Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Legends Combiner Devastator

Toy Wizard has posted a picture of Devastator that will be based on seven Legends class Constructicons. Nope, not a typo. As the picture shows, this version indicates that the mysterious seventh Constructicon, Overload, is part of the torso of Devastator along with Scavenger.

This would be the 3rd version of Devastator planned for the Transformers 2 toy line. One version is a kids version that doesn't transform (robot on front, individual vehicles painted on the back), the other is the Supreme class that is the individual vehicles that combine to form Devastator but do not have their own individual robot modes. Technically could say a fourth if count the Deluxe and Voyager class Constructicons that do have robot modes but don't combine.

While lacking in detail, it is a solid alternative to those that can't afford the $100 Supreme class toy. Since Legend toys average around $5 or so each you’re looking at about $30 for the whole set. One unfortunate caveat is it has not been confirmed if the toy is going to be released stateside. Thanks to Drew for the link.

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