Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bay Responds to Crewmember, Fox Comments

Transformers director Michael Bay has responded on to the recent letter from two crewmembers (which the site has removed) and Megan Fox's like Hitler statement. In short he doesn't approve of either and wants to continue to work with Fox on Transformers 3.
I don’t condone the crew letter to Megan. And I don’t condone Megan’s outlandish quotes. But her crazy quips are part of her crazy charm. The fact of the matter I still love working with her, and I know we still get along. I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3.

I do find her crazy statements amusing but she is treading on dangerous ground. Getting a diva label sells magazines but rarely equates to a solid and long lasting acting career. Don't forget on September 26th she is supposed to host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, a perfect way to make fun of herself, Bay, and the fans that love to lust after her and condemn her at the same time. No telling what new outrageous things will come from that. Thanks to John for the heads-up.


  1. I really don't see the big fuss about what Megan Fox said about Michael Bay. I think what she was trying to convey is the difference in personality in Bay between being onset versus offset. When Bay is offset, he's as down-to-earth as anyone else almost to the point of being introverted. However, when he's onset, it's game on! Most people are that way--especially pro athletes. So I think most people are reading way to much into what Megan said. Sometimes it's difficult to perceive the tone in which one is speaking when you read their words. So, in defense of both Megan and Michael, let's take the benefit of the doubt here. I think that was what Bay's response is saying.

  2. I liked one thing in particular at the end of Bay's comments...Transformers 3! xD

  3. Im surprised Bay didn't back lash on her. He's really calm to the respones. I do think Fox was probably trying to say something else. It happens to me all the time. She just better be grateful that she actually got a part in one of Michael's productions.

  4. Its good to see Bay wants her for TF3.

  5. Megan Fox's response to the crew letter:

    "Oh my god... that is like... so... like.. not true... like... I'm nothing like that... like"

  6. Replying to Ash:

    It`s quiet simple really. Bay doesnt want his eye candy to leave the show otherwise he believes he will loose fans. Also it means he would need to explain her absense from the show.

    Also if Bay was mean to her then everyone who likes Megan Fox or her charecter Mikela would turn against him. That would cause too much fuss.

  7. Read the original letter carefully. It is obvious to me that it was written by Michael Bay himself.

  8. Whatever happens, I just like the fact that Michael Bay stated (naturally speaking by the looks of it) that Transformers 3 is on the horizon. And that fact that he solidifies this statement with "I even expect more crazy quotes from her on Transformers 3." For me, that sums it all up and that's all that pretty much matters. =)

  9. Even if Megan is not going to star in TF 3 or not,the Transformers are still the main point. However I don't want a lot of disputes and arguments from the crew or public(such as some ppl who say the robots were racist or he screwed up the plot)to stop making the 3rd film. Can't wait for the next film!!!

  10. All they need to do to make TF3 a Success is:

    1. No Bad Camera angles
    2. No Pointless Or Rude Jokes
    3. Less Story Wasted On Humans

  11. @Scorpio: what are you, 5 ? Less humans? Did you ever watch any of the original series? I don't think so. The main point of the whole Transformers franchise is the interaction between humans and alien robot lifeforms.
    Transformers2 theatrical cut lacks the same high level of human/aliens interactions as it was in the first movie.. it's all written in the novel but it got shortened down with many key scenes just cut in the theatrical version, which is sad and who knows if an Extended Cut/Director's Cut will re-integrate those that were probably filmed but couldn't be finalized to meet the deadline.

  12. Ok i get that this was probably a quick rant at me but yes i am old enough to have watched the original episodes. I dont mean i want the human and Autobot interaction lessoned i mean pointless side plots including Sam going to collage which was completely left out of the film after Alice reveals herself or perhaps the Parents who were only in the film in order to be used to morn sam and add more emotion when he died/saw the primes.

    I dont mind Sam, Mikela or any of the other Fleshlings going and talking to the Autobots or battling/Running from decepticons however useless side plots are very boring.

    That is one of the reasons TF2 went down so badly with the critics. It took so long for Sam to finally do something and most of the first hour was build up and reintroducing charecters. I cant believe anyone can truthfully say they liked all the boring jokes or stupid humor the human cast performed.

    As i mentioned before Fleshlings are okay but the main center of the show is there interaction with the Transformers. Small side plots such as love stories are okay however the main focus should be on the interaction between Fleshlings and Transformers.

  13. Who cares about this crap......what's more important is this:

  14. ^^^^
    Thats pretty much boring. I havent heard of Pain and Gain. Bad Boy`s 3 is planned for a 2011 release according to several sites and TF3 wont be released till 2012 so Bay can have his year break. If he wanted a 2011 release he needed to start in 2009 otherwise there would be no way to complete it all in time.

  15. This is KIRA!

    I plan to kill off all the criminals however i need your help.

    Give me names of all the people you know have commited crimes. I do not wish to cause alarm or panic to those who are not commiting crimes. This world is rotten and needs clensing allow me to do this for you. Just provide me with all the names and i will do the rest.

  16. Sam in college in Transformers2 was not a pointless plot. It's called character development and if they dropped that as well the movie would have had no soul for sure. The issue there is due to all scenes being shortened compared to the novel version in the theatrical cut. The novel includes a lot more refinements, many little scenes that if included would have helped both story flowing and characters development.
    Dropping Sam in college would have been just like dropping Peter Parker working as a freelancer at the Daily Bugle.

  17. If you cut the human's screen time, you lose a big part of the movie. For me its awesome when you see Sam trying to live a normal life keeping the secret of the Transformers from everybody (until The Fallen exposes him) but we know he will have a hard time living the life. Its called Dramatic Irony, but the point is don't cut the human screen time in TF3....

  18. If they can shorten Sams life a bit or condense it to his best acting moments then i feel it would be much better.

    Also if they condense Sams life they can introduce a bit more of Mikela`s as she needs to show she can act good after the recents fued with Bay and Co.

  19. haha lol this was on sunrise this morning and after richard reed said it then koshi asked if shes the one with the ugly thumb and they showed a picture with her being all "hot" and her hand was on her face lol that was funny

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