Friday, April 03, 2009

Bay: "I Kill Her Later"

When Michael Bay is in a good mood, because of his ShoWest Vanguard Award, bluntness and information seems to flow a little more freely as indicated by recent interviews with MTV and Collider (both with video).

First from MTV where he reveals the death of Arcee:
You know what? I didn't like Arcee," the filmmaker revealed exclusively to us Thursday night, "so I kill her later, all right?"

"You know what? It's like actors," he explained, comparing his Transformers to flesh-and-blood stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. "There are certain actors that blossom on screen, and there are certain others where you're like, 'Yuck, I'm cutting them out of the movie.'"

"This isn't sad," he grinned, discussing Arcee's sudden death. "This is just 'get it out and get it over with.' "

Bay also shot down the long-simmering rumor that Fox will be seen riding Arcee and doing some female bonding with the character. "No," he insisted. "She has nothing to do with Megan."
I don't know if this is serious or not. He is grinning the whole time and seems to be enjoying himself. I almost think he is dropping a fake bomb just to see the online reaction. Maybe this is an example of his misinformation campaign. Not saying it can't be true, just that something seems off. As usual, June 24th will be the day of truth.

On the highlights and video from from pre-show press conference:
- Transformers 3 is "the way I shoot is too aggressive for 3D cameras" due to the precision they required. Besides he considers 3-D to be a "gimmick...I am old school."
- In regards to Paramount's 2011 vs. Bay's 2012 date, things have been worked out so I guess that means the plan is a July 1st, 2012 release date for Transformers 3, "Lot of pestering from the studio" to reserve the date.
- When asked if he will direct Transformers 3, "I don't know, let's see how two does."
- The scale of the second movie is larger, goes around the world, the CGI technology is much improved providing better acting from the Transformers.
- The budget of Transformers 2 was $200 million and came in about $4 million under budget.
- Regarding the IMAX scenes, "Pretty awesome. It was much easier to shoot then stereoscopic. It's a bitch to perfect in terms of the digital work because of the amount of rendering you have to do and the detail."
- In regards to CGI work, "It is all challenging. In terms of the digital model that Lucas Films made is the most complicated by 10 ...of the [of the robot] model they ever made."


  1. Counterpunch4/03/2009 5:31 PM

    So Arcee dies. 1 Decepticons Autobots 0.

  2. NOOOO!! (If true)
    Okay... (if not)
    First? YAY!

  3. Oops. Didn't see Counterounch. Sorry about that.

  4. Arrgh! I meant Counterpunch!

  5. Decepticons 2 - Autobots 0

    Prime and Arcee meet their fate in TF2. Sad time for us transformer fans.


  6. WTF IS RODAMOUS PRIME? some heroic rodent?

    PS - Prime wont die...

  7. Dude... how about a spoiler warning? Jerk.

  8. He's BS'ing...

  9. so how many Autobots having military vehicles in the movie so far?

    Dune Runner

    This 5 can already be a Autobot version of the Combaticons.

  10. I think Bay is misleading us all.Like he said:I'm just toying with the fanboys,People won't get anything from the plot from the trailers until the movie comes out.Argg...3 months,so long away.

  11. they aren't even in the movie. just because they came out with toys doesn't mean they are in the flick.

    and bay lying, acree doesn't die.

  12. ROTFLMAO ON HEROIC RODENT...anyway,i gotta chance to see my bloody valentine in real d 3d and that blew me away,just imagine transformers in that kind of technology.WOW

  13. Hound wasn't a movie toy. He was an unlockable character in the PSP game that died to save a rather suave Trailbreaker.

    /Hound fanfaggotry

  14. Dude... how about a spoiler warning? Jerk.

    Didn't you notice, that from the start, this blog is one big spoiler...?

  15. I hope he is lying. Not saying Arcee was a favorite or mine but it just seems odd to introduce the first female Autobot and then kill her in the same movie.

  16. To the Anonymous 2 above me. The spoiler thing. Ha!

  17. If it's true, does anybody notice that Bay has a habit of killing off the robot that adds diversity to the computer-generated cast, hmmm? Jazz (african-american) and Arcee (female).

    Conspiracy!!! >:D

  18. i relly dont care for arceebut if optimus dies thats a set back

  19. What is it? male ego!! Kill Arcee!! she is one of my favorite characters and all they want to do is kill her off! I really don't care how there can be male and female robots, it works and that is that. I would love to see some female decepticons, now you are talking bad ass b*****. How about knocking off Soundwave, I am sure that will get the Decepticon faithful uo p in arms. Bay, I was starting to like you but if you kill of Arcee it will be the last movie of yours I will see except for TF3.

  20. You can never kill Soundwave (TO ABOVE). Arcee had like 2 episodes in G1. Soundwave is an iconic character. They can make Tf II incredible without arcee.

  21. Seems like Misinformation.

    Not to mention there are 2 other, most likely female, Motorcycle characters.

  22. To Anonymous at 7:09pm:

    I love that hate that you're dishin' out there! "I will never see another film of yours again!!!...Except for TF3." Classic! :D That's some tough love right there!

    Maybe they can balance out Arcee's death with some development of Chromia and Ironhide's relationship? That'd be nice.

    Or, we can hope for the better and pray that it's just misinformation. :)

  23. I just watched the workprint version of Xmen Origins: Wolverine, and the ending music they sampled was the exact same melody that played after the final battle in Transformers...

  24. Thats normal. Workprints always use random music because the real score hasnt been finished and/or edited into the movie yet

  25. I doubt he meant the stuff that he said.

    He has mislead before, Remember when he said Megatron wasn't gonna be in the movie? Then the toys came out and he comes back saying that hes in the movie only during flashbacks.

  26. to 7:14, they did kill Soundwave in the first movie. only thing that saved him was a name change due to the poor reception of him being a helicopter. nothing is sacred.

  27. I'll say that I'm not buying everything that Bay is saying.. it just seems a little fishy to me.

    However, there is the point that the motorcycles were only ever really spotted on that one set and never anywhere else, most especially Egypt. So that would either indicate those characters getting offed or they're just never in alt-mode for the rest of the entire movie, even when everyone else is driving toward the pyramids in alt-mode.. ahem..

  28. Sounds like BS to me.

  29. This and the 60 robot thing are probably just attempts to throw us off the final scent. The doctor thing is true, but the other new rumors seem a little ify.

  30. calling jazz an african is just fucking dumb, only black autobot was ironhide duh!

  31. Arcee is going to die? What about Chromia and that another sister? What will happen to them, if Arcee will die?

  32. I believe bay----Arcee will be killed because it creates more of an impact than Firestar & Moonracer but....check this out

    There were 3 motorcycles on the Bethlehem set {China} and there were 3 spyder-trikes on set at the bone-yard or in some kind of desert setting {after China} so.....

    Arcee will be no more as Elita-One takes over and makes the other 2 gals change alt. modes to be stronger---not faster but...stronger. That is why the upright bikes were NOT seen after Bethlehem. Bay is NOT trying to "F" with us---he is just trying to protect his 'baby'

    C'mon look what happened to Wolverine---Bay won't let that happen


  33. Call me crazy, I'm sorry but you don't know how much I'm totally hurt with some of all of your comments. Just why do you need to see her die and express that she might have done something heroic or contributing something in the movie even if she dies!!!??? And not to mention that I burst into tears about reading it. Yes, I'm actually a fangirl of Arcee (even just by her '07 toy and making lotsa fanarts of her in DA) and I'm not quiet amused of what this Bay is talkin' about. Why kill a character when you don't know if that character you are ready to kill off might have a great impact towards the audience (or fans I say) same thing that happened with Jazz, which I'm not also amused that what is added from another article (same topic) I read, that "Jazz's death is one of the previous film's most touching moment!?" Or that she hasn't have such a good performance (but her portrayal in the ROS comics was good)?!! So sorry about my ranting in here, but I bet the other "Arcee fans" out there will also share this moment. Anyhoo, it's fine if one of you will disagree or if the blogmaster will delete my comment whatsoever, but more importantly, this doesn't made my DAY. At all.

    Oh well, might as well, wait for the movie to come out and see the whole out of it. I'm indeed anticipating for Arcee's role in there y'know.

  34. ^^^ Don't worry.....there will be 4 total females in the film if you believe my post above you. Bay likes to joke around and maybe she does something heroic it's just that her death won't be focused on.

    I know you didn't find it funny but....death IS a part of life

    Did anyone catch this.......

    He said "she has nothing to do with Megan" HMMM if Arcee has something to do with Mikaela he wouldn't really be lying----YES I used to be a salesman a long time ago ;)

  35. Most likely to die are

    Wheelie (Hopefully killed by Devastator)
    Barricade (Kiled by Optimus or Bumble bee)
    Scorponok (Killed by Jetfire)
    Optimus prime (Sad but very possible)
    Arcee (Killed by Sideways)
    Alice (Killed by mikela)
    Bumble bee (Either dies or becomes autobot leader)
    One of the twins (Either that or switches sides)

    Wheelie is counted as a member of the Autobots!

    Decepticons 5 Autobots 3

    P.s. The person riding Arcee and the other bikes is there Hologram.

  36. thakingdbb said...
    calling jazz an african is just fucking dumb, only black autobot was ironhide duh!

    If arcee can be called female when she doesnt even have a pussy but just behaves female, then jazz can be called african american

  37. You anonymous one, I think Cam-Am Spyder trikes are only vehicles used by NEST.

  38. And you, Scorpio, I think that Sam himself kills Alice. Mikaela and Leo might find out Alice's real identity, but Sam doesn't believe until he kisses Alice (That kiss will happen, believe it!).

  39. To Scorpio: I like your idea about Mikaela killing Alice. In the first film, Sam killed Megatron, Mikaela 'damaged' Frenzy and Lennox killed Blackout. It would be interesting to see Epps take out Soundwave, or Sideways or someone and have Alice taken out by Mikaela.

    It would start out as a regular cat fight (Ooohh...between Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas :D ) Mikalea and Alice trash talking about "Bitch, he's MY man" or whatever and the chick-fight would follow. It would start out with normal fighting and the audience would assume that it's just the part of the film for teenage boys. But, as the fight progresses, Alice's true demeanor reveals itself. Her robotic spikes grow, her tongue elongates, and tail whips out, etc. They fight, and Mikaela somehow manages to win.

    It would be
    a.) Hot!
    b.) Crazy!
    c.) Good action/VFX!

    YOur thoughts?

  40. TylerMirage,

    Thank you for feeling my pain! I have been a TF fan longer than old MB has been making movies so I would still feel the loyalty to the Transformers but after that no MB movies(unless there is a TF4) I love Arcee character, it brings a different toughness to the Autobot side, and as I said before I would love to see some female Decepticons. We can have the Baroness,and Zarana in GI Joe, but no mean bad to the servo Decepticons females in the Transformers! Black Arachnia was good, but she is always on the line between the two sides in both Beast Wars and Animated. So MB if you are reading this get back in the editing room and cut out Arcee death! knock off soundwave instead!

  41. To Anonymous at 11:39am:

    "...knock off Soundwave instead!"

    Um, I don't think that you should've said that." :(

    I agree totally with you (not about the Soundwave death thing, though). I have no loyalty to Michael Bay, merely to the awesome franchise of "Transformers".

    It would've been nice to see some bonding between Arcee and Mikaela, similar to Sam and Bumblebee.

    Can you imagine Megan Fox vs. Isabel Lucas (the Pretender)? Ooohhh... :o

  42. WELL what Bay shouldve done was bring back Rachel taylor...MAN SHE WAS HOT

  43. God you people are dorks, look at you arguing with each other about stuff you dont even know. Wow, moms basement never seemed to apply more than you dork

  44. To Anonymous at 2:29pm:
    a.) Specify who you are referring to
    b.) Most of this isn't arguing; it's 'speculating'.
    c.) Yes, most of us are dorks. Your point is...?

    Thank you for the wonderful contribution to the topic. :)

    I get more excited every day for this film! :D

    It's nice to see a larger budget, too. $200 million vs. $150 million should make things a lot better...hopefully.

  45. I think Arcee and the other motorcycles are going to turn into that massive unicycle thing that throws down that overpass in the trailer. The wrath of pack of harpies...not pretty. Remember the big black monstrosity of a woman in Pirates of the Carribean 3? We will see somethin like that with Arcee.

    Also, I think Wheelie and Mojo are going to go at it. "MOJO!!! OFF THE ROBOT!!!" Comic relief

  46. i believe the anon's point was to wake people up, hopefully they will calm down, possibly even post some rational thoughts.

  47. If so, he is horrible at 'making a point'.

    "Calm down"? - There hasn't been much violent arguing on this topic, for a change.

    "Rational thoughts"? - It'll take a lot more than his one comment for people to become 'rational' ;)

    Has there been any news/updates on Starscream lately?


  49. Ye my opinon, that is kind of an ugly colour. But, it resembles the classic colour scheme more than his current colour.

    I read somewhere that Ratchet will be in robot mode for most of the film. (I can't recall exactly where I read this, but I think that Orci mentioned it).

    So, he may be fulfilling his role as "medic" in this film. Maybe by attempting to repair Jetfire?

  50. Sorry, that word "Ye" is supposed to be "In". I'm not quite sure why I hit THOSE keys.

  51. Who's the ffing moron(anon 11.39am)who wants to knock off Soundwave?What planet are you from?Kudos to what Kup said,Rachel Taylor is so hot,she shoud have been in this one as well.

  52. To Scorpio:I think Arcee is way to fast to be killed by Sideways.IF she is going to be killed,it will be done by a stronger Decepticon.

  53. I have an idea about another death (it will most likely not be true though).

    Ok since a ton of fans hate Skids and Mudflap, Bay could have them be really dumb all throughtout the movie and in the final scene get heroic and brave and take on Megatron. One of them could be struck down (I vote Skids because he is "smarter") and the other is all sad and stuff. Before that twin dies, they tell the other that they believe in them and they get surged and kill Megatron. Then that twin (mudflap) would discover that they were triplets and meet (Brawn?) a chevy groove. They would be considered the new twins for Transformers 3.

    This will probably not happen because Skids and Mudflap are the autobots that children will relate to and they will be their "moral of the story". If they get killed, the children will have a disturbing theme (I was disturbed by people getting killed in movies when I was young).

  54. Selective Realism4/04/2009 7:31 PM

    Fracture, who is technically the former chick Go-Bot Crasher was killed in ROTF: Alliance no one batted an eye

  55. Kup:- Rachel Taylor herself rejected to be in TF 2 citing her experience & being in TF 1 was enough. period. It wasnt Bay's fault etc. She herself pulled out.

    And WTF is the big deal with having Arcee DEAD? This isnt Arcee vs Decepticons/Fallen. Its the Autobots. And she accepts that dying in what she believed in ( being an Autobot) is the way to go.

    The 300 Spartans marched to their death following King Leonidas. All except the storyteller died. But did Sparta mourn his death? NO. They regathered & returned 10,000 strong.

    Autobots one way or another will go for it this time. Even though the odds are 0 against 1000.

  56. Thanks for ruining "300" JERK----I just rented it tonight and haven't even watched it yet...Wow

  57. pff thanks for ruining what film i thought you'd rent tonight. i was waiting until you put it in the dvd player to find out.

  58. Damn Bay could be a real douchebag. "Arcee? I'll tell you months ahead, I'm going to kill her. :D"
    Micheal bay, you're in my death note. jk, maybe

  59. -To Scorpio:I think Arcee is way to fast to be killed by Sideways.IF she is going to be killed,it will be done by a stronger Decepticon.-

    She is ineperienced as shown in the prequel she has not yet fought a Decepticon. This along with Bay means she will be killed off early in the film. Besides we dont know how strong or fast Sideways will be.

    -To Scorpio: I like your idea about Mikaela killing Alice. In the first film, Sam killed Megatron, Mikaela 'damaged' Frenzy and Lennox killed Blackout. It would be interesting to see Epps take out Soundwave, or Sideways or someone and have Alice taken out by Mikaela.-

    I like your idea about the kiss scene TylerMirage it will probably happen something like this in the film:

    Alice starts making out with Sam
    Alice starts to show her true form. The long tongue the spikes and her sharp metal tail.
    Sam runs off out of school with Alice following in her humanish form (Only the spikes and tentacles)
    Everybody runs away

    Alice plot based on video showing filming of ROTF and confirmed information.

  60. Bay's got a BIG ASS head. We know that. He may think that if he tells the general public, that everyone will believe him. Bay's been known to lie to us. I won't believe it until June 24th.

  61. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for ruining "300" JERK----I just rented it tonight and haven't even watched it yet...Wow <---- WTF told you to visit this blog then where its full of spoilers etc. besides 300 was so 2007. get over it, jerk.

  62. To Scorpio:Yes Sideways will probably be much stronger,but the Arcee toy is a Suzuki B-King,that bike packs a 1300cc Hayabusa engine.So she probably will be a "little quiker" than an Audi R8,so she probably can avoid a lot of attacks.
    Nontheless,I think Bay is lying and misinforms all the time,he's grinning way to much.

  63. You'd better not kill Soundwave Bay you son of a biscuit!

  64. Scorp: Arcee is the Autobot sniper! Of course she can outfox Sideways...

  65. "Punch said...
    Scorp: Arcee is the Autobot sniper! Of course she can outfox Sideways..."

    Megatron is the decepticon leader of course he can outfox Sam... oh wait

    Bumblebee killed Brawl/Devs. It doesnt really matter about strenght or speed, sometimes in movies shit happens.

    I dont think arcee dies anyway just saying your points are stupid. You havent seen what Sideways is capable of "oh she's too fast" "oh she's a sniper". I dont think any armys have ever gotten thier snipers to chase after someone. Plus Sideways didnt exactly seem too slow in the trailer did he. Im sorry for using actual evidence to support my case I know some of you are not used to it.

  66. Actual evidence based on a trailer? Shit... nobody knows how Sideways will act but based on the trailer WHY IS HE RUNNING AWAY FROM ARCEE then?

    And 2nd please learn to read "carefully". I said " outfox". Not "outrun" or "outdo".

    She is a designated sniper based from the TRANSFORMERS TIED-IN IDW PUBLISHED ROTF MOVIE COMICS.

    And yes a sniper IS TRAINED to outfox their enemies.

    WTF do you mean armies dont use their snipers to chase after someone?

    Do you even know what's a sniper role is then?

    " Im sorry for using actual evidence to support my case I know some of you are not used to it." <---- which is NON-EXISTENT whatsoever. back at ya, mudflap.

  67. Anon, just ignore people like Punch, i know its irritating but they go away faster if you don't reply to their insane ramblings.

  68. yawn to above post. get a life... you must be that Brock or his multiple nicks.. Brett & Emily etc.

  69. ^^ It's nice to see I still have an effect on you 'Punch' as this is my first post since the fight we had a while ago. I have no hard feelings against you---it just shows that others {who are NOT me} have the same opinions of you.


  70. Shit... nobody knows how Sideways will act but based on the trailer WHY IS HE RUNNING AWAY FROM ARCEE then?

    not completely sure here (yes i am) but i think if we look at the call sheet from that period of filming i would go out on a limb here (very short limb) and say that its not just Arcee Chasing him.

    plus who cares if she dies, its a war (and not the kind you play when your 10 with pinecones and plastic guns) people are gonna die, sorry robots are gonna die, prime will get fucked (not literally, almost die) jetfire is toast, starscream is dead, the fallen is killed, the twins will live (what the hell everbody got against them i dont know) iron hide will probably almost die, demolisher will learn not to mess with prime, megatron will flee earth with a torched and barely living devestator, sideways and soundwave will come in at the end of the movie (first time we see him in robot mode) and kill sideswipe-arcee-almost kill rachet and cover the retreat of megatron (who would leave a man behind to make sure he escapes) all what i think will happen, not sure who knows, i still think secretly blackout is coming back and simmons dies tryin to kill devestator.oh and how can you call jazz an african american, he isnt from our planet and i don't think he got his visa before he died.

  71. Got some (Spoilers) concept art here:

    As i said ages ago Devastators Mouth is the Vortex of doom and that the debry is spit out his flaps in the top of his head. Too bad the Supreme class toy is still lame in the concept art. The concept art for Devastator is awesome i like the fact he towers over everything and instead of crushing the Autobots with his foot he chooses to use his vortex of doom. The supreme class toy`s opening mouth feature is probably okay however i know kids are just going to pull at the pieces to open it rather than turn the blades in his neck to activate the gimmick.

    I`m not going to comment on the stuff that we have seen so far so next up is Mixmaster. Mixmaster is Awesome however his head seems to Resemble Bonechrusher`s and Rampage`s head.
    Also we can now confirm Bay was lying on the April 1st report of Seven constructicons however that doesnt rule out the possibility of Demolisher and Scavenger bieng in this film or rule out the possibility of the mysterious Overload appearing in this film.

    Now let me draw you back a few months when Empire released the image of a Human with two cars flying in the air above him. Now lets look again at the concept art. Two cars! Flying in the air towards Devastator confirming that Devastator will use his Vortex of doom in Egypt first as the Autobots are unprepared.

  72. Anonymous said...

    ^^ It's nice to see I still have an effect on you 'Punch' as this is my first post since the fight we had a while ago. I have no hard feelings against you---it just shows that others {who are NOT me} have the same opinions of you.

    B-Rock <----- double yawn. who cares... shit this aint a 'vote mr. popularity' poll, muppet.

    its muppets like you who knows shit about TF that should F off. period.

    With kindest regards from San Clemente, Cali...

  73. I miss the Muppets.

  74. lol punch you retard, you learn to read carefully its written "outfox" not outrun or outdo

  75. to punch
    snipers dont run a few feet behind who they are trying to snipe, that would defeat the whole point of having a sniper rifle

    "Actual evidence based on a trailer? Shit... nobody knows how Sideways will act but based on the trailer"
    I didnt claim to know how sideways would act based on the trailer. It seems your the one who needs to learn how to read. Actual evidence based on movie logic that odds dont necessarily matter.

    Snipers are trained to outfox? Megatron leader of the fuckin decepticons should know how to outfox a human but got pwned by sam. You dont know what sideways is capable or how he was trained and just because you think arcee can outfox him doesnt make it so . Who the fuck told you that Arcee was a sniper in this film anyway.

    A sniper waits somewhere high to snipe people thats the jist of it. Not run after someone or is arcee such a bad sniper she has to be like a meter away from her aponent to get a head shot. Next your gonna say stealth bombers are supposed to engage in combat with fighter jets.

  76. Im quoting real life sniper tactics & you go talk about Megatron getting pawned by Sam. What a dufus.

    You're just playing around with your stupid words to justify your facts. which are not.

    and wtf told you a sniper waits somewhere high? Yes Arcee is the Autobot sniper based on the tied in ' Reign of Starscream' comic to ROTF, you muppet. Just like Ratchet is the Autobot medic, Ironhide is the weapons specialist & Jazz being a 1st lieutenant.

    Read & understand.

    And what's wrong with stealth bombers having a dogfight with a jet fighter?

    If you're talking about the F-52 Stratofortress then of course it will be impossible for it to engage in a dogfight with a jet fighter. But a B-2 Spirit or F-117 Nighthawk can.

    Pergilah mampos pantat.

  77. yeah we all know you are... donkey.

  78. Swat teams have snipers, they wait high on top of buldings they dont chase terror suspects on foot

    The arcee from the reign of starscream comics is the concept arcee from the first movie you tard,

    Im talking about how outfoxing doesnt mean shit, the decepticons can outfox humans but still got owned

  79. he's making a fool out of the interviewer. he's BS'ing. Smirking the whole time . . .

  80. -Swat teams have snipers, they wait high on top of buldings they dont chase terror suspects on foot-

    What about Army snipers they sneak after people and fire at them through long range snipers. I see Arcee as a fast manovuerable version of this type of sniper. I can picture her doing a crouched run all the way along a city and spots a Decepticon holding sam who she shoots right in the head. :)

  81. Yeah in crazy town :)

    thats just infantry


  82. Scorpio's right... You lose the case... idiot.

  83. Speaking as the second guy to comment (thinking I was the first, but posted about a split second later than Counterpunch), I would just like to say that...LYING IS A SIN BAY!!!! But hey, people do it all the time. So, why overreact? I'll be happy as long as there are train and boat characters in the 3rd movie. Sadly, neither will be in this one. I know that Depthcharge was in the toyline, and he was a boat, BUT TOYS DON'T COUNT, AT LEAST NOT FOR ME!!

  84. What has The Fallen's plan been all the time?

  85. We need variety in the film like cool italian motorcycles not just chevrolet cars. Arcee is a smart addition because she is a speeder and a hunter. Micheal Bay didnt know how to use Arcee so he killed her, it was disapointment.

  86. Michael Bay makes good movies but he is a giant douche. He hates half the characters so he won't put them in. And when he does he kills them off. So stupid. Personally Arcee is one of my personal favs. He already made comments that the dinobots won't make an appearance. He kills the good characters and replaces them with mudflap and skids who i loved. But he could have done more and got rid of all the dog humping scenes and crap. Bay is good. He just needs help with some of the characters. Pathetic really.

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