Thursday, May 06, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Transformers in Google Maps
Remember that ad in Las Vegas for Revenge of the Fallen that put a giant poster of Optimus Prime on the Luxor? It turns out it was good timing as Google apparently was updating its satellite view of the city at the time and now it’s a part of Google Maps. The street view shows a different advertisement. No idea how long it will be there but cool to see. I assume the same image is used for Google Earth but could be wrong. Thanks to NHLfan for the link.

Transformers: Generations Thrust & Drift Gallery
The link above has a gallery of images for two new Transformers based on G1 designs (sort of) that are part of the Transformers: Generations line that replaces the Transformers: Universe line from previous years. Thrust looks just like his G1 version and based on the Classics wave 1 Starscream mold. Drift is part of the G1 cast for the IDW line of Transformers comics but so far has not made an appearance in the ongoing comic series.

War for Cybertron Soundwave Figure Announced
Speaking of Transformers: Generations, its War for Cybertron sub-line is getting a third figure in the form of Soundwave. Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee were the previously known figures. The article also mentions Red Alert as joining Generations but I think this is a reference to the Classic version, not a W4C version.

New Don Figueroa Transformer Art
The long time Transformers artist whose designs have pretty much the backbone of all comic book and video game art has updated his deviantArt page with new character art. It includes images of Cobra La Galvatron, Primus vs. Unicron, Zombie Seeker and more.

Two New 5-Pack Power Core Combiners Sets Gallery
Hit the link to see Hasbro provided images of two more 5-pack Power Core Combiners sets that are expected to hit store shelves this summer. Unlike the previously revealed sets, these do not have any relationship to previous combiners from other toy lines. For the Autobots it is Doubleclutch with Rallybots while the Decepticons get Mudslinger with Destructicons.

Project Robotbuz: Bendway and Gallery
A German company is joining the Transformer's biz with a transforming bus called Bendway. As the video below shows, it’s currently in the concept phase but the final product would be about 11.3'' (28.8cm) long in bus mode and 8.3'' (21cm) tall in robot mode so around Deluxe size. It will include a Katana sword and real rubber tires. The estimated release date is September and will sell for around $40 through your favorite importing online toy store.

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