Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Mojibakeru, Kanji Transfomers
Click the link to view 12 pictures of six kanji characters that transformer into various animals based on what it represents. For example the kanji for dragon turns into a dragon. The toys are from Bandai and the link is called Mojibakeru (moji means "character", bakeru means "to change"). The six animals are dog, tiger, fish, horse, bird and dragon that come in black, white, yellow and blue colors. The cost is 100 yen ($1 US), no idea if will be something an online importer will sell elsewhere. (via io9)

Hasbro Official Transformers Images - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Click the links above to view the next wave of Transformers in and out of packaging that should be hitting stores shelves very soon. Part 1 focuses on the main Transformers line derived from the movies that includes Deluxe Ironhide, Leader Starscream, Sea Spray and others. Part 2 is about the Transformers: Generations and Power Core combiners including W4C Bumblebee, W4C Optimus Prime, Drift, Thrust and more. Part 3 the low budget, toddler set of toys such as Power Bots, Activators, and so forth. Speaking of Drift, if interested in how he stores the sword, click here.

Hasbro Masterpiece Grimlock Gallery
Click to view pictures of Masterpiece Grimlock which is a Toys R Us exclusive for $59.99 (I think). I have read that it is available in stores now. This toy is identical to the Takara version that was released a year or so ago but this one comes with different accessories, the main one being his crown.

Takara Unicron Gallery
Unicron returns, at least in Japan. The planet sized Transformer from Transformers: The Movie has been released several times in the states (most recent was a year or so ago I think) and now he is getting a more movie accurate release thanks to Takara. The figure has a new paint job that is a darker orange and grey, a new head mold and other tweaks that improves the overall look of the figure. He is expected to be released in September for around 10,500 Yen ($100 US).

Impossible Toys TRNS-01 Valkyrie (aka Arcee) Video
Sweet video of Arcee that looks nearly identical to her Generation One cartoon design. For whatever reason, she was never really created as toy by Hasbro despite being in the animated Transformers: The Movie. Two videos below, the first shows off the packaging and transformation of the Deluxe sized figure. The second video is a sizable gallery that shows it off in comparison to her other Generation One toys. The green figure is a repaint that will be called Nightbird (aka Paradron Medic). I don't know when the figures will be released or how much it will cost. The reason for the rename is the toys are not produced or sanctioned by Hasbro so unable to use their copyrighted names.

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