Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bumblebee, Scorponok Concept Art (Updated)

Update: As pointed out in the comments, the designs are from TF designer Ben Proctor's website. Something I posted about two years ago here. To view more of his Transformers work click here.

New concept art from the first Transformers movie has appeared online from TFG2. The art focuses on Bumblebee and Scorponok and give a hint in some of the early designs that were created for the two characters. Below are a few images but click the links below to view all of the pictures. (via TFormers)

Bumblebee | Scorponok


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  2. I thought we had already seen the Scorponok images?

    Well the Bumblebee image looks strange. Its kinda like someone took a hammer and banged his head flat.

  3. They've basically raided Ben Procter's website (TF movie lead robot illustrator) and posted a stack of images from his transformers pages. These have been on his site for at least a few years now.

    BB looks strange as it's the state he's in when he's using the old Camaro as a refernce.

    The website is benprocter dot com. There's plenty more drool-worthy TF gear on there (only for TF1 at the moment)...

  4. Yep... all taken from http://www.benprocter.com/

    What I still fail to understand is why is Bay so against having 'ovbious' elements of the robot's alt. modes showing in their robot mode... i.e. bonnet = chest. Make the transformations believable (as much so as possible). One thing that I've noticed in TF1 that really irks is when we first see Ratchet transform... watch carefully where the wheels on his shoulders come from... they JUMP (!!!) from his hands. How are we supposed to believe such a creature/machine/being can survive heavy metallic melee if his body parts come and go as they please?! It reminded me of Prime's cartoon trailer 'appearing' when transforming. In RotF Someone please tell me where all Sideswipe's car parts go to when he's in bot mode?! Not a glimpse of any bonnet ANYWHERE!!

    I know people will say I'm whinging 'cos it isn't G1... I know it's not! But neither is it barely Transformers! Hands up people... how many times over the TWO films have been seen Prime change from robot to truck ?!?! Barely even once! All the 'transformers' stuff happens off screen, i.e. liek when the Twins got their new alt modes. Why was that so hard to show on screen?! Yes I know financial constraints have a bearing in all this but he had $200m to play with!! The 2nd movie was too long with not enough happening!

    One massive gripe from TF1 was when Bumblebee got his legs blown off... Sam told Jazz to reverse out the way... Jazz would never stayed in car mode for that... he'd be straight into alt mode! Cheap little short-cuts that lack attention to detail!

    I for one hope Bay is not at the helm for TF3 !

    Sorry to whinge on but as a huge gee-wunner I wanted these films doing properly! Bay is good loud bangs on a BIG scale... not small metallic objects on a small scale, i.e. car parts. Perhaps 2 directors?? Bay for the loud bangs... and someone who actually gives a shit for the important TRANSFORMERS (!!!!) parts ?!

  5. I think the transformations were perfect, and I'm praying that Bay is directing TF3

  6. Simbatron--> Sideswipe's bonnet splits in two and becomes its "wings", which we can see when he jumps and spins above Sidewas in the openning sequence.
    We see them even ,ore clearly n the final desert attack sequence.
    Scorpio--> This "flatten" Bumblebee's head was a previous unused concept by B. Procter.

    On Procter's Site, we can see the "Toaster Bot" concept, finally used in TF2, plus some really interresting other ones.
    A must-seen site !

  7. I know.

    Sorry about that i just meant it looks wierd and i can see why the designers changed the design.

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