Monday, August 31, 2009

ROTF Wave Delayed, Another Cancelled in UK?

If you’re in the United Kingdom, some potential bad news for Transformer collectors regarding the Revenge of the Fallen toy line. According to Kapow Toys, via TFW2005, wave 4 Deluxe toys (Ice Cream Truck Twins, Dead End, Jolt, and Blaze Master) may be delayed and Wave 5 Voyagers (Long Haul and Grindor) maybe cancelled. The reason for the delay is meet increased demand in the United States for toys and no reason given for the cancellation. I have seen Dead End, Jolt and Voyager Long Haul at retail here in the United States. There are reports that wave 4 has shown up at some UK retail stores so likely it just means finding a toy you are after will be a little harder and possibly the entire wave 5 Voyagers are going to be allocated to the US. Thanks to Scorpio for the link.


  1. Not surprised; we're still on the first two or three waves and Forbidden Planet, where the latest toys are supposed to be sold, have only just got wave 3/4 Voyagers.


    that is some of my custom work on mixmaster, rampage, and demolishor with megatorn (voyaGER)

  3. I'm in Asia and I just got my Deluxe Class Arcee... it should have released after the Ice Cream Twins, but the Twins is nowhere to be seen

  4. does anyone know when Leader class Jetfire is coming out?

  5. Hell, wave 3 still isn't around here yet, but strangely I've seen the wave 5 deluxes hovering around.

  6. Is it true? Has anyone heard or saw pics of Voyager Scrapper, Deluxe Flarup, Leader Starscream & Grindor coming out?

  7. Replying to Anonymous at 3:39PM:

    Voyager Scrapper is released in Spring 2010

    Deluxe Flareup is released either Christmas 2009 or Spring 2010

    Leader Class Starscream is released early 2010

    Leader Grindor is not confirmed but if it is true the release date is stated for late 2010/early 2011


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