Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More War for Cybertron Coverage and Details

TFormers has posted a little more insight in what the game play will be like from talking with Transformers: War For Cybertron Game Director Matt Tieger.
Gameplay will feature shooting, in a third person style reminiscent of the Gears of War series. Expect the dynamic elements of Transformation, including into air craft, to weigh in on that tried formula though. Most weapons will be standardized, be changeable and use ammo. Health will regenerate when fire is avoided.

A co-op feature is planned, and while it is unknown what the final number of simultaneous players will be, the levels available for play all had 2 AI controlled players fighting alongside the player character. Online multiplayer has been a part of design from day one, High Moon hasn’t given any of those features away just yet.

The campaigns are set one after the other, the first is from the Decepticon perspective, as Megatron pursues something called “Dark Energon”, once he is victorious, the Autobot campaign begins. Apparently this story is so compelling that Hasbro is accepting it as canon for the franchise.
Game Informer has started a rather long series of articles that will be posted periodically here throughout the month for W4C video game. Here is a summary of what they have so far.

Sterner Stuff
A good History 101 summary of the Transformers franchise from the Generation One cartoons to today including summaries on the toy lines, comics and more. A nice primer for anyone wanting to play catch-up on some of the terms you might have read about here and there (including on this blog).

Optimus Prime Character Profile
The first of a series of profiles on the major characters of the game including a look at some concept art (example above). For the game, this is Optimus before he rises to leader of the Autobots that joins the war after his home city of Iacon is attacked by Decepticons.

Teaser Trailer
In case you didn't already see it, another look at the teaser trailer for the game.

Transformers Trivia
An amusing video as Game Informer editors and W4C Cinematics Director Dave Cravens quiz each other on aspects of Transformers history.

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  1. This game is going to be beast. If it wasn't for bay bringing back transformers we would probably not have this. And since their using the system which was used for Gears of war, I can tell its gonna have amazing graphics


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