Friday, June 18, 2010

Prime, Bumblebee, Ferrari on Set Images

TFW2005 member Cyclonus86 has posted three images from a Transformers set. I assume this occurred at or near Playa Vista in LA. The images show Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and the Ferrari 458 Italia vehicle that Bay revealed would be an Autobot in the movie.


  1. wonder if the ferrari is Hot Rod? if I'm looking at it right is looks like it's red. of course it's kind of far off shot so i could be wrong

  2. All I want to say is and I wonder if anyone else is tired by this but who here is hoping that we actually hear the autobots talking to one another while in vehicle mode...ya know that is not something crazy as they communicated this way many times in every toon reincarnation since G1.

  3. @Mike yeah i been hoping that they would include that in this movie. It would allow way more lines for the autobots like sideswipe, rachet, ironhide and etc. Or why else have voice actors for this characters if your only gonna hear 1 or 2 lines.

  4. @Mike

    The twins talked in Ice Cream truck mode

  5. Hugh Jackman Real Steel Boxing 2011
    Most Decepticons Talked In Vehicle Mode Too!
    (But They Communicated In Cybertronian Speak?)
    I Sooo Hope That's RODIMUS (They Can't Use The
    Name HOT-ROD Due To Trademark Issiues...No, Seriously!)
    It Would Also Be Great To See KUP And Wheeljack
    In There As Well...But 1-Can Always Have Hope!

  6. Some predictions for this film...

    A piece of the Matrix of Leadership (since it was destroyed with the Sun Harvester by Optimus Prime)
    will be found by Megatron, and he'll use it to bring the Fallen back to life.

    Optimus will defeat Megatron, Hot Rod will then defeat Shockwave, take the Matrix and become Rodimus Prime.

    Sam will discover a new interstellar object using a massive telescope at a Planetarium.

    Unicron will swallow Saturn and Jupiter as his grand entrance, since those are gas planets anyway... you know, it's easier.

    Optimus Prime + Rodimus Prime will merge with Sam and will defeat Unicron!

    In ROTF, The Fallen was badly beaten to death and perhaps he is reborn by this newly found ancient spark?
    the Fallen gets ressurected by his minion Megatron. Meanwhile the malevolent planet-eater,
    Unicron gets sucked through a black hole into another dimension. However, with Unicron basicly gone,
    the Fallen was not so fortunate, finding himself trapped in the ‘underspace’ between dimensions.”
    See, According to the Transformers Wiki The Fallen was a servant of Unicron, which (if acurate)
    implies that they need to have Unicron in the movie Universe somehow.
    Involving Unicron might give way to having Megatron as Galvatron, an unwilling servant of Unicron - as shown in Animated Film.

  7. wow what a story man....

  8. that is a brilliant story for 4 yr olds.....go with it man

  9. MIKE

    Jetfire yelled "INCOMING!" before he transformed in RotF

  10. Martinus Prime6/20/2010 9:29 AM

    @anon 6/19.2010 12:27 AM:
    That's the stupidest story I'v ever heard. You can't have both Optimus AND Rodimus Prime at the same time, how dumb is that!
    And The Fallen will never get ressurected, especially they already said that the dead stay dead.
    Megatron wants full leadership of the Decepticons, maybe Megatron gets killed by Optimus and Shockwave steps up.

    Awesome to see some photo's with the Ferrari on set!

  11. @Martinus Prime you're wrong the dead stay dead thing u said is wrong! don't you remember prime?????

  12. If Jolt is still in the movie, I would REALLY want to see him use his whips as a weapon (and maybe even speak)

  13. @Martinus Prime...
    Yes, The Story Above Is VERY Strange...BUT,
    In The Animated Series (S3/S4-Final Eps.)
    The Autobots Get A Virus That Makes Them Evil!
    Bumblebee Becomes Goldbug...WTF?
    And Prime Is Ressurected By A Quentession.
    He Fights Rodimus For The Matrix Of Leadership,
    So That He Can Restore Everyone To Normal.
    Strange Part Is That Even With The Matrix Inside
    Of Rodimus, Optimus STILL Over-Powers
    Don't Remember What Became Of Optimus Between
    THAT And Headmasters/Masterforce/Victory?
    Your TF-Guru On-The-Go...Jygorn!

  14. ^ I think you're gay.

  15. Shhhh...That WAS A Secret Just Between Us 2! ;-D

  16. These pictures are from long beach,ca The old former 717 production plant across the street from the Long Beach airport i saw yellow signs that read E3 on them.

  17. All the fans are going to be really upset if it turns out not to be Rodimus (or Hot-Rod whatever he will be called) :)

  18. Martinus Prime6/21/2010 4:43 PM

    @sideswpie88: I'm not wrong, didn't you read the news the last few weeks???

    @anon 6/20/2010 11:57 PM: Maybe that'll be the place where they seek Silverbolt and/or the other Aerialbots! Would make sense.

  19. Not only the autobots, but everyone on Earth were affected by the Hatespores, so they did hunt down Primes body and brought him back to life and once he stopped the spores, he resumed leadership and Rodimus went back to Hot-Rod (no longer being powered by the matrix). But the whole dead being dead line applies to part 3 and on. Mike Bay doesn't want anyone reviving or picking up where he leaves off with TF3.


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