Tuesday, May 04, 2010

McDreamy Joins Transformers 3 Cast (Updated)

First it was Jamie Kennedy and now a new casting rumor has Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy) joining the cast of Transformers 3.

The information comes from an interview with the actor by Bol Noticias, a Brazilian website. The Google translation indicates that when asked what his next movies are Dempsey responded, ""Flypaper," I start filming later this month, and "Transformers 3", which play a character that is far more "dark" than others."

One interpretation of "dark" is that Dempsey has been cast in a villain role of some sort. No idea if that means a human character or a Transformer voice role. Thanks to Aaron for the link.

Update: EW's Hollywood Insider has confirmed with Paramount Pictures that Patrick Dempsey has been cast as a human character in Transformers 3. He "will Megan Fox’s boss in a role that is 'significant to the plot'." Thanks to TigerClaw for the link.


  1. i think its as a voiceover

  2. Its been confirmed that Patrick Dempsey will be in TF3, He will play as a Boss to Megan Fox's character and its a role that is significant to the plot.

  3. Its been confirmed and he is playing Megan's boss.

  4. I thought she worked for her father though? Or is she getting another job?

  5. ooh...just as much eye candy for us girls as megan is for the guys....drives my hubby nuts that I oogle the guys, the cars and the robots....and he only like megan..oh well...LOL


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