Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transformers 3 Heading to Detroit is reporting that Transformers returns to the Motor City once again in August. The franchise last visited Detroit, Michigan for the first Transformers film, primarily at Michigan Central Station. Filming will be for two to three weeks but no specifics on locations that production will be using. Detroit joins other locations Transformers 3 plans to visit including Washington, DC, Kennedy Space Center, Chicago and Milwaukee.


  1. Anybody who is skeptic about Transformers W.F.C. DON'T it is a very cool game, very well done the only thing that kinda sucks is the other voice overs since you have Cullen doing Optimus the other voices just seem not too fit well but that is the only draw back...long levels, lots of game play in robot or in alt mode and you can be different characters so far I could choose from (not all in the same level) Optimus,BB,Ratchet,WarPath,Ironhide, and Sideswipe and thats just the first three levels!

  2. Sounds Great...Too Bad Only Certain PPL
    Can Get EITHER: Shockwave, Jazz Or Demolisher?
    Hopefully They'll Be A Download For ALL 3 Soon!


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