Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Deluxe Wheelie Video Review

Peaugh has posted a video review for Deluxe Wheelie. As per his bio, he is a wimp that just does what he is told regardless of who so he has a faction changing gimmick (be interesting to know if it changes in the movie too).


  1. first! yeah!

    sorry I got nothing about this post. it's just...wheelie

  2. i think i saw this video review a while back... Owell i dont think i will be buying this cheap rip off of WALL-E but in the showest footage, he didnt look like he had a Wall-e head only on the toy.... interesting

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nyT0Pdhrsg

    u've probably already seen this vid its SideSwipe review

  4. This guy should not be called Wheelie... this is the perfect character to suit Roller!

    He could (and should!) pose as a Decepticon but report back to Prime. Rather than him being a wimp, make him a spy!

  5. TFLive turned off email notifications?

  6. no, there's another character that fits wheelie perfectly...GRIMLOCK

  7. Poor Wheelie! it must be hell to be a slave of those deceptidicks.

  8. scorp, keep the links and opinions coming. screw the dopes who can't handle it because of jealousy.

  9. Replying to Mcat:

    Thanks but Peaugh posted the video and i dont know who provided the link . . .

    Wheelie`s bio is okay however what a Transformer the size of a toy monstertruck can actually do in a huge fight against robots like Devastator is anyones guess (Apart from bieng a spy of course)

    I wonder whether he might fight Scalpel :)

    To TFLive,

    Thanks for closing the comments on the Devastator legends combiner. Everything was going nuts and someone kept stealling my Username :(

  10. Well after fiddling around and doing a lot of praying i decided to become a member of MSN. So hopefully now everyone will know it is me. If this fails then sorry i am just trying it out. I also posted this under the Username ABC a few minutes a go to test it. Dont worry i didnt steal it off anyone :)

    Wheelie is tall for a deluxe class

  11. Oh and you cant see my details unless your my friend on MSN. Sorry i`m a bit secretive.

    Yes my real name is Matthew. I made up the name Scorpio for a book i am writing. I will still Post under Scorpio though . . .

  12. Sorry i have to say this its Wheeli-E :)

  13. he looks like Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit back in the day.

  14. Is it just me or does everyone agree that Beast Wars/Machines sucked.

  15. "it just me or does everyone agree that Beast Wars/Machines sucked."

    It's just you. I don't even know, why are you talkin about that now. But if you want to know, BW was IMO one of the best TF series ever. And if you can get over strange robot/alt modes in BM than it's a great series to.

  16. I don't really know, why you have such a problem with this series Essex. Was the story to complex for you? TF Charatcers to well developed? Or are you just such a geewun?

  17. -Is it just me or does everyone agree that Beast Wars/Machines sucked.-

    The CGI was definently a step forward and it implied that there were larger numbers of Decepticons however i must admit the ending to the series sucked. Some of the charecters were well done especially Savage/Noble although the Techno organic part was a bit silly. Beast wars was one of the best but Beast machines wasnt as good. I loved the Wild west episodes with Dinobot carrying all that ammo and the music to match it in "Coming of the Fuzors"

  18. on the devastator pix. are those really crappy verions of there iduvidual robot modes??? the hightower one... idk wat to say

  19. "he looks like Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit back in the day."

    Was going to post something similar. Everyone keep saying Wall-E. Thing is... Wall-E actually looks like a somewhat blocky (torso wise, at least) version of Johnny 5 as well.

    The heads definitely resemble Johnny 5. With Wall-E probably looking entirely more similar to Johnny 5 then Wheelie.

  20. it's going to be strange this time arond for transformers to the general audience because of the brawl and devastator mix up from te first movie. the people who remember the 1st movie are gonna be like devastator died in the first movie!

    sorry for offtopic

  21. ooops when i sed 'te' i ment the. and when i sed 'arond' i ment around

  22. nahh the general public only know megatron, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, the rest are just cannon fodder

  23. Just watched that toy review of Sideswipe Ry posted earlier. First time seeing it, but that toy looks sharp! Probably the sharpest looking toy I've seen so far. Simple to transform and extreme ammounts of detail. Really nice toy.

  24. on my list im getting the mixmaster toy and sideswipe toy so far...

  25. so what went on in the Dev post?

    I'm curious :)

  26. ^^^ i was gonna say that!!! lol i wanna know to

  27. Not a real lock to get any of the toys, honestly. If I were to get any of them... my two favorites so far would have to be Sideswipe and the combining twins Ice Cream Truck. The paint on that one looked slick, but might not be as great mass reproduced. We'll see.

  28. ^^^^
    Mini review on best and worse to buy (Film Version):

    Megatron: Pretty much a good toy however is bulky and shows his head again (Worth consideration)

    Optimus Prime: Although one of the best toys this year because of all the kids who already have an older version i say Pass if he lives Buy it if he dies :)

    Jetfire: Dont buy this toy for the combined form with prime. The robot form is cool and the Vechile mode looks awesome but its up to you.

    Bumbleebee: Has anyone not got this toy yet? A simple toy and no point buying it unless you dont have the first films toy. The head is very creepy indeed :P

    Soundwave: Awesome look for a new figure however the triple changing is just lame so buy it if you like the look of the robot mode.

    Supreme Devastator: Worst toy ever. The design is simple but the toys dont have a robot mode which will throw even hard core fans off. It would be much better to buy either the smaller robots to try and make a custom Devastator or just buy the Smaller more film realistic Legends class.

    Starscream: A simple repaint with hands. I hate the hands personally as he never had them in the first film they were just long clawed fingers which were near his rocket launchers. (Check to see if he has the repaint in the new film if not only buy him if you want the hands badly)

    Longhaul: An awesome design by Josh Nizzi hopefully we will see more charecter designs like this in the future. Simple Transformation excellent results.

    The Fallen: Another Cybertronian jet. Pretty simple toy but as he is the main baddy worth a check

    Ravage: Only buy for the cat mode. Looks awesome although could use a repaint definently worth getting.

    I think i would buy:

    Legends Devastator
    Individual Constructicons

  29. "so what went on in the Dev post?"

    people were just pissin round loads so the guy in charge disabled comments.

    on a toy related subject i think i would definately get...jetfire,sideswipe and jolt.
    probably not bumblebee or optimus just cus theyve already had toys out best to get all the new ones :)


  30. God, I didn't think the Wheelie toy was that huge! He's practically voyager size.

    "Is it just me or does everyone agree that Beast Wars/Machines sucked."

    I really liked Beast Wars, it was pretty cool, I watched it religiously when I was little. Waspinator and Rattrap were my faves.

  31. Replying to Paul Des:

    The topic had been open a while before i went on it. Someone else had already posted several rude things about other people using my Username. I tried to tell them to ignore that idiot but they all turned against me and a bunch of people started getting abusive. I then gave up and said i would return this afternoon. I returned in the afternoon and found the topic there but the comments disabled because of all the rudeness. Then when i go onto another part of this blog i find the same person doing it again . . .

    And thats why i know have the URL attatched to my Username. So that if anyone thinks that i didnt post a certain comment they can check with me on there or chat about TF`s or other stuff such as Lego, Bionicle, Futurama and so on.

  32. -awesome review scorp.-
    Thanks :)

  33. I Saw Mikaelas ASS5/12/2009 4:44 PM

    "Mini review on best and worse to buy (Film Version):"
    Not another review from a person that 95% of us could care less about. You mention that Long Haul has a simple transformation----did you see the robot mode for the Voyager? If you did then where are you with the link? Noone cares about a FAB toy if a Voyager is available. You claim that the Fallen is another Cybertronian jet---there are only 3 total and they are all explained:

    Megs traveled to Earth in his alien jet mode and then became frozen in the Arctic ice in his robot mode trying to escape.

    Soundwave would look F'n ridiculous coming to Earth as a sateliite--don't ya think?

    The Fallen is the ultimate bad-@$$ and his body is imprisoned on Earth in his robot mode and would also look ridiculous if the major villian stopped in the middle of kicking @$$ to adopt an alt. mode.

    You really are pathetic like most people say Scorp.

    I just hope Hasbro reads your review so they can recall all of their toys because you {a loser} don't like some of them. I guarantee that noone hear will purchase {or not} based on your opinions--TRUST ME

  34. To Scorpio,

    Sorry that happened to you dude, for someone who brings us so much cool info here (I'd say you're one of the main contributors here), it's totally un-justified and completely not fair. Why they chose to pick on you is beyond me! They're probably just jealous :).

    Thanks for ending my curiosity btw :) (can't check the blog from work, so had no idea what went on and it seemed interesting).

  35. Yea someone has been posting with my name also scorp...I was wondering what wenton as far as the deva post was concerned,I got up and saw it was there but the comments were gone. Im not gonna post anymore crap about the firsties...im more interested about what were gonna do on this blog after the movie comes out since we have a long ass hiatus till the final movie comes out sorry 4 the long post......

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. First of all... "I Saw Mikaelas ASS"... you're an idiot.

    The only reason the guy gave is opinion on certain toys is because we were DISCUSSING toys and what ones we may or may not buy (or in my case, the ones I find most appealing). So what if his post was slightly more lengthy... It wasn't fluff by any means. He was adding insite to something already being discussed.

    Quit being a moron and picking on one individual. If you want to be a complete ass, include everyone. That includes myself, RY, and whoever else that was part of the discussion. Stupid damn trolls...

  38. ^^^ your right. i want the jetfire toy and the sideswipe toy. and the new starscream bcuz i dnt have the 1st movie 1. n the breakaway definetly

  39. Soundwave would've been awesome if he was the ice-cream truck.

    It definitely would've taken the 'Bots by surprise. They wont even see it coming.

    Ironhide: Prime, what's the ice cream truck doin' here?!

    Prime: Stand down, Ironhide.. What is with you?! Tis only an ice cream truck.

    Then... KABOOM!

  40. haha i highly doubt it. but i know that Prime,Twin's,sisters, and ironhide are the autobots in Shangai because i saw a set picture with Ironhide at the Shangai scene

  41. Starscream is not a simple repaint. IT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT MOLD!!!

  42. I like the Ice Cream Truck idea Punch, lol. The problem there is, if Ratchet were in the scene... he would be able to detect that it's a Decepticon.

    Funny stuff though.

  43. I wonder if michael bay is gonna do bad boys 3 during the hiatus....anyone know???

  44. i'm actually wondering what characters will be in TF3. i wanted to see baricade vs. Prowl that would be sick! but there probably never going to include Prowl in a movie now because they used Barricade

  45. lol Punch "tis"

    I'm curious, Scorp, why you're recommending against legends Jetfire? I'm actually looking forward to him, although not having to buy another Prime, but I want the merge mode.

    Other than that, Sideswipe is going to turn out to be the hyper badass of the movie, so I'm definitely getting him.

    I'm severely disappointed in the whole Devastator debacle, as far as the different versions they're putting out. I guess I'll get the individual robot forms and try to put together a custom Dev.

  46. Did you guy's hear about how they get Jetfire? We alll know it's at the base thing, but im now hearing that Sam uses the allspark shard to revive the fallen Decepticon. pritty cool idea

  47. I'm getting the Bumblebee toy. Last film, Target sold out of em! And whats worse is that I found one a few months ago but some lady who had enough toys in her kart took it right out of my hands and said "No no no! I need that for my son now!"

  48. @ KIRKH

    that lady was a bitch!!!

  49. Kirk... I probably would've ripped it right back out of her hands if I were you.

    Chief... as far as the mass amounts of Devastator merch. They're probably going to want to exploit the character as much as possible. Chances are it will only be in this film, so they might as well make as much out of it as they possibly can. Lame, I know, but I'm really not surprised. Infact, I'm surprised that they haven't tried t build the film around this one mega-bot (merchandising wise).

  50. i'd like the movie to end where the Fallen get's sucked back in to the vortex and does'nt die along with megs for a third film--- just a theory.

    oh and it extremely likely that devastator will die inthis movie. i wonder how... probley the prime n jetfire combo... but that will still be hard to take down devs.

  51. Tedimus Prime5/12/2009 9:15 PM

    *Ahem* To the guy who said "Is it just me or did Beast Wars/ Beast Machines suck"

    Personally, I grew up on Beast wars, it was the best, and the person who said rattrap was one of there favs, more power to you

    Beast machines however, was not one of my favorites to the slightest, Didnt bother my time on it, but i do know sum people liek it anyways

  52. Replying to I saw mikela`s ass:

    You mean this Longhaul robot mode and vehicle modes shots :)


    Replying to Kup:

    Might be best you adding a URL Link or joining the blogspot if they continue before things go out of hand.

    -I'm curious, Scorp, why you're recommending against legends Jetfire? I'm actually looking forward to him, although not having to buy another Prime, but I want the merge mode.-

    I wasnt recomending against Legends Sorry i should have explained i ment the leader class. Its just the merge mode (To me) Looks like another flying backpack idea :)

    Thanks for the help Y2G and RY :)

  53. Firstisthebest5/13/2009 1:14 AM

    YAYYYYYYY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am the first! always wanted to be FIRST!
    yay, kwl i love peaugh's reviews, nice wheelie.. and did u hear? im FIRST!FIRST FIRST LALALA FIRST!!!1!!!!

  54. ^^^^^
    Guess that means i`m second then :)

    Apparently there is now a rumor on the web that TF2 could end on a Cliff hanger :o No idea whether it is true but it would convince me to wait for the next film longer


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