Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Transformers 3 in 3D?

Thanks to the huge success of Avatar in 3D, it seems a movie isn't even allowed to be released without taking advantage of the format. Even the new Clash of the Titans movie is being converted to take advantage of the new found interest in 3D even though it wasn't designed or filmed for the format.

Hoping to ride that 3D train, Paramount seems to be attempting to force Transformers director Michael Bay to film Transformers 3 in 3D. Bay has said last year he thinks 3D is a gimmick saying "The way I shoot is too aggressive for 3D cameras. It’s a time consuming thing. Who knows… It might be a fad. I’m kinda old school. I’m old school because I like to shoot on film. I like anamorphic lenses, and that is old school.”

According to Variety, "there have been discussions among Bay, Paramount and Industrial Light & Magic about going 3D with the pic. The big stumbling block is the extra time required to do production and visual effects in 3D, as the movie's release date is already set. Having the pic post-converted could alleviate that problem."

At the end of the day money talks and Bay is a business man so I wouldn't be surprised if a 3D version is released. This does create some problems though as Bay was worked on both Transformers 1 and 2 almost up to the last minute, something a 3D conversion wouldn't allow. This means that his theoretical one and half year lead to shoot the film and complete post-production, voice work etc has probably shrunk by a good three or so months. Another question is will this impact how Bay shoots the film? Will he embrace 3D or just ignore the conversion and shoot the film the way he planned to begin with? As always time will tell. Thanks to Kris for the link.


  1. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!! No f@cking 3D!! Enough already with the stupid gimmick!

    Bay has to ignore the conversion! If he wants to make a good movie. Or less it is way to short of time to make TF3, Paramount has to know that. Bay already has so little time to make TF3. I think he will ignore Paramounts request for 3D.

    The time needed for 3D can better be used to create awesome sets and robots and the design of them instead of making it a stupid 3D trip.


  2. When a studio forces a director to do something unnecessary for its film, it almost certainly leads to disaster.

    Look what happened to Sam Raimi, they forced him into casting Venom in SPIDER-MAN 3 even though he disliked the character. Result: Venom was that 70's Loser, and didn't get enough time on film.

    M.Bay is like the last of the old-school directors who shoot through the camera (a good thing?), so he'll finish the TransFormers films that way...

    But please, Paramount, don't force M.Bay around. Let him shoot the film the way he's shot the others. Just give us our robots VFX and explosions (as well as a good story), and we'll be good.

  3. After Revenge of the Fallen I have lost all hope in Michael Bay as a film maker. Now I just want a Transformers movie regardless of whether its in 3D or not because Bay might screw it up anyway.

  4. Look Transformers 3 will pull in a butt load of money if its in 3D or not..Paramount has no reason to worry, if they want to jump on the band wagon let them do it with another movie!!!!

  5. I believe there is a huge difference in 2D and 3D. Without 3D effect the AVATER is just a good movie not excellent. So transformer 3 in 3D will be very entertaining one. Who knows if many old hit film created in 3d the might be super duper hit. I wish in near future my DISH TVwill support 3D effect.

  6. @Lavina: no.. Transformers3 in 3D will be a disaster. Either Michael Bay should slow down every scene up to slideshow levels to make 3D work a bit or he should use a lot of unnecessary panning.
    Paramount managers seem to be as stupid as Sony managers that killed the Spiderman franchise then if they are really going to force Michael Bay to go 3D for pathetic marketing reasons.
    Avatar did work marketing wise despite being an awful movie just because the marketing machine with bribes and paid interviews worked and too many people got fooled by the scam... but the Paramount marketing machine has never been that effective... so the result of forcing a Transformers3 in 3D movie would only cause the franchise to be killed...
    Forcing the 3D over movie quality it's nonsense.
    No one wants Transformers CGI to look cartoonish but in 3D like that of Avatar. The Avatar CGI is awful, it's good for a cartoon but a disgrace for a live action movie.
    If Transformers3 CGI is going to be forced to not be ultra-detailed and completed on time just to be in 3D then the movie will bomb because the Paramount marketing machine is not strong enough to sell a bad product as gold.. the Avatar psychosis effect won't be replicated.
    This 3D technology is outdated, the holographic one is already in labs and working prototypes do exist.. the industry knows this but yet they are destroying everything in a hope to steal some money from people worldwide by selling an old fake 3D effect that doesn't work and just causes the production to be in a hurry to complete the CGI on time, which on Transformers3 would only lead to a not realistic CGI with fake cartoonish robots so destroying the ultra-realistic feeling of the first two movies and turning the franchise into a joke.
    So... NO stupid 3D ! It will not work with Transformers3 ! Its base fans and viewers do not want 3D just like the director Michael Bay hates it.

  7. i want full IMAX movie no 3D. ROTF feels better in bigger screen

  8. avatar wasn't that good in 3d. honestly, i saw both 2d and 3d. the little flower things having depth wasn't really that interesting to me. transformers 3 in full IMAX sounds like an idea worth following.

  9. lets think for a second how optimus ion blaster might look pointed at you in 3D. Epic IMO. James Cameron made 3D easier to shoot with cameras he developed on avatar. it could be done and it would show in 2D, 3D,IMAX, and IMAX 3D. Transformers could use 3D better than avatar because of the sheer size of the robots alone. I will keep an open mind for anything.

  10. No, the 3D on Transformers3 would kill the movie and turn it into a silly joke worse than Avatar.
    At ILM they wouldn't have time to complete the CGI properly.. it's too late to plan a Transformers movie in 3D and the use of 3D should be effective and not pathetic like that on Avatar. If it has to be done it has to be done properly.
    Paramount managers don't get it... they don't understand that what really is selling Transformers movie is the ultra realitic CGI... if ILM won't be able to make it even more realistic and mantain Transformers2 highest quality levels then viewers will dislike a cartoonish Transformers movie and 3D wouldn't save it from bombing and the franchise would be destroyed.
    Is that what Hasbro wants?
    Transformers4,5,6 they could decide to plan and design for 3D from scratch but it's too late for Transformers3.
    If they want to give a reason to viewers to spend more money then they should give Michael Bay the money and the order to film the whole Transformers3 movie in Full IMAX and that would be the first movie to have done it and the CGI would look better than ever before.

  11. @ Anonymous 6:29

    I completely agree with you. If they want transformers 3 to be epic then they should give Bay a bigger budget. But then that would mean it would have to be pushed back, but i think we all agree that it is worth it.

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  13. This is a great post Dmitry. I just had one of the ‘Doh!’ moments and ran back to correct my own site before publishing my comment. You see my own comment form did not match what I’m about to advise. I get less comments than you, so never noticed any problem. I’ve changed it now anyway so here goes.

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  14. I think Transformer will inspired by Avatar sci-fi 3D movie film.


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