Thursday, April 30, 2009

Official Transformers Sites Update

The two main official sites for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has added some content.

The main movie site has altered the backdrop to look like the theatre standee and a few new desktop images.

The official video game site also updated, this time with the "Battle for the AllSpark" version two of the game that was part of the promotion for the first video game. Once again players get to choose their faction and character as they fight against other online players for points and territory. I haven't played yet but it appears the game has improved graphics and new character models to play as. Thanks to The Chief for the heads-up.


  1. Dude is dat rollbar and scrapper? I gotta be honest, Scrapper doesn't look very impressive, especially wif da whole bonecrusher head thing going on.

  2. ^^^
    I think it is them although i would have liked to have more important film charecters on each side.

  3. Bonecrusher on page one...and it looks like police sirens on the shoulders of the to the next page...registration one...and there is a VERY interesting looking (presumably) Decepticon at the bottom of the page...

  4. I'm not sure but I think that those might not be movie characters. When you set up a character in the game, you can choose between 4 or 5 character models on whichever side. All the Autobots seem to be kind of generic and the Deceps that I've seen are the same. That yellow one in the pic there seems to be the only one that resembles a known character. Although there is one Decepticon robot that looks like it could be one of the seekers, like Thundercracker.

    They may just be fodder bots in the game like the Swindle model was in TF1 Game or they could be unannounced characters.


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