Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Transformers 2 Video Game Preview (Updated)

Various sites have posted articles describing a preview of the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game complete with screenshot. The previews appear to based on the 360/PS3 versions not the Wii/DS/PSP that are also in the pipeline. Highlights below, click links for details and plenty of screenshots including Wii and DS/PSP versions of the game. Thanks to Michelle, Scorpio and others for the links. Forgot to mention, the game is getting released June 23rd in the states (don't know the international release dates).
Kotaku | TFormers | Team XBox | Joystiq | Movie Chronicles

- Follows along with film plot but missions are chosen from central hub (a faction war room) rather than linear storytelling
- Still chance to choose faction and Transformer to play as
- Larger mission environments then first games, improved interaction with environment (climb buildings, step over objects, etc)
- Various mission objectives, demo level was find and kill Sideways.
- One button Transformation that seems to improve combat.
- Each Transformer has a special ability (Sideways has a sniper rifle, Starscream can hover).
- Improved melee control include a transformation kick flip (ex: drive at target > transform > brutal melee attack > land back in vehicle mode and drove away).
- Not all missions are open to all Transformers (example one mission is Starscream destroying battleships, not exactly something Autobots would do).
- There are babysit human levels (example was driving Shia to a location and prevent building he is in from being destroyed).
- There is a level in the game of Optimus Prime vs. Devastator (his weakness is bulk equals slowness)
- Robot designs are based off of the ILM creations.
- Sequel has a new type of drone, various classes of robots that join the factions but appears Arielbots, Protectobots, Stunticons, etc where used as inspiration to create the cannon fodder.
- Stats are maintained via Leader boards so can see how doing in regards to kills, awards and other details for both single and multi-player modes.

Update: Added links to two more video game related articles. Also added possible picture of the sun harvester (as mentioned in comics and coloring book) from Movie Chronicles.


  1. Why have you not posted about the trailer in front of wolverine seriously this blog has been lagging lately.

  2. Sounds pretty good although i want more concept art for the game and the film. Humm no set storyline. Hopefully there is a way you can play every level in order so i can see the plot of the film when playing the game.

    It seems the Arielbots are in the ROTF Franchise then but unfortunately not the film. I would have wanted them in the film but i suppose they can wait for TF3 :)

    Humm so the news about Optimus fighting Devastator is true. Hopefully this means you can play it in reverse as Devastator. His weakness is slowness i guess that could work however a weaker joint would have been better.

    In this Leader board on screen or accsessed in a start menu or in game menu?

    Apparently here are some of the other weapons:

    1. Ironhide: has a mini auto turret which he can use which fires at Decepticons while he is fighting them.
    2. Sideswipe has the swords and a blaster.
    3. The large robot similar to Brawl has rocket launchers.
    4. Optimus prime has a sword and blasters.
    5. Devastators main attack is his Vortex of doom and he an throw cars and trucks at you.

    Also will the Fallen be a playable charecter. Also i heard all the levels are timed. Please say this isnt true as i hate timed levels. I would rather destroy the city than have to speed along because of a time limit. Hopefully there is a cheat or a way to unlock unlimited time.

    Also in the original i found that some buildings and structures reset themselves if you went away from them will there be any Buildings that cant be destroyed which have no relevance for plot?

    Also will the worlds be closed off via a mountain area or end point like the first game?

    Also i have forgotten when is this released?

  3. Notify us when there will be a new trailer and cheats and for info on the game( fighting and the characters from the game

  4. the ROTF game is released June 23 i reserved it last week as soon as i beat it im going to comment who dies and who lives cuz i can beat it on the 23

  5. all hail sam witwicky4/15/2009 4:44 PM

    is it relesed the 13rd in the uk aswell or just america

  6. all hail sam witwicky4/15/2009 4:46 PM

    i ment 23 sorry

  7. no its releasedthe 23 idk when it comes out in the UK

  8. all hail sam witwicky4/15/2009 4:50 PM

    ok cheers mate lokin forward to the online play i am

  9. all hail sam witwicky4/15/2009 4:51 PM

    do u no when the films comes out in the uk . is it the 24 like america

  10. go to theleft top of this page click on "world wide release dates" there your answer

  11. Thanks for the Release date RY:

    Humm its a shame i was hoping to buy the game and play it before the film but it seems they are too close together and will most likely be sold out in shops. Also RY the game may not follow the exact plot of the film as in the PS2 version of the first film Jazz was killed by Brawl and at one point Starscream was helping Brawl and Blackout.

  12. true Scorpio but wat im saying is if i beat the game b4 the movie even if the plot is different you'll still find out who dies,like they wouldnt have bumbleebee die in the game if he didnt die in the movie

  13. Reply to RY
    "they wouldn't have bumblebee die in the game if he didn't die in the movie"

    Only if you pick the Decepticons

  14. no... that wouldnt make sence, lets say in the first game iron hide died then he came back in the transformers 2 movie n game it wouldnt work

  15. what do you mean "demo level"? there is a demo?

  16. Reply to RY
    "no... that wouldn't make since, lets say in the first game iron hide died then he came back in the transformers 2 movie n game it wouldn't work"

    they did it in the first game if you pick the decepticons all the autobots die.

  17. ohhh wait lol srry i didnt understand 4 a second i get it now that is pritty stupid

  18. -true Scorpio but wat im saying is if i beat the game b4 the movie even if the plot is different you'll still find out who dies,like they wouldnt have bumbleebee die in the game if he didnt die in the movie-

    True i guess not but still some of the plot may differ slightly from the film.

  19. Please tell me they are going to release this game on the PSP and Wii as well?

  20. Isn't this on the pc?

  21. To Scorpio: The list of "abilites" for the characters you made up based off of observations from the trailer and concept art. Ironhide's turret is a weapon Transformer. The screenwriters did state that there would be Transformers that can turn into weapons. Scalpel and this little Autobot turret are good examples (maybe introducing targetmasters?) the vortex of doom was not confirmed to be an attack in the game per say. The rest are just good observations.

    To Mathias: Yes, it is coming out on the PC

    I'm SO ANGRY that the Wii version gets the short end of the stick AGAIN! Possibly no online and railed missions for it. That is worse news than Arcee being killed and the trax being named after Mudflap :(

  22. Replying to SkidMudswipe:
    Not entirely true but good points. I saw Ironhide using his Machine gun turret implacement in the trailer. I nicknamed Devastators weapon Vortes of doom because the real art only said Vortex and Vortex of doom sounds cooler. It is not the name in the trailer. Other charecters who do have third forms are:

    Rampage (Jack hammer)
    Mixmaster (Battle mode)

    And others all though those two are based on the toys.

  23. i will only get this game if the reviews are 7 or above because last time i rushed to the store without thinking to get the first game and was majorly disappointed
    also, from all of the previews that have flooded in from nowhere so close to release, but with no hands- on, it will probably be a pain in the ass to control. even of it does have easter eggs from g1 to animated i suggest everyone should be cautious and not let inner fanboyism get the better of them

  24. i hope the wii will be good becuase if its suppose to be a good counsle, it should get the same thing as ps3 and xbox. should have mini missions 2.

  25. None of the levels in the new Transformers game are timed, its only for medals, and stuff like being rewarded for completing a mission in like 5 minutes, 8 minutes, 10 minutes etc.

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