Friday, July 02, 2010

Transformers 3 Chicago Skydiving Stunt Info

Lake Shore East ParkLocal businesses in Chicago received letters detailing how the upcoming Transformers 3 shoot will affect their businesses and the area that also revealed that there would be a skydiving stunt. A condo association letter informs us that the landing area is Lake Shore East Park near North Columbus Drive with the dive and shoot currently scheduled for July 11th from 7am to 10am (or July 10th if weather becomes a problem). So if you are in the area around that time, look to the sky. Thanks to Rob for the letter.
DW Studios Productions is proposing to film scenes in the New East Side area for the upcoming motion picture "Transformers 3". One of the scenes will involve stuntmen skydiving from helicopters and deploying parachutes at low altitudes while being filmed from a second helicopter. Currently, the studio is proposing to film this activity the morning of Sunday, July 11th from 7:00am-10:00am. Due to the nature of this activity, both vehicles and pedestrians underneath the path of the skydivers will be restricted for safety. It is likely that during the filming, vehicles will be stopped outside the filming area and pedestrians around the filming area will be asked to wait inside area buildings that offer protection. During the filming the Chicago Police Department will be onsite to perform this control of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

All three levels of Wacker, plus Middle and Lower Columbus will not be affected. All Randolph traffic from Michigan to Upper and Middle Columbus will be subject to temporary closure for a maximum of 15 minutes during several jumps. Traffic along the parks rim roads will also be subject to temporary closures.

In the event of inclement weather, the studio may request to accomplish the filming on Saturday, July 10th.

The Lake Shore East Park is the proposed landing zone for the skydivers. Areas of the park and the surrounding streets and sidewalk will be subject to intermittent closures during the actual jumps.

The following streets will be subject to temporary closure for all pedestrians and vehicles on July 10th or 11th (7am-10am)
-Randolph St. from Michigan Avenue to N. Field Blvd.
-Beaubien Ct. from Randolph to Lake Street
-Stetson Ave. from Randolph to Lake Street
-Columbus Drive from Randolph St. to E. South Water Street
-Park rim roads (N. Field, Park Dr, E. South Water, N. Westshore, and E.
Benton Pl).

An additional full closure of LaSalle street between Jackson and Randolph will be in effect this day.


  1. Diving into battle, following the Prime...

  2. Shia and John Turturro will be plummeting out of the sky towards Chicago sitting side-by-side in Bumblebee with "Ride of the Valkyries" playing in the background... and Shia will tell Turturro: "I've always loved you"

  3. WHERE IS SHIA???????????????


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