Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tyrese "Sad" Over Fox Leaving Transformers

Tyrese Gibson spoke with MTV about the news that Megan Fox would not be returning to reprise her role for Transformers 3. Basically he doesn't know what happened but doesn't like that "the band" was broken up. (via AllSpark)
"I was sad about it, man. Genuinely," he told MTV News on the red carpet for the E! 20th anniversary celebration Monday night. "We built something here. We all did. We all put our own sauce and stamp and energy on this franchise."

As much as he was bummed to hear the news, Gibson isn't prying into the backstory before he heads to the "Transformers 3" set this Thursday. "I don't know exactly what went down," he said. "But it's crazy to see the band get broken up, you know what I mean?"


  1. I've had an opportunity to talk to Tyrese on the phone a few times when I was covering his comic Mayhem. He strikes me as a nice guy.

  2. WTH is he talking about? I mean, it's all good that he defends the cast & franchise: it's the only thing he's done in the past 3 years that's in the public consciousness. But the whole "breaking up the band" thing is ridiculous.

    Bands actually "perform" together. When did EPPS and MIKAELA even speak to each other? Was it before, during or after the explosions and CGI effect shots? It's not like the cast was given Tarantino-esque dialogue to play with...

    He better get paid well because he's had worse lines and/or less screen time in ROTF than in No.1.

    Let's move on. I'm looking forward to what the A-list actors bring to No.3, not SAM's "love (boy's lust) interest." Unless she's from the future bring (good/neutral) Cybertron tech. Maybe even his future daughter...?

  3. WTH are YOU talking about? How do you know what they did during the shooting of the movie? Maybe they sat around between shots and goofed off/had a good time? For you to claim they didn't even speak to each other is utterly retarded.


    Anyway this movie is going to suffer big time from not having Fox in it, it will still do well but that is a big disappointment.


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