Friday, January 29, 2010

UK Toy Fair Reveals Power Core Details and More

The UK Toy Fair was held recently and Hasbro was in attendance with details about their future plans for Transformers including Power Core, War for Cybertron, Revenge of the Fallen, and more. Sadly no pictures but thanks to Transformers At The Moon and TFormers, here is a summary of some of the highlights.

- War for Cybertron Optimus Prime and Bumblebee: Prime looks almost Voyager class in size. BB has "awesome vehicle mode" with metallic gold paint scheme.
- Universe Seaspray: Voyager sized toy with blue, white and yellow color scheme with boat alt mode. Image indicates this is a new mold, but not sure. Seems large enough to hold a few scouts on the deck.
- Power Core Combiners is a sub-line for movie based "Transformers" that will come in 2 and 5 packs. The 5 pack combiners form Bruticus.
- New RPM molds including Drift, a Bumblebee track set, and Stealth Force which is deluxe size vehicles with fold out weaponary)
- Transformers: Animated may be "phased" back in for the UK in late 2010.

The Hasbro flyer image is from Private Universe and is the first offical confirmation of the Power Core line, Battle Ops Bumblebee and the new Seaspray. It also shows the official transition from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to just "Transformers" for the toy line.

The Power Core Combiner's line is described as "New segment based on the combination theme introduced in Revenge of the Fallen. Combination play delivers an interchangable system of combiner robots, servering as a range of body parts and weapons."

The new lines will start hitting toy shevles in late 2010.


  1. Are Seaspray and the power core combiners from the movie-ROTF toyline?

  2. not really you could say that nothing is really rotf anymore its that they combined the lines into one big one but if you noticed sideswipe's packaging its kinda like i said all in one

  3. Is this reincarnation of Seaspray a movie version or some sort of Universe or Classics?And I'm wondering the same thing about the Power Core combiners.


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