Friday, July 24, 2009

New Masterpiece Grimlock, Mini MP Optimus

For those wondering, the "Masterpiece" line is a Japan exclusive from Takara that re-creates classic Generation One characters at a larger size and a great deal more detail with often very complex transformations. The two released stateside were Optimus Prime and Starscream as Wal-Mart exclusives.

Earlier this year MP-08 Grimlock was released (Peaugh's video review below) and came with apron, necktie, tray, glasses and transfer device (based on the cartoon moments). Now TakaraTomy has announced they are re-releasing the toy and replacing the accessories and calling it MP-08x King Grimlock as he will come with a crown and new packaging. Takara uses a numbering scheme for all their various Transformers lines, something Hasbro should copy as it encourages a collector's mentality which is only good for business and makes it easier for fans to track what they have or need. As the picture shows, the result is pretty cool looking. For those that already purchased the toy, an unofficial "Upgrade Kit" is in the works. King Grimlock is apparently a Toy Hobby exclusive so the cost will be $150 or more.

Related to Masterpiece line is a "mini" Masterpiece Optimus Prime that isn't painted but looks identical to the large version only scaled to about Deluxe size (the other toy is Classic line Ultra Magnus), so nearly 2/3 as small as the original toy. What I am not clear on is if this is a prototype for a future toy or a fan project. Click here to view the entire gallery on (via TFW2005)

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