Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More Transformers Tidbits from Bay

MTV has posted more of their conversation with Michael Bay at ShoWest. In their first post, he revealed that Arcee annoyed him enough that she just had to die. In this second part he discusses the IMAX Experience, Megan Fox, and no car chases.

The video portion is below but so far I have not had much luck getting it working, may just be server overload.

- "There's no car chase in this movie. There's a lot of different types of action. In some movies, it's the same action throughout the entire movie. There's a lot of different types of action in this one, and that makes it interesting."
- "You will see Devastator in IMAX. You heard it here first. [Several scenes] are going to be on IMAX, which is awesome. Some of our main scenes were shot with IMAX cameras, so the screen will pop wide [if you see the film in an IMAX theater]. It's the first movie to do serious digital effects in IMAX quality."
- On Megan Fox: "Wait until you see] the very first shot in the movie," he replied when we asked whether Megan gets a moment as memorable as her hood-opening flirtation with Bay's lingering camera in the first film. "You'll see."
Removed video since still not working on the MTV website so embed isn't going to work either

The main takeaway for me is unlike most IMAX Experience movies, Transformers 2 will actually be worth the travel time and ticket cost since its doing more then just showing an oversized scene. As Bay points out, this will be the first movie to make real use of CGI elements for IMAX scenes something previous movies have not spent the money on to create.


  1. Massive kool...cant wait

  2. Doesn't Bay realize how stupid he sounds? No car chase in this movie? I'm ok with a misinformation campaign,but everybody saw the trailer,what the hell is that car(Sideways) doing there? It's getting chased! No car chase with Autobots? Nice try Bay.


  3. Yeah, I guarantee you that there will be a car chase in the film. But, maybe he'll jazz (pardon the pun) it up with some back-and-forth transforming throughout?

    Devastator in IMAX = nerdgasm

    I hope he doesn't just play Megan's character up for eye-candy. It would be nice to see her character develop and grow. (But the eye-candy is great too! ;) )

  4. My only guess on that would be how like in TF1, there was the car chase with BB and Barricade. They were actually both cars through a lot of that. He probably is splitting hairs in that he doesn't actually have any real film of two cars going after each other in car mode. The Sideways chase was filmed with just the Audi driving by itself and Arcee and her crew were added in later.

    Master wordsmith or annoying forked tongue?

  5. i hope they release the IMAX version Transformers 2 when it comes in on BluRay. I want to see it integrated seemlessly into the BluRay version just like the Dark Knight did.

    I wish Bay would have released the IMAX version of the first movie so we could see the extra scenes. I cant even remember them now.

  6. The IMAX version of TF-1 will be released on Blu-Ray to correspond with the release of RotF. There wasn't anything note-worthy in the added scenes anyway. Anyone who owns 3 versions of the film already {ahem ME} has to open the wallet yet again.

    Mikaela steals that bike she was seen kissing sam on---doesn't match the Arcee bike so I believe Bay that the 2 characters don't have a relationship!!!

  7. What's up with the video? It isn't even showing anything! When it starts it says "Replay?"

    Anyway, i think Arcee dying is fake or else he would have at least attempted to try to hide it a little bit. Megan scene= AWESOME! And what is an action Michael Bay movie with cars with out a car chase? I think that he means no scenes where they stay cars and chase (Like BB taking Sam and Mikaela away from Barricade). Transforming while driving scenes (like the highway Prime vs. Bonecrusher battle) is extremely likely.

  8. TF-1 wasnt shot in IMAX dude..so HOW does that make any sense of another blu-ray comin out for TF-1

    and iT annoys me how people talk like they seen the ROTF already..you dont know that megan steals the bike or not..

  9. Whatever Bay means with his 'car chase' comment, I'm sure that it will be spectacular! In a car chase, I would prefer transforming back-and-forth a few times to just plain vehicles (Bumblebee and Barricade chase) or only one transformation (Optimus vs. Bonecrusher).

    I'd like to see Ironhide vs. a constructicon, with vehicle-vehicle, robot-robot action and even Ironhide's robot mode trying to slow the constructicon vehicle mode. :D

  10. the video isnt working!!

  11. is there a youtube version of this video clip? apparently the mtv video isnt working...it just says "replay" when you click on the play button.

  12. Just a little tidbit, MTV isn't always the most reliable source for this kinda info.

  13. I don't know if anyone cares, but I found this. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y123/The_Dutch/Comic002-1.jpg

    Skids / Mudflap in the bottom left corner

  14. To ANON @ 7:13 PM
    I NEVER said the movie was shot in IMAX but...the cut shown in IMAX theaters features extended scenes. According to Blu-Ray.com they will release this cut in accordance with RotF----here is the link......


    ALSO Scorpio was the one who introduce the news about Mikaela being introduced as having stolen something....here it is:

    "Scorpio said...
    Micheal bay has just said in a recent interview with MTV alot of spoilers about the film (If true)

    Here are the main points of the interview:

    Mikela will be reintroduced stealing something.
    There are no car chases however there will be other action stunts (Probably doesnt count the Sideways chase as a Car chase)"

    So.....your attempt at making a note-worthy post was a HUGE FAIL!!!!

    Perhaps you will gather your thoughts before random 'nonsense' is posted next time as a way to ridicule a post of mine on this blog :)

  15. Yeah Yeahhhhhhh Megan FoX is hot we know this already.. Let's get down to the knitty gritty which one of these bad ass robots is the baddest mofo around!!!!

  16. Replying to Anonymous at 7:13PM and Anonymous at 10:35PM

    I have no intention in entering into this quarrel so i might as well just clear up a few things.

    1. I never said that Mikela stole a bike and seeing as Bay said she was introduced in a sort of the Hood opening on the MTV site i believe she will defininetly appear stealing something.
    2. If your going to quote me also provide a link so that someone doesnt moan thats it not there or that it isnt on this blog. (Not including previous posts on the topic)
    3. The offical statement on MTV said that Mikela will be introduced in another Hood like part of the film. (This most likely means she is hot wiring a car)
    4. If i have made posts on other topics before the TFLive owner adds a new topic i am merely doing it to inform them and the public about new information.

    P.s. For those who say the video isnt working it might work if you go on the MTV Site and find the video that way :)

  17. "(This most likely means she is hot wiring a car)"
    Isn't that done on the inside of the car? I don't want to see the same scene again

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  19. Give me a website that has a leak of RotF and I may give a $h!t

    FBI agt. Joseph Haynes

    WE GOT YOU BUDDY---your IP address was attached to that post

  20. Replying to Anonymous at 3:24AM:

    Technically you are allowed to watch movies online you are just not allowed to download them. So even if the uploader could be put into prison aslong as you dont download anything they have no evidence against you. However why are you posting a link for X-Men Origins Wolverine when this a Transformers Blog. Seriously most of the people on here arent going to watch that anyway.

    -"(This most likely means she is hot wiring a car)"-

    Maybe she opens the hood of the car to check whether the engine is working then hotwires it.

  21. What part of this crazy world do you hail from 'scorp'??

  22. Replying to Anonymous at 4:18AM

    Somewhere between insanity, depresion and madness :)

    Well a bit of everything really. Due to my strange way of thinking and bizare humour i suppose i could be anything. Though please explain to me why you asked.

    As for Transformers news it seems that there are talks of a third trailer bieng aired in late april to early march.

    More news later . . .

  23. As far as I heard the 3d trailer is coming with the release of Star Trek.


  24. YES NO CAR CHASES.....but we'll have a f$%king big red and blue semi and 7 big fucking construction vehicle chase.....bay is gonna set the trend..any other car chase movie will have to come bigger....with two ficking oil tanker chase...lol

  25. Scorpio does his best to help out on info with the movie... He could be right could be wrong but at least hes keeping the blog interesting...

    I aint dlin shiz that has anything to do with wolverine... I'd way rather go see it in theatres instead of at the house..

  26. -Scorpio does his best to help out on info with the movie... He could be right could be wrong but at least hes keeping the blog interesting...-

    Thanks for the support willybilly. As for my new update here is a Japanese (?) catologue showing a few ROTF figures. For all those who want something new i`m afraid its just pics we have seen before but atleast there are a few comparison shots.
    Link below:

    That i am afraid is it for the moment talk more soon . . . :)

  27. to annon @ 4/7 10:35. "http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=2047"

    so I have the single disc version of the movie (with that DVD comic version of a prequel)that my ex got me, the 2 disc DVD version, and BLU-RAY 2 disc version that I bought recently.

    Guess I'll be selling the BLU RAY and 2disc DVD version on amazon.

    That leaves me with one thought..."DAMN YOU MICHAEL BAY!!!! You ruined my adulthood"

    I wonder if they will include the BLU RAY and DVD formats in one case like so many others are doing.

  28. Calm down a bit Anonymous at 11:42AM

    There is no point buying the new Blu Ray version as the only extra minutes it has are for a bit more talking and one more joke.

    If i were you i would wait until TF2 is released and sell them then because TF will become more popular.

  29. 3. The offical statement on MTV said that Mikela will be introduced in another Hood like part of the film. (This most likely means she is hot wiring a car)

    This is the part you were speaking of yes?

    "he replied when we asked whether Megan gets a moment as memorable as her hood-opening flirtation with Bay's lingering camera in the first film"

    I think all this means is she gets another "Beauty Shot" with the camera. (sun glisining off her body) Probably takling about the scene of her taking off he overalls (or what ever it was) from another post. It was mentioned in another post, think the one with Sam talking to Bumblebee in the garage about leaving and BB "Crying".

    Dont think it has anything to do with her stealing or hot wiring a car. Heck to me, with her taking of overalls, to me it sounds like she gets into garage work, working on the autobots, not back into being a theif.

  30. ^^^ Nice theory about her working on the A-Bots ^^^

    P.S. I was just wondering what part of the world you were from 'Scorp' b/c we were online around the same time and I thought maybe you were an Aussie :)

  31. Hey Scorpio "Calm down a bit Anonymous at 11:42AM"

    I was messin around...think back to the interviews on the 2 disc versions

    (does everyone else have to submit their comment twice on this board before it posts?)

  32. always twice for me as well so what i do is put 2-3 letters in the first box and then get the next image correct so i dont waste time with the first one

  33. Yep me too, Its kind of security, you Know against stupids Kids comments.

  34. Replying to Anonymous at 2:18PM:

    Sorry about that i thought you were mad at Bay because they were releasing another Blu Ray DVD 2 years after the films original release.



    First of here is the Website link:


    Now you have astablished yourself with that here is my review on the information:

    1. The Allspark could be restored in this film by using the technology to harvest energy from the sun to replenish it.
    2. The Allspark created Cybertron! (Rules out Primus however they could be included as the people who ruled over Cybertron)
    3. The Fallen is Biomechanical (Hinted by saying he was from a terrestrial planet)
    4. The Transformers were made as slaves
    5. The Fallen has brothers (Please note since it said the Fallens race then it probably doesnt mean the original thirteen transformers)
    6. The Fallen and his brother trapped themselves in Sarcophoguses
    7. Humans built the pyramids around the sun harvest machine to hide it
    8. The Allspark headed towards earth because of a sun harvest machine which it heads to (This makes it landing on earth a bit more belivable)

    Out of all this i believe a plot to be appearing and will soon reveal it. However for now there is one final piece of the puzzle to fit into it and that is . . .

    Bye :)

  35. c'mon that dosen't seem that true.....don't believe everything you read

  36. 2 words:

    Coloring Book

    Everything we need to figure out this movie has been given to us in those 2 comic series but....we see the action in the coloring book so....I will believe everything I read.

    C'mon "Scorpio" give us MORE----MORE!!!!

  37. Yep,also have to submit the word verfication twice as well.
    Bay said that we won't get any idea of the plot until the movie comes out,that's good stuff.But it's fun to see everybody guessing.


  38. Hey,now I only had to submit once.


  39. -c'mon that dosen't seem that true.....don't believe everything you read-

    It`s based on the prequel comic called Defiance so it is most likely true.

    -C'mon "Scorpio" give us MORE----MORE!!!!-

    Hummm, not much that more news that i can give although the entire plot of the film has already been revealed except for Mikela`s plotline and the remaining robots. Your deduction skills are superb you would make a good journalist. The colouring book is indeed the key to figuring out the films plot as that is the only solid information we have from this film all the rest could be misinformation that includes when they confirmed the number of robots in this film.

    From the comic book alone we can establish key events which i will talk about tommorow morning (In this section of the blog)

    Now for a bit of a look into Bay`s mind:
    Bay said no one would know anything about the plot of the film however when the original plot is leaked he then says there is a Misinformation campaign to make sure the original script is not believed to be real.

    He then tells us information which he mix`s with stuff we already know such as the fact that Arcee is in the film with the fact that she (According to bay will die) Most likely this part is true but we already knew the exsistance of Arcee and she was confirmed in the same interview that said she died.

    I`ll laugh if it turns out the original plot is the one used in this film just they changed the locations due to introduction of the Fallen and Devastator.

    I bet Bay would do something like that. Show us the real plot so he could laugh at us trying to figure out whether its real or not.

    If you write long stuff you have to submit twice or more if you write short stuff you only need to submit once most of the time.

    Next update tommorow where i will discus are true information on TF2 :)

  40. I can't wait 'Scorp'

    BTW---you never answered what part of the world you are from :)

  41. Can anyone actually watch this video?

  42. -BTW---you never answered what part of the world you are from :)-

    Unsortunately the UK although i am mainly a globe hopper.

    1. The Film opens with the large wheeled constructicon while most of the Autobots attack the constructicon the bike sisters including Arcee and Chromia go after a runaway robot called Sideways.
    2. Later in the film Sam finds out the Allspark is still affecting him. It`s affects cause him to write wiered symbols like the ones his father saw when he saw the Allspark.
    3. Even Later in the film Megatron captures Sam and gets Scalple to insert a tracking device into Sam so they can find the location of the Allspark fragment by measuring Sams contamination levels. Optimus then saves Sam from Megatron.
    4. Later Sam discovers that the Allspark is leading him to egypt and because the Autobots need the Allspark to rebuild there home planet they agree to take him to egypt to find out how to recharge the Allspark.
    5. The Decepticons are already at Egypt and they release the Fallen by using Devastator. The Fallen fights Optimus to get the piece of the Allspark so he can have ultimate power. Jetfire and the army fight Megatron only to meet hard resistance.

    Thats the main information which discovers the plot of the film. However it may not be in order.

    With that update i will take a break talk more tommorow BYE :)

  43. Honestly, is IMAX really that sweet?


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