Friday, June 25, 2010

War for Cybertron Reviews and Accolades Trailer

Transformers: War for Cybertron has been out for a few days now and most of the reviews are in. Overall, the average score is more or less a B with an average numerical score of 80. Activision has out together an "Accolades" trailer (below) to highlight some of the positive reviews for the game. Below are few of the reviews with a few sentences grabbed from each that summarizes the site's view on the game. (B+)
A couple of cool set pieces, cut-scenes, and well produced dialog between the characters help (Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime), but it's the art and character models that do an admirable job of masking the repetitive level design. But even if the levels themselves are generic, there are a host of features in place to save the game from spiraling into mediocrity. ...the multiplayer aspects also add a lot of value to this package. War for Cybertron is an entertaining game that's just as enjoyable as it is playable. (4/5 stars)
Finally, we're given a game that taps in to the true potential of the Transformers. The real challenge, and the real achievement of War for Cybertron, is in the feel of it. The allure of the Transformers is right there in the name, and High Moon nails it, providing environments and challenges that hint they might be more fun if you were a car/plane/truck, but with enough subtlety that you still get a thrill from thinking of it. Transformers: War for Cybertron is a crystal clear, easy-to-follow example of how to do a licensed game.

GamePro (4/5 stars)
The missions offer a solid mix of objectives, many of which showcase the varying abilities of the Transformers. Both the ability to transform and the lack of a cover mechanic end up as the defining features of the multiplayer mode, where battles often devolve into wild brawls. On the whole, War for Cybertron is a solid, in-your-face shooter that goes out of its way to appeal to longtime fans of the franchise. It's basically a day one purchase for those who cried when Optimus Prime died, and a good summer release for everyone else, as it offers something different from the average shooter, and it's chock-full of giant robots.

IGN (9/10)
High Moon has taken a fun, fast, third person shooter foundation, crafted a well thought out transformation mechanic on top of it, and designed combat situations around that. The end result is a shooter that has an identity all its own, and leverages its license to make something very cool for fans and newcomers alike. ...while the story occasionally stumbles, High Moon's love and attention to detail with regards to G1 Transformers remains vitally palpable throughout. The framerate can take a hit at a few points, and some boss battles occasionally devolve into exercises in avoiding instant or near-instant death to shoot the red flashy thing. This is a surprise, dark horse contender for best way to spend your time online this summer. (7.7/10)


  1. These ratings are NO JOKE, this game is that fun & good!!!

  2. the game is amazing!!!
    i just hope they bring out some DLC for it :D!

  3. The title WAR suggests the real thing...
    So we got ourselves one hectic of a fight between Autobots and Decepticons... and I actually raise my hand because I couldn't keep up or understand the gameplay... >.<

    But it's probably just me, and the graphic is astounding, as well as the cast of characters...

    Fans should really buy this one...

  4. Woah I didn't know this game could be SOOO good!!! I change my mind, I'm buying it!!XD

  5. I bought/played it. Its awesome. I like the films, but I hope when Bay is done some day Hasbro will get some one else to reboot the film franchise with the story and character designs from this game. They are better than the current films and it feels like G1 Transformers.

  6. even the wii version is fun


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