Monday, June 14, 2010

Shockwave Fan Concept Art

Now that we know that Shockwave is the big bad of Transformers 3, it makes you wonder exactly what he will look like. When the character was first created he had an alt mode of a Cybertronian laser gun that later changed to a Cybertronian tank in later cartoon series. Will he retain a tank mode for the movies despite Megatron already claiming that alt mode? Too early to know but the guys at Team Pandora Box created some sweet fan concept art last year for the character that might help you imagine the possibilities. Below is a little of their Shockwave, the rest can be found here.


  1. Looks an awful lot like Megatron from ROTF. Except for that one-eyed head!

  2. Yeah, sure.. fan concept arts popping up everytime a new movie is being filmed... call that viral marketing... No one would be wasting time on creating complex designs for free.

  3. Looks awful. If the name wasn't printed on the image you wouldn't even be able to tell it was Shockwave.

  4. Like one person said it does look sort of like Megatron from ROTF but at the same time I kind of like the design. He just needs to be a little bit more defined

  5. In the second photo, I believe Option 4 is the best and closest resemble the Shockwave we all know. I can't see why his alt mode can't resemble the original space gun Shockwave was. I think it could work.

  6. If and I say if because I'm just throwing this out there. MB could have worked the script so that Shockwave kills Megatron at some point (lots of death) and uses his parts to transform into the tank alt mode. That way Shockwave would be a much larger and ruthless villain, making the outcome of the planet being saved hopeless. Considering how close it came to destruction in the last movie with Megatron and the Fallen.

  7. I think that head option #4 is the best.

  8. Yeah, Shockwave Kills Old Megs, Grabs His
    Parts...Becomes A PURPLE Tank, TRIES To Rule...
    New Autobots Intervein And Just When They Think
    That It's All Over...Cybertron Turns Into...
    UNICRON And Dominates! But Little Does He Know
    Of Earth's TRUE Protector, For Our Moon Itself
    Is A Robot In Disguise...PRIMUS!!!
    (It May Slightly Veer Away From Previous Incarnations,
    But Since When Has Bay Ever Stuck To Facts!?!)
    And Besides...It Makes A REALLY Killer Ending!

  9. awsome badass design........but how does this look like megs? megatron was much more bulky and had fat legs and large feet in the 2nd movie...i can understand the hand design but the body option 2 is definitely the best one for me!

  10. Ok crazy. If earths moon leaves it's orbit, earth is done. Terrible idea there.

  11. Looks like a better version of Megatron. This should be Megatron!

  12. Martinus Prime6/14/2010 6:43 PM

    @Anon 6/14/2010 10:38 AM:
    That actually sounds good!

    All the concept art of the head is awesome!! But my option would be 1 or 4, cause he has to look angry.
    The first picture is obviously not possible if he´s a tank, where are his tankthreads?

  13. I also like more the head option 1 & 4. The 4 looks more like the original design, while 1 looks more adecuate for a "Main Villian" that its supposed to be (specially for the evil look and the mouth parts)

  14. I agree with Anonymous above (6/14/2010 @ 7:52 p.m.).

    Options 01 and 04 look the best. Option 04 definitely looks more like the G1 Shockwave, as it's simpler and less detailed (after all Shockwave's head essentially amounted to a hexagon-like shape, with an eye socket and two vertical head fins).

    Option 01, on the other hand, has much more complexity and fine detail associated with it, which looks good and works fine with most of the transformers, but which may be too much for Shockwave (who can almost be described as looking like a drone).

    As far as head design improvements for Option 04:
    1) Head fins could stand to be more vertical and a little larger.
    2) The socket around the eye could be widened out a little bit to capture more the horizontal/oblong hexagonal look from G1.

    As far as head design improvements for Option 01:
    1) The head fins could be a bit more vertical, instead of angled back.
    2) The eye socket could be a bit more pronounced, like in option 04, to reflect G1 Shockwave's more simple head design.
    3) The purple plating on the head could be simplified up a bit so as not to look so detailed and complex, again more in line with Option 4 and G1's Shockwave styling. The other head detailing could remain the same though.

    In terms of overall body structure, Shockwave's chest could stand to be made more bulky, pronounced, and projecting out. This is true for his G1 form, as well as his design for the upcoming War for Cybertron game.

    I think these concept designs look great and if they could just be integrated with a little of the refined simplicity embodied in the War for Cybertron design, Shockwave would look truly awesome and would be a force to be reckoned with.

  15. I thought that the gun that blows up Devs at the end of ROTF would be a great Shockwave when I watched it. And it would be great for Bay because it may give him some connection between films (otherwise that gun was out of the blue and pointless but to destroy Devs). This "cannon" mode could work with the Shockwave design in the first Transformers video game where he is a triple changer (robot, cannon, helicopter). Flipping awesome.

    I really dont want to see him being just another repaint toy with a different head and minor changes.

    And last time I checked Shockwave wasnt one to kill Megs. Hes the loyal number 2 man. If anything they are going to have cybertron in this one or a space bridge. If Bay is hiding Unicron id be impressed but i dont think so.

  16. man why you guys keep sayan option 4? if hes the main baddy hes got to look evil creepy...thats why option 2 is awsome....and dont say because option 4 looks like G1. i like GI to but hes got to look evil thats why option 2 the one in my opinion...

  17. Anonymous said...

    Ok crazy. If earths moon leaves it's orbit, earth is done. Terrible idea there.

    Not really. There wouldn't be any more tides, but all that would do is make some species die out (those who rely on tides to live their lives, and there aren't that many, really) and while it would surely make a huge impact on humans and animals alike, it would most definitely not be the end of all things. A loss for Earth's zoological diversity, yes. End of Earth? No.

  18. To annon...(6/14/2010 5:01 PM)
    Yeah Well, That's Kinda What I Meant!
    And He Also Said That This Is The Last,
    And COULD Be REBOOTED...But HIS Ending
    Will Be Amazing, Right? Sooo ARMEGEDDON!
    (Didn't He Make A Fim Called That, Which
    Had A Sappy Ending...Now Think OPPOSITE!
    OR Since There's That Space Race Being
    And ASTROTRAN Were All Shuttles! (Forget
    COSMOS, He Was Just A Hispanic
    (I Don't Know About You, But To See
    (Unless You Think That Primus Is Better?)

    Oh And Yeah, In PREVIOUS Installments,
    SHOCKWAVE IZ MEG's Main Bot...BUT BAY Said

    *BTW...This Is Baced On A Sci-Fi TOYLINE
    And Comics/Cartoons That Continued It...
    So You REALLY Have To Think Outside The Box!

  19. SelectiveRealism6/15/2010 7:53 PM

    Movieverse just loves the chicken legs

  20. I like options #4 and #6

    I don't like the others because they cover large portions of his eye, which i think is sorta-kinda symbolic of Shockwave

  21. well..considering shockwave is in cybertronian form..i think he should look like that..i like option 5..makes him look more scary..

  22. i agree with him. Shockwave isnt supposed to look evil just creepy and scary. like he's looking through your soul. dont cover the optics...thats what makes shockwave...Shockwave! I personally am tired of tanks...keep him as a space gun or a jet like vehicle like in WFC. My fave head is deff 5!

    good drawings btw. they are all still awesome. i wish i could do it like that.

  23. These are great! Nice work really dig the shockwave heads.

  24. i love transformers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. this looks absolutely amazing and i may not have been born in the era of the orriginal Shockwave but i can tell you he is my faveret and i must say this is fine work you have done here. everything from the Vehicle mode to the Robot mode screams Shockwave, not forgetting the fine detials you have made to keep it up to date with modern designs, very very big thumbs up. altho with all those head designs i suppose you could create new styled body's of shockwave to match each one. well done and please keep designing new mech's coz this one is fantastic


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