Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Transformers: Generations Red Alert Gallery
Hit the link to get a look at the Classic 2.0 mold repainted to look like Red Alert. It is a repaint that has already been done about 4 times from that mold but I think most Generation One fans will be happy to see. The rather odd colored figured in the images is for Breakdown, a nod to the Generation 2 toy that was produced for Botcon 2010.

Voyager Banzaitron in Package
A front and back look at the figure in its packaging. The figure is simply a repaint of Bludgeon. Like many Transformers repaints, the color scheme strikes me as superior to the original release. I don't have a clue on when this figure will hit retail.

The Improbable Life of Stan Bush's The Touch
The song that just keeps going and seems to be the occasional go-to song when Hollywood wants to have a little fu. The classic use that made it a Transfan favorite is how it underscored one of the best Optimus Prime vs. Megatron fights of all time in Transformers: The Movie (below). From there it was used in Boogie Nights and a remix was used for a montage in last season’s Chuck (view at the link above). No telling where this classic will pop up next.

Power Core Combiners Huffer with Caliburst Video Review
A new review from Peaugh, this time for the Power Core Combiner 2-pack. This figure essentially is the torso piece for any combo of five piece combiners you may wish to create with other Power Core mini-cons. So far I mostly remain unimpressed by this line. Thanks to Sideswipe88 for the review.

Masterpiece Grimlock Release Date
Hasbro has updated its site to indicate "Masterpiece Grimlock will be available on shelves July 1st at Toys R Us. This collector item includes exclusive accessories and deco." If you don't have this figure, I do recommend it as pretty sweet toy. The retail price is around $59.99.

Transformers Collector's Club Dion Video Review
Another Peaugh review, this time of a repaint of Hotshot from the Robots in Disguise from 2000. I was never impressed with the toy and the new color scheme doesn't help but maybe you will feel differently. Thanks to Sideswipe88 for the link.

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  1. I hope "The Touch" appears in Transformers 3, no alterations would be nice. The original version is awesome and it would be great to have just a small part of the scene shown in the original film in the Live-action series.


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