Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whitely to Replace Fox on Tranformers 3?

Geekweek's "inside source" is reporting that Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whitely has been cast to replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3. If the name seems vaguely familiar, she was on AICN's own source's list of possible names. I would list her acting credentials but she has none. Until her name started popping up as associated with casting for Transformers 3 her career consisted of modeling, not acting. She is someone Michael Bay would have probably worked with before from directing the Victoria's Secret commercials.

Specifics on the character are unknown but safe to assume it’s a new one, not the Mikaela character. Fans seem to be hoping for Carly, his girlfriend, then wife throughout the G1 cartoon series. Between the names that have popped up as replacements and this rumor, I am starting to think that the love interest role will not be a major character. It is starting to look like that the role might be similar to Rachael Taylor or Isabel Lucas roles in the sense their characters mostly existed as eye candy to move the plot along. Could this mean that Frances McDormand is really the lead female role in the film?

If the "Sam's love interest" role is demoted to supporting character that would not only explain why Megan was willing to leave the movie but why it could can happen past the beginning of principle photography. Supporting characters tend not to be involved with every day of a sheet but might be on set for only a couple of weeks. This would allow plenty of time to tweak the role and the schedule to accommodate any changes needed by a new casting choice and the script changes.

Time will tell of course. I am not gung ho on a model landing a huge role in the film but a minor one is no biggie. I still support the idea of Sam Whitwicky hooking up with a realistic and strong female character, not yet another fashion magazine fantasy. Thanks to TigerClaw for the link.


  1. what?!?! no comment at all........................................

  2. I doubt it's true, because there is also word from an "inside source" that Katie Cassidy is locked to replace Megan Fox.

    And another here:

    These are all just rumors to get people talking, and it works.

  3. Butt ugly!

  4. The worst possible choice. Transformers3 is doomed to bomb at box office.
    Spielberg should fire Michael Bay and his crew for what he has done.
    And Hasbro CEO should fire them all!

  5. megan backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. At this point it's anyone's guess. I'm hearing that the part has definitely been cast, but I have no idea which one it is. I'm kind of hoping that Katie Cassidy got the part, but if Rosie is the one who got it then I can live with it. At first glance I didn't like the idea of Rosie getting cast, but I watched a few interviews with her on youtube and she actually has a pretty damn charming personality(and a super sexy English accent)... She also looks much better in the interviews than she does in the pictures I've seen. Just about anything would be an improvement over M.F. at this point. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Megan and I will admit to having done more than my fair share of drooling over her, but c'mon... a great actress she is not!

  7. Rosie Huntington-Whitely if she is the replacement is going to cause Transformers3 to bomb for sure. Sam falling in love with a girl like that all of a sudden.. yeah, it makes a lot of sense.
    Do Bay and Spielberg remember their Transformers1&2 movies characters and plot?
    Sam was deeply in love with Mikaela since he was a little kid and she never noticed him...
    You can't erase such a strong bond between characters like nothing and replace the key female character all of a sudden.
    And this girl being the replacement... she is the worst possible option anyone with a bit of intelligence could ever select for the role.

  8. If Sam suddenly falls in love with someone else with no explanation, let's just blame it on the black hole that's threatening the universe! It's effecting people's memories. And when we find the Omega Lock and the 4 cyberplanet keys, we should be in good shape.

  9. i think the movie will suck without megan fox she brings out the whole movie and action that u can understand

  10. i couldnt agree more with the anonymous that said megan backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!, and if this butt ugly skank named rosie whitely replaces her, i will scream noooooooooooooooo!! and go and punch anyone in the face that had anything to do with replacing megan fox including michael bay!! and probably beg speilberg to fire that dumbass. and i agree with the cool dude above me. and i couldnt agree more with the guy above joseph cagle, they really did have a strong bond and i agree with every word you said.

  11. OMGEEEEEEE!!! Did anyone get this bent out of shape when they replaced a continuing character with a different actress in THE DARK KNIGHT??? If this Rosie person is to be intoduced as a NEW character I can understand that and the director's desicion to do so (remember Crispin Glover and the situation with Back to the Future Part II?) However, even if she is hired to literally fill Mikaela Banes' shoes I STILL don't think anyone will really is business even in the land of make believe and movies and sometimes things don't always follow suit the way the fans wish them to be because WE don't make the movies, we pay $10.50 to go see them, WILLINGLY.


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