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RoTF Official Novelization Spoilers (Update 2)

"Brundok" over at TFW2005 has received a copy of the official adaptation novel (i.e. "adult") for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. As expected, the novel is a more detailed version of the junior novel summary from the other day and appears based on a later version of the script but again Bay could have made any number of changes during production and post production that the novel will not reflect.

Brundok finished the book. The full details spoilers are here with a few details below to add to the junior novelization summary (highlight to read). Thanks to Alyssa for the link.
- The Arcee bikes have individual robot forms and do have the ability to form one robot.
- Two websites that will participate in the ARG promotion this year, one is that is run by Leo Spitz, Sam's roommate. The other is run by RoboWarrior, i.e. Simmons. Currently the passwords to log into either site are not known.
- Sam's mother has a close encounter with brownies with a little something extra so that should be a hilarious scene.
- Ravage has a re-enter mode because he breaks off of Soundwave, a satellite in Earth orbit. He steals "the shard" (two pieces of the AllSpark? Still confused on how Mikaela has one and NEST has one) from NEST.
- The Doctor, three Constructicons and one other descend to revive Megatron. The "red shirt" Decepticon is sacrificed for parts so the Doctor can re-assemble Megatron and revive him with the shard.
- The fight with Megatron, Starscream and Blackout ends with Optimus Prime going into "status lock." This is another Beast Wars concept that indicates heavy damage or low energy. Think of it as the Transformer version of a coma.
- The scene in the trailer of Sam drawing the "language of the Primes" on the ground is him talking to Jetfire to get more info on The Fallen.
- Ransack is in the novel, apparently one of the Seekers created by the Primes (created to find appropriate suns for the Sun Harvester).
- In this version, The Fallen kills all the the Primes but one escaped with the Matrix and sealed himself and his brothers in an unknown tomb. Optimus, the last decendent of the Primes, is the only one that can stop The Fallen.
- In Petra, the room "found" by the fighting Twins is the fused bodies of the 12 ancients, one with an outstretched hand holing a pile of black sand.
- Scene from trailer with the Insecticon is part of Sam and Mikaela's attempt to get to Prime with the Matrix. Ripping him aparts alerts the Decepticons to their location and the chase begins.
- Devastator forms from 7 Constructicons, not six, in the novel.
- A 'Con, carrying Sam's parents captured in Paris, threatens to harm them if he doesn't turn over the Matrix. Bumblebee attacks the Con as Sam and co escape. This is probably the seen between BB and Rampage or Scrapper in the trailer.
- Skids is sucked into Devastator's mouth but bursts through his right eye. Like a video game boss battle, do to size and slowness, staying underneath the monstrosity keeps everyone safe.
- "A pogosticking 'Con is bouncing around destroying everything in sight." (A new character I guess.)
- The Fallen teleports into the battle while Devastator moves toward and onto the Pyramid containing the Sun Harvester. Fallen also seems to have telekinetic abilities to go with his teleportation skills.
- Simmons provides Devastator's coordinates to the Navy so they can fire a new Rail Gun. Yep at some point Lennox says/writes "Bring the Rain".
- Jetfire destroys a 'Con, Skorponok attacks Jetfire wounding him with a blow through the chest and gets his head removed for the effort.
- Megatron, in tank mode, is the one that blasts Sam into unconscience where he speaks to the Primes. Matrix reforms, used on Prime to revive him, Jetfire sacrifices self to Prime can merge with his parts and fly, and Fallen activates the Harvester.
- Devastator hit point blank by rail gun and broken into component parts, Prime breaks the Sun Harvester and confronts Fallen, Megatron and Starscream. Prime precedes to own him, asks for Megatron's help who ignores him. Fallen opens a portal to escape, Prime yanks him back but Starscream and Megs use it to escape.
- Spire from Harvester rammed by Prime (with jetpacked assistance) into the Fallen, killing him. Matrix retrieved from device. Battle won.
- Optimus: "I know one thing. Whatever it may hold, it is a future we'll meet together. Our Planets, our races, united by a history long forgotten, yet to be discovered." Tilting back his head, he peered up at the sky and through it, to the stars beyond."
- Epilogue: Back on the Nemesis Megatron waits for himself to repair. He goes back to the cargo bay as the lights flicker on. Megatron peers at the numerous sarcophagi, hold protoforms all Loyal to Him! "Arise"
End spoilers. Please keep the comments civil.


  1. it's based on an earlier script treatment...the movie will be a little different. Jolt is probably not included in the novel as he was a last minute addition.

    oh and...FIRST!!!

  2. Masked Raccoon5/16/2009 6:25 AM

    It's nice to see a new person provide a link for a change. I think once and for all it proves that the visual effect guy from a couple of weeks ago had some B.S. thrown his way along with some truths. I knew the whole time that................


    ....Sam gave Mikaela the shard b/c if you guys remember that Wal-Mart video showed it plus the frantic call we saw on Youtube mentioned if she still has "it" so BB wrecks the house b/c the kitchen drones are created by the shard #2 and NOT because of Barricade showing up---that visual effects guy got taken for a ride on some info :)

    p.s. shard #1 is at NEST and #3 is in sams suitcase but you all knew that already if you have been following this blog

  3. yes the arcee bikes do combine into one.awesome.
    i also love the way the decepticons are such nobheads they kill their own team mates for "parts".lol


  4. TFLive

    The title says...."RoFT"

    Just lookin' out for ya dawg :)


  5. Autobot Wall-E5/16/2009 9:02 AM

    I saw the rumor on IMDB (which isn't any more trustable than Wikipedia) that "Arcee" was the combined form of three separate robots. They compared her by saying that she is the Devastator concept where there are smaller robots that make her up that have individual minds but become one when separated. I was hoping and praying that this would not be the case, but it doesn't look like that now. This explains why Chromia said "This is Arcee" they were referring to themselves as their team name and the robot they all are a part of. Which means that that "pink" robot may actually really be red like the toy is and be named Firestar... makes sense now but I'm not happy.

    I like how "Arcee" isn't killed at Shanghai like I thought that she would. I think that this was fake to get people to believe that she was a single character. If Bay was going to kill Arcee would he have to kill Chromia, Firestar, and purple bike? I doubt he would do that but maybe (he killed Jazz pretty heartlessly).

    Where are the Transformers that turn into weapons? The screenwriters said that there were some and in the game's teaser trailer we saw that one next to Ironhide that was a mini turret. I am exited for these guys.

    Final point: This movie seems to be all about Fallen, Megatron, Starscream, Prime, and Bumblebee and everyone else is a side character. Why is this? We don't want Arcee, Jolt, Skids, Mudflap, and whoever else to end up like Brawl with no development and it means nothing when they die. Oh well, movie will reveal all.

    The Nemesis is in this so could this mean that more Autobots could arrive at the end of the movie for the final battle with the Fallen in the Ark? That would be a little pushing it, but whatever.

    Remember I'm SkidMudswipe from previous posts. I discovered you can publish a name without having an AIM or Blogger account. I am going with my TFW2005 board name from now on.

  6. can't wait to see them combine, should be pretty sick looking.

  7. "Grindor" the Mini-Con XD5/16/2009 9:05 AM

    You know, the book never says anything about the helicopter being Blackout. He wasn't revived at the bottom of the abyss. They say that he goes unnamed. Could this mean that his name really is "Grindor" the Mini-Con? Or maybe they just don't bother to say his name. Idk this is so very confusing : /

  8. Well just like the first book reader,This guy didnt finish the story either...hope he posts the 2nd part soon!!!!!

  9. @ autobot WALL-e

    in the game each player has a special capability. when ever you play as ironhide and your standing still shooting, a little turret will assist you. and sideways has a sniperr for example.

    but ya i am wondering about the weapon situation. :-0

  10. -"Arcee" was the combined form of three separate robots-

    This is gonna be a great way for bay to kill off Arcee if what he said is true. He would get to kill off three Autobots at the same time. Though i still wonder who is the third bike we have:

    Arcee (Red)
    Chromia (Purple)

    And if the three do combine to form Arcee then who is the red bike bot? Very confusing.

    Oh and i believe the "Red shirt" Transformer may have been changed to one of the dead robots in the film.

  11. So is Alice the disgused form of Ravage, or what?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


    ive been trying to find this link for months!! i finally found it. Now we have seen the bike on quite a few set pictures. now i have a theory that the sisters form in to 1 bike but split to 3 transformers and transform into 1 bike because in all the footage weve seen of the sisters, they each ride on wheels right, but on each of them i only see 1 wheel on each of them so they may be 1 bike because of the picture i provided has a bike with 3 wheels. oh and some of the isters have there wheel split in half.

  14. Oh Wheelie,you lucky little Mikaela's pet! How's that leg feel? Mmmm.....

  15. I'm trying so hard not to read the spoilers. Wow, I never thought it would be so difficult.

  16. We can read all the spoilers we still gonna be kick ass

  17. RY your a retard, thier all different bikes weve seen the toys, and they dont have 1 wheel they have 2 wheels if your not blind, the sisters are way to big for all three of them to be that bike

  18. @autobot Wheelie,

    "Final point: This movie seems to be all about Fallen, Megatron, Starscream, Prime, and Bumblebee and everyone else is a side character. Why is this?"

    this is because a feature film only has so much time, you have to focus on a few otherwise its bewildering. only in a series would you have enough time to develop a lot of characters.

  19. i dont keep up on toys because toys are for children and should stay that way although there pritty cool i'm not buying one any time soon

  20. in response to ry, the only issue i have with your theory is that we've already seen footage of 3 seperate bikes with the audi r8, and for your theory to work each of the sisters would probably end up being fairly small.but its agood idea.


  21. ...but where is BARRICADE? :-(

  22. the person is up to chapter 12 now. soon all the mysteries will be gone :)

  23. That sounds awesome!!! I can't wait for the movie!!!

  24. toys are for children??
    where is this rule stated?

  25. so i guess optimus goes into a something a little short of dieing? well at least bay doesnt kill him off completely if thats in the movie.

  26. hey jetfire and Oprtimus joined together

    Not bad....but because of the sounds on their chests it makes them look bulky

  27. It really looks like Soundwave will not come to earth. Not unless he arrives at the end during the battle in Eygpt. I guess I should have known, since the only alt mode he has is a satallite. I mean, really it makes sense for him to stay in space, but still kinda sucks. We'll see when the last few chapters are posted. Gonna still be awesome!

  28. Yeah no Soundwave in the 2nd movie. Guess we'll have to wait for the 3rd film to see him in action. sucks.
    it's almost here peeps! 30 something days left.

  29. just noticed something about the other blogs this guy has. no matter how popular star trek is and how good the new movie was (it is phat) the other blogs don't get anywhere near the attention that Transformers does. they have like 1 or 2 comments per post while we usually hit 100 or so on all of these.

  30. He is done with Thirteen & Fourteen ;)

  31. hey, they posted pictures of optimus prime combined with jetfire on tfw2005!

  32. Too Little Too Late5/16/2009 3:12 PM

    ^^^^ scroll up 5 posts--Adam already got it

  33. tfw2005 has more pictures though

  34. tfw2005 sucks comapred to this blog

  35. hardly, this blog makes its life from tfw2005.

    tfw2005 has better posts from users too.

  36. tfw2005 users suck...except the ones that post here as well of course

  37. I am saddened at no news of Superion... Maybe part 3?

  38. Backwards "Anonymous"= suomynonA5/16/2009 3:40 PM

    TFW2005 has a better forum. I say that because there aren't any people flaming people for sharing their opinions (a few, but too few to notice). This blog is the best for news seeing how it only reports on movie news and not the stupid comic books or Animated episodes (which I am starting to like... I hope it isn't cancelled).

    Barricade died in the bridge story somewhere. I think it was in Veiled Threat (story between Alliance 3 & 4)I like the Wheelie/Megan Fox relationship. Might even be arousing to some people (if so that's weird but whatever shes hot)

  39. "I am saddened at no news of Superion..."

    Anyone still belive in that...?

    "tfw2005 users suck..."

    Agree. Just go and see what they do when for example new episode of animated is airing. Minute after minute same person posts "omg, optimus!" (minut later) "omg, megatron!" (minute later) "OMG You don't belive it!"

  40. ^^ "won't" not "don't", sorry.

  41. Don't think Bay'll be a happy puppy that the majority of the story has been leaked

  42. Fifteen/Sixteen were just added

  43. Autobot Wall-E5/16/2009 5:19 PM

    This is a punch/slap in the face for Bay. I wonder if he will order TFW2005 to lock this thread/remove it? I doubt it but you never know...

    Don't bash us TFW2005 users. This blog gets a TON of info from there so be happy. Just because us TransFans want the whole spectrum of news (cartoons, books/comics, movies, toys) doesn't mean that we are a lesser site. I am sure there are plenty of other TFW users on this blog that would like to disagree with you Anonymous farts.

    - Remember I am SkidMudswipe

  44. Mike Bay for President5/16/2009 5:26 PM

    "Don't think Bay'll be a happy puppy that the majority of the story has been leaked"

    "This is a punch/slap in the face for Bay"

    He gets paid plenty of money to make the movie and I'm sure he has no control over the book being written but I wouldn't be surprised if he changed plot points on purpose with the writers after they relinquished their early draft. He will get the last laugh :)

  45. I can't wait to read the entire book when it's released, but I agree that this book is based on an earlier script, and god only knows how many things change during the actual shooting and post production of a movie. Even more so when CGI is involved. I hope that the brief plot points just missed on the Barricade part ... or that he was added later into the movie ... because he was badass in the first one. But, like I posted back at 2:29pm, it looks to be confirmed that Soundwave will not be walking among us. I'm hoping he survives for the 3rd film ...

  46. This movie sounds cool. Can't wait till it comes out.

  47. or maybe this is all the misinformation and the movie will be an adaptation of the leaked script from 2 years ago. like all the stuff in the trailer was filmed for the misinfo campaign :)

  48. As far as Bay not being happy with the "leak" of this info ... well, the book was gonna be released next week, so it's just a few days early. So, Bay must be okay with it, which makes one wonder if the script used for this book is so different that it wasn't a concern. Or the author was just given the major plot outline and he filled in the rest. Kinda like the Star Trek 2.0 thing ... almost the same, but not.

  49. If CH 17 is correct, this is gonna be a great ending

  50. God, what an awesome ending! I LOVE PRIME!!! But you can tell the movie isn't the same as that novel, because Jolt is never mentioned and in the Novel Skids is the one who gets sucked in, while in the trailer you can see it's Mudflap who gets sucked in, though he hangs on. And I can't wait for that after credits scene! :D

  51. Scorpio could never write a story half that entertaining :)

  52. hmm, no autobot died.

    and whats the deal with the fallen just hanging out?
    he was trapped in another dimension or something in the comic, wtf?

    prime/fallen fight was a bit lame IMHO.

  53. the only autobot that dies is jetfire. i would have like to see jetfire in the third movie, sigh. :(

  54. the fallen seems like any transformer but with the ability to teleport and to live a long time without aging because jetfire was not a prime he aged like any transformer.

  55. That ending, if correct, would be a nice way to piss me off...two or more years to wait for the third movie, but RoTF is gonna be GREAT!

  56. Jetfire isn't the only autobot that dies. That book doesn't give all the details.

  57. just for lulz....

    What if the reason why we don't see Jolt is because Bay didn't like him so he introduced him and then immediately he was smashed by some 'Con. Here's the scene:

    Prime: We need some backup!
    Jolt: (Walking up casually, waving) Hey guys! How's it go- *smash*

    Prime: We need MORE backup!

  58. Soundwave Superior5/17/2009 12:31 AM

    Wheres the scene with Megatron ripping Starscreams arm off in the showest footage?

    Where's barricade?

    AND FOR GODS SAKE, I'm sure we're all wondering this,


    I REALLI wanted 2 see Soundwave in action, especially with those sick blades on his arms


  59. Constructicons United5/17/2009 12:36 AM

    What about the whole Mixmaster having a major role? After all, he is gonna have alot of screen time and dialogue, so no mention of him is disappointing. I believe many audience members are going to be confused seeing demolisher dead at the beginning, and suddenly the look-a-like scavenger at the end. We need more info on the Constructicons!!!

  60. Anonymous @ 3:40 PM wrote: "Barricade died in the bridge story somewhere. I think it was in Veiled Threat (story between Alliance 3 & 4)"

    Don't The Veiled Threat and the IDW RotF prequel comics contradict each other despite both being "Official"? In RoS, Barricade survived and was last seen spying on Sector 7, while in TVT he's killed by Prime. So, which is it? I guess the movie will clear things up. I really do hope he's in the movie since he just vanished in the first and because of the whole "thread for movie 2" comment one of the producers made.

  61. Hmm Devastator breaking into component parts ..

    I wonder if that means he dies, or just the robots breaking up and retreating like how G1 Devvy gets taken down and all the 6 Constructicons just flee.

    Another interesting point I noticed, when the four Constructicons went down to resurrect Megatron, one was sacrificed for parts. Yet in the end there was still seven to merge into Devastator.

    Does this mean the Constructicons are merely a "race" (for lack of better term) of bots who can combine with each other at interchangeably, and not specifically a preset 7-bot team?

    This would seem so, as they afford to sacrifice one of themselves and still be able to merge in to Devs.

  62. Thats a good point Iceburn, although the 4th guy doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a Constructicon. I've also always wondered if they merge on Cybertron as well. Since they obviously don't have human vehicles there, the combination would be all messed up. Plus, since Mixmaster is the head of Devy, and it's mainly formed of the mixer part, it would be like, Mixxy's ass opened up on Cybertron.

  63. you'll know all about the constructicons on June 24th. Maybe even June 19th if they have early shows. Mixmaster is sweet.

  64. The comic adaption of the movie will probably be able to shed more light on the whole Barricade/Constructicon questions. It comes out in a few days dosn't it? In fact I think it's available over Amazon already. The first movie adaption comic was pretty similar to the movie, so I would imagine it would be pretty similar this time round as well.

    Just some food for thought.


  65. -I wonder if that means he dies, or just the robots breaking up and retreating like how G1 Devvy gets taken down and all the 6 Constructicons just flee.-

    Devastator is Dead as Leo is seen sitting ontop of one of Devastators dead components.

    -Another interesting point I noticed, when the four Constructicons went down to resurrect Megatron, one was sacrificed for parts. Yet in the end there was still seven to merge into Devastator.-

    Good point it also said six robots went down:

    The doctor/Scalpel
    Unknown Construction (Sacrificed for parts)
    Unknown robot (Possibly another Constructicon

    -Scorpio could never write a story half that entertaining :)-

    Probably could which i might do for TF3 on my blog (Sorry to mention it) :)

    The worst thing about this plot is how easily or weakly the charecters are. The Fallen pleads for help from Megatron. Megatron is sad he got betrayed. The Fallen is killed very quickly. Devastator doesnt do anything except suck up sand and then destroy the top of a pyramid. Devastator is killed quickly. Starscream is not mentioned after escaping yet surely he should be in the same place as Megatron.

  66. ....mmmmm.....wasn´t the parts taken from brawl´s body...??? ....i read it somewhere on this blog.
    ....a bit confused matter... THE MOVIE WILL SAY THE LAST WORD!!!

    they hinted so much that soundwave would be in it...
    why the §$%& do they make a toy with so nice detail ..and a charater with so much fans and fuck him up ...
    and the ending -.-.....go to hell bay.. you said you would make sure it would have a better ending than the first one!!

  68. No one knows the ending of the movie. You can't know if the novels match the movie script. Bay probably changed a lot of things compared to the novel.
    In fact considering that Aerialbots/Superion are in the videogame as playable characters and there is a scene with Autobots and Jetfire in an aircraft scrapyard makes me wonder if Bay is hiding Aerialbots/Superion at this point... Otherwise, why the heck did they include the characters in the game ?

  69. The Cons seem like cannon fodder again, they need to be tougher, soundwave barley sets foot in Egypt and BB rips his arm off! we need major autobot carnage, after all this is supposed to be about revenge. the Cons' only weakness should be their lack of comradeship.

  70. I like the fact that no autobots die and they all do work no the cons. It's like arcee fight with sideways and BB's fight with that red bot it shows that bigger and stronger does not equal better. There is nothing wrong with the good guys, whopping a$$, bcuz the bots are a team. They work together, they get it done. The cons are just bent on destruction, lead by a guy that's willing to sacrafice them all for his own ambitions. These are new movies, based off concepts yes. But are in there own universe. Now, I do have issues with somethings, but for the most part I'm digging it. People get to hung up on the baddies being the one's who are to be feared and stuff. But where is that written? I love OP taking down demolisher, I love him taking on three cons and doing work on them and I love him pounding on the fallen. The way I look at it is that the bots are the Romans, they are outnumbered a lot, up against odds but will come out on top because, the work together, respect one another and have an amazing general.

  71. aubots need to die.
    otherwise the decpticons aren't a threat and they sure aren't military masterminds.

    get swallowed by Devastator then shoot out his eye? i mean how weak is he that his big vortex attack is so worthless? i'm sure the only thing punished by it was the sand.

    as for the prequel comics, after reading the novelization summary, i find they were worthless.

    if the fallen is just flying around randomly in a ship, why wasn't he in the first movie? why didn't he just get the cube from cybertron in the first place years ago?

    some parts of the story are pretty weak.
    Hoping megatron has some nice dialogue, hoping the scene where he betrays the Fallen is impactful. that would save it for me.

  72. Christian The Leopard Gecko Lover5/17/2009 12:42 PM

    The Pogosticking 'Con, Didn't Rampage's Toy Have those springs in the legs for him to bounce? I think the Pogosticking Con Is Rampage Or Scrapper.

  73. how come fallen doesnt get much fightin time? its like megatron in the last film he was on for like 10-15 mins. if sequels , like it was said on the "sypnosis" ave a new badass villian, in the novel they make the fallen look weak. wats the point of tht?

  74. i really wish i didnt read that
    even though all of it is great
    i fell i ruined it for myself
    oh well

  75. through out it there were really great bits until the end it would ve been better if the fallen got the matrix to bring unicron to earth. also id like 2 c the autobots fight without prime.

  76. on the post it mention that "skids" was the one being sucked-up by devastator?......but from the trailer the color of the bot is obviously i think it is "mudflap"....being sucked at the end of the trailer

  77. will barricade return or not?

  78. I don't think barricade will be back. We haven't seen him in any footage or trailers. I think he may be the one who gets sacrificed for parts for megatron as punishment for bailing on the decepticons during the first movies final battle.

  79. @ mcat good point about Barricade, makes sense, also it'll mean a lot to the audience seeing a familiar character give up his spark, rather than some random bot, also we know Scorpy makes it to the dessert so chances are there's a bunch missing.

  80. The book seems to be a great read, but almost everything in there I'm gonna take with a grain of salt. The script this novel was based on and the one finally used for the movie are probably vastly different. Just look at all the changes that happened with the last movie. Remember, Bay was gonna have Blackout or Frenzy be Soundwave, but thankfully that was changed. Also, the book tied to the first movie also had differences, which leads me to feel that the writer is given a rough outline. Major plot points would be included, major character names, etc ... but it probably isn't fleshed out. One thing I'm positive about is that Soundwave will remain in space (it sucks, but it just makes sense). Also, Barricade wasn't mentioned in the book, but the Saleen Mustang was seen during some of the shoots. So he'll probably be in the movie.


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