Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Megan Fox on Transformers 3 Set

SuperheroHype has scored five pictures of Megan Fox arriving somewhere in LA for "previz shots" for Transformers 3. It also appears the Bumblebee Camaro is on hand.

I am a bit confused by the previz note as typically pre-viz is basic computer animation of a director's vision, as needed, for scenes in a movie. Actor involvement is typically not necessary in producing them. The remaining four images, which show the lovely Fox walking and waving at people across the parking lot, can be found here. Principle photography for TF3 is expected to start in a week or two in LA. Thanks to Charlo for the link.

Update:Superherohype pulled or moved the article so the links no longer work, click here instead to view the images.


  1. Mmmh.. pre-viz CGI for actors...? Headmasters anyone...?

  2. Oh look a ford taurus in the background, must be a new autobot. Wait a mercedes SUV, must be a decepticon. What's the black shiny car in the last picture? is it barricade again?

    Megan looks a little pale.

  3. The cars in the background... that's the employee parking lot.

    And the Bumblebee is not the real one. It's the 2010 Bumblebee Camaro with GM's $1000 "Transformers Package" - with Autobot emblem on side and rims. It's not in the movie.

    Pre-visualization is like script rehearsal with stand-in vehicles. Not the real ones. Director and CGI people need to "pre-visualize" what the camera is seeing before they commit to the actual filming.

  4. omg what happened to her? its like shes a different person. She needs more plastic surgery :D

  5. love her here.

  6. she looks good.
    Not orange please BAY!

  7. for what its worth the "shiny black car" in the background is a Bentley Continental GT.

  8. It turns out that that is in act the BB Camaro as Seibertron.com has posted. I like the color of the car not as much orange as ROTF BB.


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