Thursday, January 28, 2010

Legends Devastator, Other Exclusives in Feburary

Hasbro has posted its list of exclusives that will be hitting stores shelves starting in February including Legends class Devastator. Overall, 10 different sets total of exclusives are being released for Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target and K-Mart. Sadly no exact dates nor pricing is provided for any of the sets. Below is a quick summary, click here for details and images.

Legends class Constructicon Devastator - Seven Legends sized transforming constructicons form the evil robot
ROTF: Road Rival Showdown - Two scout class toys named Beachcomber and Deadlift, both repaints of previously released toys.
ROTF Windy City Chase - Two scout class toys named Slap Dash and Trenchmouth, both repaints of previously released toys.

Toys R US
ROTF Shanghai Showdown - Deluxe class Ice Cream Truck Twins and white repaint of Voyager Demolisher.
Transformers Animated Arcee - Deluxe class Arcee, not clear if this is a repaint or not.
Transformers Animated Ratchet - Deluxe class Ratchet, not clear if repaint with detachable shock paddles that seems more cartoon accurate.

ROTF Bumblebee and Shadow Striker - Two legends class repaints.
ROTF Rally Mudflap and Offroad Skids - Two legends class repaints.
ROTF Smokescream and Starcream - Two legends class repaints.

Nebular Starscream - Voyager class repaint with dark grey and green-something color scheme.

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