Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transformers 2 Steelcase, October 20th Release Date

Thanks to Mike here is a picture of an advertisement for an October 20th release date and exclusive Steelcase packaging for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I believe the exclusive is through Trans World Entertainment Corp stores (FYE, Sam Goody, etc). The chain also had released the Steelcase packaging for the first movie that was comprised of the Autobot and Decepticon logos.

Nothing official has been announced by Paramount but this is the first release date on DVD & Blu-ray that can be considered credible. October 20th is the first leaked date that actually matches the traditional Tuesday release for new movies in the States and also the first time a date was seen outside of a website placeholder date. The first movie was also released in October and was considered the top selling movie of the year. On a more practical level retail chains generally avoid releasing incorrect information to customers as signs cost money and bad information provided customers can too. Hopefully Paramount will issue something soon to verify a definitive date for the release of the movie on home video.


  1. boo, the first movie had a better steel case design.

  2. most of things were better on the first movie!:)

  3. Oooohhh... I'm diggin' the steel case 'Two-Disc Special Edition' DVD case! It harkens back to the 'Two-Disc Special Edition' of the first film with the visage of Prime. (Now, let's hope that the bonus features are awesome too!)

    However, I'd rather they wait until November to release it, just so that they have more time to make a better DVD.

  4. The extras were OK in the first film's two disc edition. Just enough I suppose...but I would have liked to have seen more about the voice cast. Hopefully there's some of that and about the mythology of the Primes and the Fallen. I do love a good documentary!! xD

  5. I really hope that the rumored Blu-Ray 3-disc IMAX release is going to feature a Director's Cut/Extended Cut with all the finalized deleted scenes for a longer runtime and not just the 2-minutes approx IMAX scenes. At least 10 minutes of addeded scenes I hope Michael Bay and producers of the franchise spent the needed money to finalize where needed. The best would be a 20-25 minutes longer cut like that of Watchmen but I doubt that will ever happen even if they surely have a lot of deleted scenes in archives. What is for sure is that the theatrical cut of Transformers2 is missing a lot of scenes described in the official novel. The best thing Michael Bay could do is to have most of those finalized for the disc release and add them.

  6. Looks like a Target security stile slip case.

  7. Here is what I'm wondering about these special addition dvds:

    On this blog and others, there were a few who posted comments about seeing the movie early (at one premiere or another and so on). These people discribed scenes that we never saw in the movie here. So if these were real scenes, I hope they get included in the DVD releases.

    Or, were these people just part of the disinformation some were trying to make this movie bomb?

    I hope that's not the case and I hope these scenes and more are added. Bay did have to rush, so who knows ... maybe there were scenes that couldn't be finished for the official release. Wishful thinking?

  8. Hopefully there is an Extra 30 minute deleted scene showing a visible look at the final fight. I couldn't see a thing in the Prime Vs The Fallen Vs Megatron fight. Also there needs to be a scene showing Devastator alive because he was pretty rubbish in ROTF

  9. It's official Oct 20!!!

  10. News for dvd and bluray
    http://www.michaelbay.com/ and http://www.michaelbay.com/newsblog/files/a53a5998351fdb940b16e2823ddc71f3-558.html

  11. that's great news @Fox Prime!

    finally it's official!

  12. I'm SOOOOOOO Excited! *Bah Bah
    Bah* I not paying for it. Awwwww!

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