Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gigantor Under Construction

Japan continues its love of anime robots. This summer the country unveiled a giant Gundam robot and now they have made a great deal of progress on Tetsujin (Gigantor) according to Gizmodo. As before, I just want to know when Optimus Prime gets his turn.


  1. transformers is back

    Transformers 3: July 1st, 2011

  2. Director Michael Bay has announced on his official website the release date for Transformers 3 and says they are jumping right back into it! Oh, and he included a note to Megan Fox as well...

    Well its official: We have a great Transformers 3 story. The release date is now July 1st 2011. Not 2012.

    Today is Day One. This morning started with an ILM meeting for five hours in San Francisco. Currently I'm flying with writer Ehren Kruger to Rhode Island to talk to Hasbro about new characters.

    P.S. Megan Fox, welcome back. I promise no alien robots will harm you in any way during the production of this motion picture. Please consult your Physician when working under my direction because some side effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal tendencies, depression, minor chest hair growth, random internal hemorrhaging and inability to sleep. As some directors may be hazardous to your health, please consult your Doctor to determine if this is right for you.

    Pain and Gain is right after shooting of Trans 3.

  3. The video is awesome and i think that Japan has created a major interest in making this kind of things and hope that they come up with some great things.

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