a panther.

    Look, I know your butthurt about the Dinobots not being in the movie, but that doesn't make you look any better when you argue about stupid shit. Do it on a geewun board so you can at least get the emotional support you appear to need.

  25. In the prequel comic (that came with the steelbook DVD of TF1) Scorpinok is in it in the exact same mode/form suggesting he has not scanned anythin since landing on earth. The only real difference between any of the protoforms and movei designs was Starscream... all the others was more-or-less the sign (obviously very little time to design and also why only Starscream and Prime toys were released in protoform mode).

    Scorpinok having the same mode on Earth AND Cubertron has me gussing Ravage will have the same 'raw beast mode' (Orci's words) on Earth AND Cybertron. I read somehwere that Ravage (he/she/it??) would also have another 'side' to them... a biological weapon of some sort. Anyone hear anything similar? Might Ravage be Alice/the Pretender? Or could that be Laserbeak... another one of Soundwave's minnions??

    I think (the above).. therefore I am NOT right.

    The verification for this post was also 'see you next Tuesday'.... (who's eagle-eyed enough to spot the error?!?!?!)

  26. @Pilot and the rest of the MANAdluts.

    It really fries my bacon when people make posts about how childish or stupid the arguments are here. If we come here and decide to have these discussions then that is our choice. Just like it is your choice to read them, so if, as according to you, we are manchildren I can live with that because I know I'm just a fan super excited about an awesome movie thats getting ready to come out and I like about having discussions with others that feel the same way. We can admit that and go on with our lives. But you guys, the ones who feel the need to cuss at and belittle others are the ones who have the trouble admitting it and feel the need to compensate for it by saying how childish we are. If you don't like it, LEAVE, Its that simple, or stay and complain. But either way, and im sure that the rest of the MANChildren that frequent this site agree with. GROW UP.

  27. i liked Pilot's post, no problem with that or any of the other arguments on here.

    all that was basically said was, if you think dinobots are crazy, what about these other oddities already in the film. all good natured.

    anyway its been beaten to death.

    @Simbatron, that was my first thought too after hearing about a "secret power" of Ravage, that he may be Alice.

    but honestly what we have 2 minutes worth of film footage? so i hate speculating too much on it.

  28. Scorpinoc's scorpion mode is not the alt mode its the robot mode, his alt mode is the helicopter engine. That means he was a scorpion in the first place. He didnt have to scan anything for his scorpion mode.

  29. I dont care about the validity of dinobots or scorpinoc or ravage but metal panther and scorpion bad guys are way more awsome than metal dinosaur good guys. Dinobots are just really gay.

  30. Me grimlock suck dick



  32. "LMAO! The "word" I had to type in to verify my last comment was CUNT. LOL that brightened my day."

    That is just too funny!

  33. @Anon 12:17 Scorpinok had a robot mode that he didn't use in the movie. His alt mode was the scorpion.

    If they were to only have Grimlock, I could definitely see a coolness factor in having a giant robotic t-rex stomping around and it might be a little easier to explain for just him. It wouldn't be that he crash-landed here 65 million years ago because that would open up too many other questions like why and what happened to him. But if he were the same concept as Scorp or Ravage - an alien beast - that just looked like a t-rex, that might work.

  34. Ravage is a Jaguar....Not a Cougar, not a Panther, Not a f'n Ocelot. Thats what he was on Cybertron. Find any Old Transformers story and he's always been the Jaguar. I think he actually talked in the comics though....I could be wrong. I don't think its EVER been explained anywhere as to why , or how Ravage is a Jaguar. Hell Lazerbeak was a flippin bird....How many birds you think are on Cybertron. Seeing as how everybody is stating their opinion....I think he looks like one of those fish that has the dangling lantern in front of their face with the crazy teeth....Or a got damn Sharkticon..Maybe thats not Ravage at all maybe thats a Sharkticon...He's on the beach, so he could have seen a Shark in the water. There ya go theres your explanation. Stop nitpicking everything and you'll enjoy it a little more.....Oh and Scorponok is a dildo. A Cybertronian dildo.

  35. FFS honestly now.

    where are the energon cubes? you CAN'T tell me you would be excited about megatron drinking pink liquid out of an invisible cube.

    someone give me bay's email address i beg you.

  36. *wouldn't be,

    some give me bay's email address and the ability to prof read.

  37. I admit it would be nice but not necessary to have the dinobots and really, I am sure there would be a way to make them fit in with the story, the writer just has to be creative. If they can have robot scorpions and robot panther whatever beasts then they can have dinobots. And they don't have to be dinosaurs, weren't they vehicles in the War Within?

  38. Consider that the writers built the story THEN created the characters to fit the story (Scorpy in the desert for example). With the Dinobot's they'd be fitting the story around the characters. Harder to do.

  39. I think ravage transforms into a missle and then you put in into a spring loaded gaget that looks like soundwave and when you shoot it ravage transforms by spring loaded action. and 2 plates on his back spring foward into 2 canons as seen on the picture

  40. Chinese Rulez4/23/2009 3:32 PM

    excuse me.. I read...

    Dinobots in Shanghai?

  41. The size of the figure is known... It's a Deluxe. To the left of the Ravage image it says deluxe class, and only figures in the same size category are shown on the box.

  42. Racist in LA4/23/2009 3:42 PM

    Chinese Rulez said...

    excuse me.. I read...

    Dinobots in Shanghai?

    Shut up fool. You're Chinese. Just make the damn toys and be fucking quiet.

  43. Chinese Rulez4/23/2009 3:53 PM

    ^ you rude! you rude!

    LA many my people! I no... I READ...

  44. chinese rulez and racist in la?lol. but im chinese. so stuff ur asshole toys down ur fuckin mouth and shut up the hell up.

  45. Here is another way to introduce the Dinobots without all the hassle of them bieng Dinosaurs on Cybertron. Here is a few facts and a basic storyline for that possibility.

    1. We already know that Autobots and Decepticons have travelled to earth in the time of the pyramids.

    2. We know they have to scan them to Transform (They cant just scan a magazine or picture)

    Ok here is the plot.

    It is Earth in the time of the dinosaurs. In Space the Dinobots have been running from a deadly Decepticon (Possibly a servant of Unicron) They flee to Earth and try to blend in by scanning Dinosaurs to get some form of disguise. The Decepticon crash lands on Earth because of a group of Autobots who managed to defeat him. The Decepticon explodes on impact causing the extinction of all life on earth except for the Dinobots and a few life forms that survived by bieng shielded by the Dinobots Metalic bodies.

    Over the years they end up travelling the Earth slowly there brain power deminishes until only a primal beast like instinct remains. In an Ice Age they freeze and are sealed in the ice.

    In the year 2012. Global warming has increased temperatures and the Dinobots are released from there icy tomb ready to do battle against the Decepticons however the rest of the Autobots do not trust them with important tasks as there primal instincts keep making them become dangerous and rogue.

    P.s. Just believe "Chinese Rulez" Until the film is released help him if you can but who knows the Dinobots could be in this film (I am not saying they are because i know they are not)

  46. Counterpunch4/23/2009 4:20 PM

    Scorp, did you know you followed the comic's version of how Dinobots ended up on Earth?

    when they pursued Shockwave...

  47. Okay for one thing about the Dinobots, they did not scan for life being another being from Cybertron. They were created by Ratchet like a tinker toy! One thing I found extremely stupid about the Dinobots was that they were able to be put together and build, which completely ruins the concept that they are sentient life forms. If they can just be built out of spare parts like that, then there is nothing special about them.

  48. People b*tch that Optimus has flames or that Bumblebee is a Camaro, but heck, the Dinobots can sure come from Cybertron.

  49. @Scorp "The Decepticon explodes on impact causing the extinction of all life on earth except for the Dinobots and a few life forms that survived by bieng shielded by the Dinobots Metalic bodies."

    I like you, Scorp, so I won't ridicule you for implying that an explosion that is powerful enough to eliminate all life on earth won't affect a few that are hiding behind the Dinobots.

    At least you got the whole Global Warming angle in there to satiate all the hippy nerds.

  50. You bozos all slag the Dinos as being stupid etc.

    Yeah they are dumb as hell but one must not forget the Dinobots are the best sub-group of the Autobots. Big, powerful bad-ass they are...

    Even Megatron feared them.

  51. @Numetheus,
    feel the same, i hated when they did that in any case cartoon or comic.

    once you open that door, why not throw together a factory and make an army. completely destroys individualism.

    the comic had mega Supreme come to life this way also, built partially by Spike, even worse.

  52. "the comic had mega Supreme come to life this way also, built partially by Spike, even worse."

    What...? xP

  53. When will people realize that these movies, whilst beings based on the transformers we know are set in there own universe. So with that in mind, these autobots don't even know what the hell a dinobot is. So to us growing up they were the best sub group of the autobots, to them they don't even exist.

  54. I Agree with Anon @ 6:14

    Give me Prime, Ironhide and Bumblebee for these movies anytime. Dinobots you can keep.

  55. Anon @ 6:14
    Yes, the movies are their own continuity, but who's to say that just about anything from the whole gamut of TF canon couldn't be introduced?

    Honestly, how could you say that they don't know what a Dinobot is - just for example?

    I mean, the Fallen is a relatively far-reaching concept from the comic story and they brought him in. I think it's safe to say that the writers of the movie continuity can bring in whatever they want and find a way to justify it.

    When they were making the first movie, if someone would have come along and said "it would be cool if they brought in the Fallen for the next movie!" they would have been strung up as a heretic and fried alive on boards like this.

  56. I would to see the pinky energon cubes that all decepticon hungered for like in their cartoon. Please bring those juicy tempting pinky energon cubes to live! please Bay
    I agreed with Counterpunc on 4:20

    Dinobots aftered the shockwave to earth in the classic comics (i just read It tough!)

  57. I just thought of a theory regarding scorpinok and why a GIANT scorpion while watching Terminator 2. Maybe he scanned a scorpion in the desert because of how efficient it is in hiding and hunting. In T2 he said that the T1000 has to turn himself into something of equal size. If they scan a form and have to keep a similar mass and size to their original form, then it would have to be a giant scorpion, not a tiny one. So his form is chosen because the traits are similar to his own and turns into one to work better in the desert, but must be giant because he has to stay equal size.

  58. -Scorp, did you know you followed the comic's version of how Dinobots ended up on Earth?-

    Never read any of the movie comics about the Dinobots just thought the concept would be a new idea.

    Replying to TheChad:

    Its either they are shielded by something or the explosion doesnt wipe out all life on earth.

    I`ld rather have the global warming thing than have some scientist find them and reawaken them like with the Megatron thing.

    Also it would seem to King Kong if they brought the dinobots back to the city and then they went mad and started destroying it :)

    -Even Megatron feared them.-

    Although sometimes he does use them to his advantage.

  59. Counterpunch4/24/2009 4:47 PM

    Well go get it & read it Scorp...

  60. The thing about Ravage and Scorponok are the fact that they are minions or pets of larger robots, similar to Ratbat, Laserbeak, Eject and such. Knowing the traditional depiction of Dinobots, making them minions/pets just wouldn't work. It's like making the Hulk into a henchman. Scorponok and Ravage have totally different personalities (if they have any) than expected of one such as Grimlock.

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