Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once Again, Ask Orci

It’s been a month, so seemed like a good time to see what information Transformers 2 writer Roberto Orci may have dropped in the Don Murphy and TFW2005 Ask Orci threads. Unlike last time, sadly he was much more tight lipped.
Have you guys gotten a ton of feedback from Transfans, disappointed that Optimus coming up small in that pivotal battle with Megatron at the end of the 1st movie? ...can we expect a little different in ROTF as far as Prime is concerned?
Yeah we did get a lot of discussion about that very point. It was on our minds for the sequel...

Are there any writers, or team of writers, who you would like to hand the reigns too in an ideal world? For TF3.
No... this isn't a monarchy where duties can or should be passed on. May the best idea win!

...will the ratio of robot-to-human time be pretty much the same?
There's no shortage of robot time in tf2. It will be longer than than the first movie.

Roberto, sum up movie Soundwave in one word please.

Prime's new toy has dual swords. Any chance of seeing dual swords in the film?
Would be cool!

What is your opinion on John Turturro voicing Jetfire? Will it do justice to the character?
I love him for everything, and he playfully offered to do it because he thought the character was fun. We'll see!

I know you said Soundwave don't turn into a truck but will he have some kind of earth mode? Does he fight on Earth at all?
that would give away TOO MUCH!

Who are some Autobots that you thought hard about including in this movie but chose not to?

1) On a note of confirmation, is Springer in TF 2? 2) Will there be an action scene of Sideswipe deploying his blades in mid-air, spinning in a circle as he goes? 3) Will there ever be a fast talking Autobot in the three movies? 4) Are any humans gonna get slagged? Major ones?
1 no comment 2 no comment 3 no comment 4 no comment Does that answer your questions?

When you said you thought long and hard about including Dinobots in movie 2 but decided not to, does that mean it will never happen or that it just wasn't right for this particular film?
Just for this film.

Are Scavenger (Excavator and part of Demolisher) and Demolisher (Excavator and Giant Wheel Death Bot from the trailer) two different characters? Or is this another bit of Brawl/Devastator naming weirdness?
We'll find out together!

When Mr. bay said the movie was "Darker", what does he mean by that?
When Alex and Ehren and I were thinking about what to do with the sequel to Transformers, we thought back to the sequels that we loved as kids. These movies all shared some common characteristics: they stood alone as their own movies... the stakes seemed greater, and as result, they seemed darker... we're talking about sequels like Superman 2, Aliens, Wrath of Kahn, and The Empire Strikes Back... I think most would agree that each of these bench mark sequels were darker than the first, yet still were genuine continuations of the first.

Is Soundwave not going to accompany Megatron as the loyal soldier?
soundwave is kinda doing his own thing in the movie.

I'm interested in knowing how exactly the process went about since there were three of you. Did you all work on the script together at the same time? did you each write your own draft and merge them together or did one of you get elected to write the first while the other two worked on it afterward?
As far as the script goes, the three of us sat down and came up with a story, the way you can imagine riffing a story with your friends... almost like band practice, or something. Then, once we had the story, we went 30 pages at a time, each of us writing different scenes and then passing them around for notes, comments, or adjustments until we had a full shooting draft.


  1. If John Turturro really is voice of Jetfire, his voice be really different. In that video, where was shown parts from new upcoming trailer, I heard Jetfire's voice. It sounded like voice of 60-years-old human and Turturro is over 50.

  2. Counterpunch4/22/2009 3:03 AM

    So there goes my Dinobots hope in TF 2...


  3. They didn't confirm Turturro for the voice. They were simply saying that {in Egypt} John volunteered to be the voice of JF for timing purposes---like what Mark Ryan did. I guarantee if this question was asked:

    "Was that Turturro doing the voice of JF in the ShoWest footage??"

    Their answer would be "no comment"

    He is NOT the voice of good old JF---it IS Nimoy!!

  4. Man I want more info about Soundwave!!!

  5. ^ wait for the movie then...

  6. You anonymous one, I didn't talk that is it confirmed or not. It was talking about Jetfire's voice.

  7. "He is NOT the voice of good old JF---it IS Nimoy!!"

    And you know that from...?

  8. "And you know that from...?"
    Let's just say I've heard that same exact voice used by Nimoy somewhere else. IMDB filmography will give you the answer----actually it's his TV-ography.

    Oops.......I'm saying way too much

  9. "soundwave is kinda doing his own thing in the movie."that just says to me, stays in outerspace molesting satellites.

  10. I want to see Soundwave on earth man!!! I know everyone has said they want to see a Megs/Starscram fight in this movie which would be awesome!! But what about a Starscream vs. Soundwave/Ravage fight... Those 3 absolutely can't stand one another, esp Ravage and Starscream... I think in my opinion Soundwave kinda doing his own thing is either gettin Megatron back or going after Sams parents...Maybe both.

  11. "Let's just say I've heard that same exact voice used by Nimoy somewhere else. IMDB filmography will give you the answer----actually it's his TV-ography.

    Oops.......I'm saying way too much"

    Uh huh...:P

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  14. Chinese Rulez4/22/2009 9:34 AM

    ^ You suck. haha.. I learn new word today.

    Shanghai scene where?

  15. "^ You suck. haha.. I learn new word today.

    Shanghai scene where?"

    Dude, are you really that stupid...?

  16. Insults aside, something we can pretty much all agree on is the Fallen is the 'first' Decepticon thus this face is almost the Decepticon insignia replicated... on whom I wonder do the Autobots model their insignia??

    I've never heard any mention nor comment of this anywhere and am surprised it hasn't been brought up elsewhere.

    Anyone got any clues/idea?

  17. what if not only m.b. is giving us misinfo, but orci as well. lol

  18. Nevermind Orci giving us misinfo... he isn't really giving us anything to play with yet is he. Or has he revealed someting so far that I've missed?

  19. Anon@6:12 "Oops.......I'm saying way too much"

    Are you freakin' kidding me? Acting like you have some kind of inside information that you are "accidentally" leaking or something? You don't know crap! You don't know anything more than what we know, so stop acting like you do. Just say you THINK it's Nemoy, not that you know and are accidentally leaking something. Just cause you think one voice kinda sounds like another isn't any kind of evidence.

  20. Ive brought this up before as well... Alot of people said it was based off of gladiators which makes no sense to me seeing as how they were before that time... I have said before that it is based off of Vector Prime one of the first 13 transformers...

  21. C'mon! We wanna see Soundwave on Earth! Not just playing around with some satellites in the space!
    He would be BADASS on earth, Kicking some Autobots a$$es. Can you image a fight betwen Soundwave and Starcream? Im talking about aerial fight both in altmode.

    The Canadian and yes......We do eat beaver!

  22. If Soundwave has a robot mode, I doubt he will stay in space the whole movie. But I don't think that means he'll have an earth mode either. He'll probably do his satellite thing, then transform into his Cybertronian jet mode, then go down to the earth and transform to his robot mode. Probably something like that....who really knows.

  23. honestly if they had Soundwave come to earth and did anything other than kick ass and take names, i would be mad.

    he is such a cool character my fan appreciation of him wouldn't want the movie writers to diminish him which i bet don't hold him in such high regard.

    if they felt he would best be a street sweeper i bet Orci would go for it.

  24. For those of you lazy folk that don't wanna search the interwebs for the showest footage you can find it here. Then again, me posting this may get it taken down. Oh well. Good luck!

    Oh, and don't bother reading Captain Obvious's post while you're there.

  25. Notice how the robots who DON'T have earth modes have MUCH better protoform/robot modes, i.e. Megatron & Soundwave. Remember seeing Prime and Ironhide in protoform mode in TF1... they were a lot skinnier/scrawnier and you could tell not as much design/effort had gone into them (why spend mega $$ on somehting that only lasts 5-10 seconds?!). This suggests to me that Soundwave won't have an earth mode as his robot mode has a lot of detail and effort to it. Like Megatron in TF1, it looks as if he has been designed that way on purpose to last the duration of the movie... they alsmost have as much detial to them as a Peterbilt-semi transformed, i.e. 10,000+ moving parts!

  26. Yeah, I definitely don't think that Nimoy is the voice of JF, at least not in the showest footage.

    I know this probably isn't what he's saying but it sounds like:

    "Itching, wretched, rusty, my ass!" lol

    It's on the "my ass!" part that he's definitely got a different vocal quality, almost a slightly different pronunciation than Nimoy.

    Not saying that I'm 100% sure, but it really doesn't sound like him to me.

  27. @Simbatron

    Perhaps. Not a bad thought. I would also suggest too that the Autobots are more the worker bees and the Decepticons are the military (at least that's how it is in the cartoons). So the Autobots don't really need fancy protoforms. As far as the movie goes, the Autobots seem more equal in military and fighting aspects as the Decepticons (Based on their weaponry). So your theory is explained in a more production based theory and mine is more story based. Both could work I suppose.

  28. Don't know if this was put up yet but...
    Replicas of some of the transformers are on Ebay

    Ah and there is a HD pictures up too:

    Some of the pictures are rather interesting:
    ^ Confirmation of Chromia being in the movie I don't think Arcee is blue and plus that looks exactly like the toy of her.
    ^ That's Sideswipe I think
    ^ Better look at The Doctor
    ^ The backdrop seems similar to the one at the pyramid. Anyways that's Sam and his dad Ron I didn't see that till I looked through those images.

    That's just a bit of what I found there is a treasure trove of info if you study these pictures long enough.

  29. Ok, in the ShoWest footage, the part where Sam picked up the little insecticon, you can hear someone (or some-THING) say "stuuupid...". Who is that? Seriously, watch it again and have the sound turned up.

  30. dam it when will we know if springer is in tf2?
    if soundwave stays up in space on his jone then ill be disappointed and so i hope he comes down to earth even if its in a cybertronian jet mode.



  31. Yeah it def does sound like somebody is saying something when same grabs it... And if it something like that with a mic or a satelite on it then it has to be Soundwave right? Unless its Barricade being a spy...

  32. @Linariel That pic that you labeled as the Doctor is Wheelie.

    @Anon 12:35 I'm guessing that they're in that location in the Middle East where the giant ancient building is carved out of the rock face. It shows the twins walking up to it at one point in the footage. Maybe it's them arguing with each other in the background while Sam looks around, finding the "Insecticon".

    Also, correction on myself from earlier. I listened to Jetfire griping a few more times. It sounds like he's saying "Mortals!" instead of "my ass!" .. lol although "my ass" is funnier.

  33. Simbatron - It has been revealed & explained thoroughly in the Defiance comic issues of the Decepticons being the military unit to safeguard Cybertron while the Autobots are the scientists on Cybertron.


  34. @Linariel, yeah those were in a previous post.
    spend some time browsing.

  35. "Aft" He is saying aft. It's a part of a plane.

  36. Punch.. what's that got to do with anything??

    I wasn't making a point from a story-line point of view... mine was from a production/design point of view. I simply think the design of Megs and Soundwave suggest they both stay in alien form.

    Haven't read the Defiance comics as not out in UK (prob wont read anyway).

    Besides... my point was logical too

  37. "Ok, in the ShoWest footage, the part where Sam picked up the little insecticon, you can hear someone (or some-THING) say "stuuupid...". Who is that? Seriously, watch it again and have the sound turned up."

    YES!!!!!! I swear it's the little bug calling Sam Stuuuupid hahaha!!!!

    Glad I'm not the only one that heard that..

    Also how come NOT A SINGLE SOUL is talking about the giant Red and White (what looks like someones HEAD) Hitting the ground and shit flying everywhere?

    It's right after Prime does a Matrix type jump.. Anybody? Nobody cares to talk about what that could be? Maybe it's something important like Demolishor head?...

    Nobody seems to care???? I think it's a huge part of the ShoWest footage..


    WTF HELL IS THIS????????????????????

    AND THIS???????????????????? WTF????

    The ladder you see kinda gives me the idea it's Demolishors head...

    Seriously WTF?

  38. I'm in the UK and have the Alliance/Defiance comics but then I live near a Forbidden Planet that stocks all US comics though there are many other places about that do as well. Since giving up on IDW's G1 universe the movie stuff is all I do read now.




  40. @anon at 1:30, yeah everyone has seen it, but there is so little info.

    my 2 guesses, something to do with Devastaor's vortext, or something from a demolisher death scene.

    seems for sure its Demolisher construction site footage.

  41. Everybody is worrying about OP getting his A$$ handed to him in this movie, but I for one am not. I mean look at the showest footage. Whenever you see him fighting Megs, Starscream is there too. In the forrest, so is Blackout. That means that OP has to hold his own atleast one of the times, otherwise he wouldnt be in the other. Plus, did you see that CHINCHECK he have megs at the end of the footage? Its Revenge of the fallen yeah. But I honestly dont think that the Autobots are down for the count, and while OP might WILLINGLY sacrafice himself, I dont think that he will just be beat on for no reason. Remember, There are powerful decepicons attacking HIM and he is still there. I bet if Ironhide, OP and BB ran up on ONE of them, theyll get miising so fast our heads will spin.

  42. Carnivac, what kind of mad are you? That's not the Matrix. It's definitely part of Demolishor's body.

  43. Bob Orci states that they were influenced by 2nd movies like Empire Strikes Back.....I know he stated that this is a stand-alone movie (though part of a bigger continuity, so do you guys think it will end similar to ESB with things looking grim for the Autobots, but can make a good come back in TF3? I dunno, cause if this is a stand-alone story then The Fallen may be killed....but they've gotta leave SOMETHING open for the 3rd.

  44. We all know that OP is a Pro when it comes to robot decapitation. And with that whole Demolisher/Scavenger having the same alt mode thing, Im thinking that OP took killed Demolisher and that is his head, core spark, or something. But with him dead the decepticons still need someone for devastators torso, so in comes scavenger to fill his spot. That scene happens at the beginning of the movie or close to it and if you read the alliance comics you know that not to many decepticons get away from NEST. Plus OP obviously makes it thru the battle, so everything is pointing to Demolisher dead at the beginning and that being a piece of him.

  45. Prepare for revenge... Bonecrusher's spirit lives on!! Scrapper, Rampage, LongHaul, Overload, Scavenger, Mixmaster & Hightower!! Bring on the autobots!!

  46. can we please not say OP anymore?

  47. I guessing that OP gets taken down some kind of way, maybe when he combines with Jetfire its to take out the fallen and during the battle OP/Jetfire gets badly wounded and is not dead but his fate is left as open. With the fallen gone and OP out Megs thinks that he can finally rule without opposition. But starscream in and challenges him and thats the fight on the bridge and it can go anywhere from there.

  48. can we please not say OP anymore?

    While, that is such a big deal. Come on people can we keep this mature for once and not complain about something as small as an abbreviation.

  49. horrible writing, worse than Scorpio's there with the OP.
    waste of time to even read that guy's stuff.

  50. Well, as far as those two pics are concerned, I have a strong felling that its when we see Demolisher/Scavenger transform in the first two trailers. If you look in the background you will see the large cylinders/piping that is near him in the earlier trailers. Not to mention the train tracks that are there as well. As for it being his head... I really don't think thats the case.

    On another note, I would like some screen shots of the last scene from the Showest footage. Right before it goes to the Decpticon logo there is a scene of Optimus hitting someone, it looks like its in the field and his face is more messed up than after Megatron kicked him. Maybe thats just my perception of the shot. I would like to hear some other theories as to who he may be hitting. I think it looks like Megs but its hard to tell with the shot as short as it is.

  51. I'll tell you one thing... If Prime dies in the movie, he better NOT be killed by Starscream. That would make me lose all respect for Michael Bay. Starscream doesn't deserve to do something like that.

    I really hope Soundwave comes to Earth, even if its just for the final battle. But I hoped that the Wii version of ROTF would have online but look how that turned out :(

    Springer HAS to be in ROTF. He has a Robot Heroes toy, a Deluxe class figure, a Legends, and possibly an RPM. 3 toys is enough to think that he is in it and 4 pretty much confirms it. It would be really cool, but kind of premature. They should intro him with Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod/Rodimus, Blurr, Perceptor, and those guys.

  52. Where is the Scorpster anyway? It's been a while.

    By the way......OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP forever!!!!!!

  53. ^^ both scorpio and essex are probably having sex in an energon cube shaped vibrating bed that takes chuck e cheese tokens to operate. They both seem to think they are kings here and are all over themselves.

  54. whhaaaa springer deluxe class. i never heard of this if someone has link please share.


  55. Pickleforthepeople4/22/2009 3:44 PM

    -^^ both scorpio and essex are probably having sex in an energon cube shaped vibrating bed that takes chuck e cheese tokens to operate. They both seem to think they are kings here and are all over themselves.-

    You know this because you are having it with them :3 You dirty cock sucker LOL

  56. Counterpunch4/22/2009 3:50 PM

    ^ to the post above.

    fuckin good one! ahahhahaha!

  57. I havent posted in a while because it is hard to keep up with all this new information as we get closer to the films release. Besides i do have a life :)

    Replying to MAC:

    Heres a link to Springer however he is a legends class toy not a deluxe toy. As far as i know there isnt a Deluxe toy of Springer (If anyone does have a link for the Deluxe class feel free to correct me) Well anyway here is the link:

    Oh i also stumbled across this while web surfing. It is the Robot replicas of the ROTF film.

    And a quick review:

    Jetfire: Looks good hopefully the cane is detachable.

    Skids: Not my best transformer but definently very movie accurate. I just hope that there isnt the eventual Mudflap repaint.

    Sideswipe: My favourite in the new film however i must admit i dont like the head on the RR figure. It just looks too much like a gladiators mask.

    Megatron: Humm i like the look of this toy but it may need a bit more detail or picure quality to convince me to buy him.

    The Fallen: One think i hate about this guy is his strange spiky pieces coming out of his side. They just look strange and in the film clips we have seen of him he doesnt have anything there. If i get him i may buy a copy just to remove those pieces.

    Only 62 days till revenge of the Fallen (According to the Bay blog) :)

  58. P.s. I dont think i own this blog or run it in any way.

  59. Yes prime is hitting megatron before the decepticon logo, watch it on QuickTime, you can pause then watch frame by frame, haven't had chance to look at the prime/scvngr bit yet. Still not actually sure what supposed to be looking for.

  60. Is anyone else getting bored with these Question and no straight answer sessions. I am. All of this could still be part of Bays stupid misinformation scam trying to make us all question what we have heard. Here is what most likely happens:

    Soundwave goes through space. La di da di daa. He arrives at earths orbit and changes into a sattalite.

    Despite Soundwaves frequency not bieng the same as a normal sattalite the millitary decide to tell Soundwave the location of one of there bases.

    Soundwave changes into a jet and fires Ravage then turns back into a sattalite (pretty stupid)

    Ravage goes to the sea and lands in there. Despite bieng of metal and unable to swim he somehow manages to get across a ton of ocean and goes into the army base.

    Ravage feeds Soundwave with information while Soundwave looks on the net for porn and credit card numbers.

    Soundwave is very crap and only fires fire balls from the sky so we have this whole nice 20 minute scene where we see Soundwave in orbit in jet mode firing little flaming balls out of his pointy bottom. Then we see them crash into various stuff around the globe despite not bieng able to fire around the world he hits Japan, France, UK, America and other places before finally destroying an aircraft carrier which puts up no fighter planes or resistance.

    Oh and this thing is easy:

    The glowing thing is the Allsparks power and the robot is Megatron who has just been reborn. The scene would go something like this.

    Someone gets Megatron out of the water. They find out he is actually alive and stuff so they help him repair himself (Sacrificing there spark?) Megs is reborn in a huge 5 minute scene where he tears lims of robots and attatches them to himself include Brawls cannon and some Jet fighter engines.

  61. btw cheers for the link scorp


  62. Whoever asked about the Autobot insignia:

  63. @anon - "Is anyone else getting bored with these Question and no straight answer sessions. I am. All of this could still be part of Bays stupid misinformation scam trying to make us all question what we have heard."

    Roberto may give half or non answers, but he doesn't lie like Bay does with misinformation.

    If your sick of it, then don't read it. Roberto doesn't have to go on the boards and interact....I think it's cool that he even does that. If you're frustrated that he's not revealing the plot of the whole movie to us then that's really your problem.

  64. Yep,it's Vector Prime the Autobots insignia is modeled on. So there you go Simbatron.


  65. @ scorpio

    Yes that is what I was talking about. But I am doing this from my phone so it is not really all that easy for me todo from my phone (my work has this site blocked reason for using my phone).

    I do have the quicktime format of the 1080p version of the showest footage. But the part I am talking about is right before the decpticon logo at the close of the trailer. When prime is hitting what looks like megatron, it was pretty blurry when I paused it on qicktime so it was hard for me to tell.

    I think they/bay crammed so much info into that trailer that I am trying to decipher all of the things that might easily get over looked.

    If someone could post a link of screenshot it would be nice.

    Revenge can't come soon enough!

  66. all in all it would definitely be fantastic for the Dinobots to appear in TF3, but as far as my own logic goes, i would say it's a challenge.

    1) Apart from Swoop, the other dinobots are all quad-pedal, which makes moving difficult (or slow) in alternate(vehicle) mode, as compared to their commercial vehicles autobot counterparts. Unless they stay at one location only, which i feel could be the same case as Devastator would be in TF2, considering it would be absurd for a crane to move on its own across the freeway, across different territories to join up with the other constructicon.

    2) If TF3 do feature Dinobots i hope they will be at least closer in size to the actual dinosaurs that they are adapted from. Because it's the size of dinosaurs that attributes to their power and brute strength. Making them less intelligent would be the ideal exchange for the size advantage. Minimum size would be Optimus Prime standard i would say...

    3) The Dinobots have to be built like in the cartoon series, cos imo it would be pointless for a protoform to scan a dinosaur when he can scan other things like trucks or fighter planes.

    4) A question to you guys, how would you introduce the autobots into TF3, if possible? Would it be strange if the autobots suddenly discovered Dinobots buried under some rocks, with the suggestion that they arrived on earth million of years ago, in the age of the dinosaurs???

    Just a few points of concern :-)

  67. WHAT'S SOUNDWAVE GONNA BE???!!!! Is there a way that fans like me can talk to Orci?

  68. Oh, and as for the Dinobots, back when I was an Anonynous poster, I suggested that the Dinobots become train cars in vehicle mode and have din-like robot modes. I also suggested that they start off as creations of the Decepticons, and eventually end up being tamed by the Autobots. The post that I made this idea on when I commented was: Nimoy as a TF2 Character?, or something like that, I can't remember. TylerMirage can explain his thoughts. I ened up having a "web talk" with him.

  69. Why are there so many stupid ass post on here? I say if you can't have a mature conversation then get the hell off the boards....

  70. to BOOYAH: train cars would be nice, but won't their scenes be restricted to train stations or train tracks only?? cos their vehicle mode definitely can't run on roads. unless they transform into robot mode and walk(run) to whatever places they want to go to, but inaccessible by train, haha.

    nonetheless still a great idea if it were adapted, to see story-makers break boundaries in convincing story-telling.


  71. @eatmorewaffles

    it is megatron Prime is hitting in the last scene.


    they have hd links of 181 parts of the footage.

  72. To Nick:
    Simple. The dinobots aren't as smart as the Autobots (Please correct me if I'm wrong), so they end up spending more time as Dinosaur Robots. Their stupidity could be the reason why they scan an entire freight train. TO see what I mean, check my next comment.

  73. Grimlock
    Dino Mode: Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Vehicle Mode: Diesel Locomotive

    Dino Mode: Triceratops
    Vehicle Mode: Tank Car

    Dino Mode: Brontosaurus
    Vehicle Mode: Box Car

    Dino Mode: Stegosaurus
    Vehicle Mode: Hopper Car

    Dino Mode: Pterodactyl
    Vehicle Mode: Caboose

  74. @Mcat

    thanks for the link i will check it out!

  75. Where Prime jumps above Megatron he has his plasma cannon aimed dead centre at Meg's head (in his right hand) while it looks like he is reaching for something with his left hand from behind his back.

    As for Demolishor footage, can't make anything from it but can definately see red & white so likely to be him/SCVNGR.

    The blue bike/unicycle following Sideways looks identical to the blue bike toy we've seen so I'd say its almost certainly her character. T'is funny how the Audi blindsides her and wipes her out, didn't notice that before. I reckon Sideways & Sideswipe are brothers with a long-running fued from Cybertron (that gets referred to) fighting on different sides. My guess is Sideswipe will be heard saying something along the lines of "I wanna slash that no-good betraying Sideways wheels and seperate his axels across the space-bridge!" (in other words, both make a bee-line for each other whenever in battle), p.s: why didn't they pick a car that is renowned for drifting having called him Sideways?

    I like the Jetfire grabs his ass after there's a short-circuit there. The boneyard we see him in... does anyone know if it's anywhere near the Smithsonian (where Jetfire is rumoured to be in stasis)?? And why does he have a beard? Not a complaint, just a query. I wonder if he is a 'relation' to the Fallen thus similar appearance??

    Can Mixmaster fly, or jsut a bloody good climber?

    Why is Rampage red when his toy is yellow? If Demolishor/Scvngr is killed then is that the end of Devastator?

    Devastator looks AWESOMMEEEE!!! When rendering finished will be best thing ever on big screen, interesting to see how a 120ft unstoppable object is fitted into the story... and how he's transported to Egypt.

    When Prime flies across the field Megatron has blasted him (the blast-cloud is JUST visible), very much seems like Blackout & Starscream alongside, wonder where the hell the field is though.

    Megatron and either Starscream or Jetfire fighting on top of skyscraper.

    Wheelie (who should be called Roller!!!) cracking a safe!!

    Megatron get's hit in the mush...

    Prime vs. Megs/SS in factory/warehouse

    Sideswipe upside down (I think he is in pursuit of Sideways after the female bikes), the setting looks VERY similar and also similar night-time. You can see the 4x exhausts behind his head... I wonder if these will become cannons in robot mode... like Swoop had in G1... that would be cool to see him 'kneeling' down and leaning forward blasting stuff.

    Finally... take that BROTHER!!

    Hopefully BB will be able to speak properly for most of this film, the radio-gimmick was good but I really like his voice when talking to Sam in garage, 'What... is... your.. puspose...?' ... "Sam!!" The electronics in that sound great. Nimoy for Devastator perhaps? What's with all the crying and spitting?? Robots shouldn't do that.

    Will be interesting to see how this one is left open for TF3... the Rise of Unicron.

  76. Nick - why would the most awesome, feared, most powerful Autobot sub-group be slow with their movements?

    Granted they are called Dinobots for a reason because their alt-mode will be dinosaurs but who's to say that the giant lizards werent agile?

    These are freakin alien robots... dont think these dudes as robots as those we have in real life...

    My take on them is simple. The 5 Dinobots crash at a desert... they scan dino bones and thats it.


  77. Counterpunch4/22/2009 7:20 PM

    BOOYAH said...

    Simple. The dinobots aren't as smart as the Autobots (Please correct me if I'm wrong), so they end up spending more time as Dinosaur Robots. Their stupidity could be the reason why they scan an entire freight train. TO see what I mean, check my next comment.


    Why you want them as trains beat the hell out of me. You do know there is a sub-group of Autobots called the Trainbots? who forms Raiden.

    The Dinobots are named 'Dinobots' for a reason. It beats the purpose of them crashing to Earth & taking a diff alt mode.

    Just imagine those 6 Constructicons that will appear in TF 2 coming to Earth & scans 1. a jeep, 2. a speed boat, 3. a small plane, 4. a garbage truck, 5. a farm tractor & 6. a taxi.

    Wouldnt that just LOOK STUPID?

  78. No, that'd look hilarious!!

  79. To BOOYAH: Yes, trains seem like a logical choice for a earth vehicle-mode. (Except for the whole 'restricted to train stations' thing) IF the Dinobots were in any live-action "Transformers" film, I personally would rather have them fight in their dinosaur-mode than in their robot mode. (It would look sweet for a mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex to bite off the arm of some Decepticon)

    As I have stated before, my top three favourite things in life are dinosaurs, Transformers, and visual effects. I would probably explode from awesome-overload if ILM created robotic dinosaurs for a "Transformers" film! :D

    I also like your theory on the Dinobots too, Punch.

    Viva computer-generated, transforming alien-dinosaurs!!! :D

  80. Plus, the audience wouldn't neccesarily have to refer to them as "Dinobots". That could be a fan-thing.

    Think about it, the word 'Transformers' is never used to describe the Transformers in the first film. Plus, Scorponok didn't transform. So, as long as they aren't referred to as 'Dinobots', they could still be trains/dinosaurs. In my opinion.

  81. Who honestly, would like to see Dinobots in a live action film? I grew up with Transformers and love everything in that universe to death, Dinobots included. But I must admit that I think that they won't come across well on screen. With the movies going the way they are, Dinobots would just feel and look extremely out of place. I mean you have these super advanced, slick, sleek looking robots, and then you have Dinobots. In the movie universe I like there is no way to justify their reasons to choose those alt modes. Just a thought.

  82. Heres a simple Dinobot thing.

    The Dinobots could be Bays stupid charecters. They arrive on earth at somewhere similar to here:

    They then scans the Dinosaurs thinking they are natural creatures. They Transform and search for the Autobots causing them to appear on the news destroying the park.

    I hope if they do do the Dinobots they look like this:

  83. how pointless are these interviews with Orci....this could well be the costume designer speaking!!

  84. icic, my idea of dinosaurs brontosaurus and stegosaurus came only from the Jurassic Park series and these 2 creatures seems slow-moving to me, hahaha. so i thought they might be slow-moving in alt mode :)

    i'm so excited!!!

  85. "how pointless are these interviews with Orci....this could well be the costume designer speaking!!"

    What did you expect, that he will just spoil the whole story for you?

  86. Hey TylerMirage, Remember me?
    I was Anonymous at the time, but you and I talked here:

    This is where you and I first talked about the dinobots. Remember? We were the last people to comment. Remeber though, I was Anonymous, not BOOYAH.

  87. At Anon 4/22/2009 10:55 PM: How wrong you are,everybody wants to see the Dinobots. If you loved everthing about the TF universe to death,you too want to see Dinobots. If you don't,you clearly don't love everything. Grimlock was on the Blu-ray Sector 7 special,it's possible he's there. The Insecticon was to,and there's an Insecticon in ROTF.
    But I hope Grimlock won't be like in the Sector 7 clip,I hope he will be more like the Transmetal Dinobot from Beast Wars.


  88. Yes, I do remember you, the man formerly known as 'Anonymous'. (I read your post about you changing your name)

    I enjoyed our conversation (depsite the fact that I apparently missed your point). ;)

    At least Orci reveals a little bit of's better than nothing...sometimes. ;)

  89. MP you are so missing my point, what I'm saying is that we Transformers Super Fans would love to see them. But besides us, no one else would get them. To the general audience they would just look silly. No matter how they try to introduce them, people will always think "why would these super advanced robots have these forms?" Its just to much to ask them to swallow. So don't give me that crap about not loving everything in the transformers universe, just because I don't think that everything that was ever in the transformers universe should be thrown into these movies. Next someone will be asking for a robotic cheetah and mouse that races around on wheels to be in the 3rd movie chasing after mini-cons.

  90. how pointless are these interviews with Orci....this could well be the costume designer speaking!!"

    What did you expect, that he will just spoil the whole story for you?

    No comment ....

    I worked very hard to write a loose script with many plotholes which i will not reveal because i'm a great writer and spent a lot of time on it just like i did on eagle eye

  91. Anonymous said...
    how pointless are these interviews with Orci....this could well be the costume designer speaking!!"

    What did you expect, that he will just spoil the whole story for you?

    No comment ....

    I worked very hard to write a loose script with many plotholes which i will not reveal because i'm a great writer and spent a lot of time on it just like i did on eagle eye

    What is your problem man?! l:(
    These people actually talked to Orci in person! What's your beef man? WHAT, is your beef? Come on, tell ol' BOOYAH anything!!


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