Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More MixMaster, Fallen, and Other Toy Pics (Updated)

Another day, another set of galleries to look through.

Voyager Mixmaster - Large set of images that compares the vehicle mode of the Constructicon with other Transformers past and present.
Voyager The Fallen - A few pictures that show off the main villian of the upcoming sequel for an eBay auction.
Leader Megatron - Gallery and review of the toy.
Leader Optimus Prime - Two high quality pictures that show off the re-designed toy.
Deluxe Bumblebee - Also two pictures of the slightly tweaked toy.
Deluxe Skids - Review from Peaugh of the upcoming toy. Yep, he does have buck teeth.
Hyper Hobby Magazine Compare - Two pictures below are from the Japanese magazine that gives a comparison of the first movie vs sequel design of multiple Transformers characters.
Scout Scalpel (The Doctor) - Another gallery similar to Mixmaster that shows off the character and compares him to other Transformers.

Update: Added a link to the Scalpel gallery and corrected the class for Mixmaster.


  1. The video talking about the teeth on Skids worries me just a tiny tiny bit. Not saying that if they decided to have the twins talk in a southern slang or dumbed down style (whatever)i would hate it, I just hope they don't over do it if that is the case.

    Mixmaster looks awesome. Darn I wish i could afford all of the movie based toys.

  2. Mixmaster is Voyager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mixmaster = Voyager

    Do you ever read the comments when we try to correct stuff like this? It's a bit aggravating to not be listened to.

  4. Who's the black flat-nosed semi in some of those Mixmaster pics?

  5. Sideways is definantly a reconfigured vehicle mode for Barricade. The robot mode looks way too similar to Barricade.

  6. Chief... the black cab-over is a "re-release" of Nemesis Prime... a repaint of the cab-over "re-release" of Optimus they put out a couple of years ago

  7. here's where you can see/buy it on Hasbro's site

  8. What robot is the silver one in the second picture? I don't recognize's not Sideways, the Audi R8. Then who...?

  9. "What robot is the silver one in the second picture? I don't recognize's not Sideways, the Audi R8. Then who...?"

    It's a Transformers Alternity Megatron featuring Nissan Fairlady Z in Silver. There is a Blue Version two.

    More pics of it are here

    and here:

    I don't think we'll be seeing that in the movie though.

  10. Well, Demolishor is voyager class toy, Mixmaster is voyager class toy, Rampage is deluxe class toy. I'm starting to think that Long Haul will be too deluxe class and Hightower and Scrapper voyager cass. I don't talk about Overload now. He's appreance as 7th Constructicon isn't yet 100 % sure.

  11. Mixmaster's coloring resembles coloring of G1 Motormaster.

  12. Thanks for the link, RavenWulf.

    That Alternity Megatron is pretty sweet as well. Too bad we won't be seeing anyone who carries weapons like swords (as opposed to having them transform out of their arms). But it saves Bay from having to explain where giant detached cannons or swords are stored in alt-mode, right?


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