Thursday, October 22, 2009

ROTF Sells 4 Millon?

According to Nelson, the admin for, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has sold four million copies on its first day of release.
Nelson here...

I've been getting emails from LA, Chicago, NYC, and Houston of people going to their local retailers to only being told that they ran out of TF2 DVDs and Blu-rays. It's insane!!

I've also received unconfirmed reports that about 4 million copies of TF2 were sold today.

I will keep you posted!
Those numbers seem high but its nearly identical the numbers that Transformers posted back in 2007 (when released on DVD and HD-DVD) with a first day total of 4.5 million copies and first week sales of 8.3 million units. To compare the top selling movie for the year (through 10/11) is Twilight with 9,188,197 sold and it was released back in March. If that early report holds, then Revenge of the Fallen will reside in fourth place for the year behind only Twilight, Madagascar 2 (7.0 million), and Bolt (4.6 million) and those movies have out about 10 months. Since Harry Potter 6 isn't coming out until December, Transformers 2 is probably going to be the undisputed king of the home video market for the year inside of two weeks.


  1. Who the hell is buying so many Twilight DVDs?! That's frightening.

  2. more rotf toys!!!!!!!!!

  3. Don't forget Star Trek coming out on Nov. 17th. I'm sure that will sell a lot too.

  4. Does any one know where Transformers(2007) ranks on the all-time DVD sales list? I spoke to a salesman at Best Buy who said it was the all-time leader in Blue-Ray units sold, is that correct?

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