Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego Comic Con 2009 Transformers Info

Encore BruticusThe first full day of the San Diego Comic Con has ended and as expected it brought news of Hasbro's Transformer plans but sadly nothing about Transformers 3. Probably the "biggest" news for movie fans is the third Arcee vehicle officially has a name Flare-up which will be released eventually but the three do not combine. Below is a link to galleries and info from the day.

Encore #16 and #17 Gallery
This refers to Japan exclusive re-release of Generation One toys which for collectors is conveniently numbered (something Hasbro needs to do). Encore #16 is release of Bruticus, a combiner comprised of five Decepticons. Encore #17 is Cassettes Big Mission Volume 2 which is second volume of three that re-releases all of Soundwave's and Blaster's cassette figures. Notice another aspect of Japan Transformers releases that Hasbro should copy - fantastic packaging that can be re-used for easy displaying.

Masterpiece SkywarpSDCC Preview Night and More
Two large galleries that shows off Hasbro's booth. Includes Bumblebee vehicle from the movie, Masterpiece Skywarp (future Wal-Mart exclusive), most of the Revenge of the Fallen toy line, and more.

Hasbro's Transformers Panel
During its panel on Thursday, Hasbro revealed some of its plans with Transformers through to 2010 involving Transformers Animated, new Revenge of the Fallen toys and exclusives. 142 picture gallery for below toys here.

ROTF RatchetRevenge of the Fallen- Legends class: Arcee, Jolt, Soundwave, Wheelie
- Scout class: Skystalker (Drone Jet), Scattershot (Rocket Launcher?)
- Deluxe class: Ratchet (new toy for same character), Lockdown (based on Animated toy, redesigned for ROTF look), Dirge (Breakaway repaint with new head), Brawn (a NEST vehicle)
ROTF Bludgeon- Voyager class: Ironhide (more weapons, altered paintjob), Bludgeon (tank, look based on the G1 comic character), Mindwipe (jet, Skystalker may be able to attach to him)
- Human Alliance: Barricade with Frenzy, Mudflap with Chromia and Simmons

- Titanium: Thrust, Hot Zone. Target exclusives.
- Commemorative: Reissue of the G1 Insecticons Shrapnel, Bombshell and Kickback. Also reissue of G1 Perceptor whose alt mode is a microscope. Both Toys R Us exclusives.
- Masterpiece Skywarp: First released in Japan, now coming to the states, repaint of MP Starscream. Wal-Mart exclusive.
- Gathering of the Nemesis: Revealed before but noted that Megatron is based on the first movie mold, not ROTF and has silver highlights for his previous frozen condition.
- Fiery The Fallen: Target exclusive

TF Animated IronhideTransformers Animated
Apparently the line isn't dead yet as they have several toys planned, some actually new and not just repaints.
- Deluxe class: Soundwave with Ratbat (repaint with new guitar bud), Arcee with swords, Rodimus Minor, Cybertronian Ratchet (how looked on the planet minus beer belly), Cybertronian Ironhide, Fugitive Waspinator (BB repaint)
- Voyager class: Grimlock (repaint), Bumblebee (believe new since usually a Deluxe toy), Blackout (based on movie version), Wingblade Prime (Deluxe prime with part for jet pack), Thundercracker (Starscream repaint)

Q&A Session
- Flare-up name of third Arcee vehicle, toy to come later
- No Animated Omega Supreme release
- Considering releasing Devastator with G1 colors but no firm plans
- No Masterpiece Grimlock (yet) to release the toy stateside.
- No Overload in Supreme Devastator because would increase price of toy, difficulty in adding to design (he is the "spine" of the character) and because wasn't visible when combined in the movie.
- Forth Leader class toy confirmed to be Starscream (crappy pic here)
- Classic and Universe line will continue at a later date
- No definite plans for EZ Devastator in the states
- Early stages for a new animated series, no specifics provided


  1. Thunda Chunky7/24/2009 12:45 PM

    The RotF Voyager Starscream is one the best in the line IMO. A Leader class is just going be f**king HOT!!!

  2. Brawn, Scattershot and Blugeon look great, shame about there being no Animated Omega Supreme :(

  3. Took them long enough to come up with a name for the 3rd Acee

  4. People might feel "ripped off" cause of this rachet but the new deluxe one looks too skinny so my say is get the voyager class

  5. I think the name for the third Arcee should of been Moonracer souds cool.

  6. cocks, everywhre

  7. i think the new deluxe ratchet looks waaaaaay better than the piece of crap voyager.


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