Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fox Not as "Orange" for TF3?

It turns out there could be a possible explanation for why Megan Fox looked so pale in her visit to the Transformers 3 set. Her character, Mikaela has typically been deeply tanned but apparently Megan "hated her look in the last movie". This is according to a source to New Zealand's Stuff.
"Her character has more to do this time and is stronger but the thing Megan is most happy about is she's not nearly as orange. It's a big victory for her."
Take from that what you will. It’s a second hand source to an overseas website so not sure how legit it is. Fox's lack of a tan is something that could be easy remedied between now and the film start date that is rumored to be May 17th in LA. I could care less either way. If wasn't TF3 related would not have even bothered to post about it.

Having said that, I imagine that a tanned look is easier to maintain consistency over the three months or so shoot for Transformers 3 especially since it’s a summer shoot in multiple sunny locations including LA and Africa. Dodging the sun and avoiding a tan would not be an easy task.


  1. Well, a natural tan caused from the summer heat sounds better than some fake lotion that makes you looking like an Indian.

    Anyway, who cares? It's a new Bee!

  2. I'm wrong. I am totally wrong!

    It IS the new Bumblebee! Hot damn!

    New spoiler, front air scoop, new side skirts, stripes are wider on the hood, new stripes all the way across the roof, and new rims!

  3. Hey guys I'm back! Can't wait for part 3. Lets make MB give us a damn good movie.

  4. I agree with the writer, I could care less about what any human in the movie looks like, as long as there are giant kick-ass robots the movie will be great to me!!!!!!!!!

  5. Is that her toe thumb she trying to keep tucked away?

  6. Martinus Prime5/08/2010 11:54 AM

    You're forgiven LionBoogy! BB looks awesome yet again!

    Welcome back Essex!

    I'm guessing she's gonna get 4 burgers :)

    I'll bet she'll be at least a little tanned

  7. love her...

    a natural look is good!

  8. Part of it too was the color timing of the movie. EVERYTHING sand or human-colored was orange. Orange looks great against blue (they're complementary on a color wheel) so most of the movie (and most action movies, especially Bay's) have a lot of blues and oranges.


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