Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Human Alliance Toy

If I remember correctly, three Human Alliance toys are planned for the Transformers 2 toy line. The first is Bumblebee with Sam Witwicky. The second one is now revealed to be Sideswipe with Master Sergeant Epps as the picture provided by Phil shows. I assume it will be a wave 2 toy so probably will not be out until August. Exact date of wave 1's release remains unknown but I assume if it’s not tomorrow then it will be the end of the month.


  1. according to there's also skids with mikaela

  2. lol cool epps looks like a sortof puppet thing.

    sideswipe: "well helo sgt epps"
    sgt epps: "eerro"

  3. Im sure the 3rd is Ironhide and cpt lennox

  4. Sideswipe looks Bulky . . .

    His face is different but i`m okay with that. Probably buy him. Sideswipe is so cool he makes up for any problems.

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  5. Israeli Sniper5/14/2009 6:54 PM

    so why you created 1 when we already have this blog & other BETTER blogs, scorpio?! attentin seeker! idiot!

  6. Scorpio go play on your blog. No one cares

  7. Where is he?

  8. here's my predictions for Future Human Alliances:
    Cpt.Lennox and Ironhide
    Mikaela and Skids
    Leo and Mudflap
    That would be totally badass!
    Would buy all 5(including Sam and Bumblebee and Sgt.Epps and Sideswipe)if they did this!

  9. ^ dude you forgot Scorpio with Wheelie or the Twins. that's like the dumb human with dumb robot.

  10. Now we need is Arcee and Mikalia



  13. "^ dude you forgot Scorpio with Wheelie or the Twins. that's like the dumb human with dumb robot."
    Does not compute? What are you talking about?

  14. I agree Arcee and Mikeala would be a great team.

    Yes I have a feeling that Ironhide and Lennox are a team I just couldn't see them as not being one.

    I like this set though Sideswipe doesn't look as cool as his other one from that picture but I'll reserve judgement till I see a model of the toy itself. That's a neat guardian pairing I think it works really well. Sideswipe and Epps can't wait to see how this is brought out and what the bio says.

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