Monday, September 28, 2009

Custom TFs: Optimus Prime

Here is a new custom movie Transformers to drool over. Created by, this is a modded version of Revenge of the Fallen Leader class Optimus Prime with a new paint job with more details, additional parts, weapons and more. The result is a sweet looking toy and any Transfan would love to own (but only one will). The full gallery and description can be found at the eBay auction here.


  1. looks amazing. every 1 who does costoms is talented. can someone please make a costom wheeljack out of an rotf figure. that would be tight. WHEELJACK AND TRACKS FOREVER!!! :)

  2. that is so goddamn sick I want it sooo bad

  3. As I was saying before, it is awesomely cool~ I really love the paint job here, great attention to detail on the chrome accent, spot-on fine gloss finish, and metallic textures where necessary. Probably one of the best custom jobs I've seen.

    Not just any piece of work from a large portfolio, but really a fine masterpiece from someone who REALLY likes Optimus Prime and cared very much about how he'd look from every angle. Believe me when I say I can totally understand that point of view.


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