Friday, July 23, 2010

Transformers: Prime and Hasbro Panels at SDCC

The San Diego Comic-Con kicked off its first full day today and Transformers held two of its official panels. One was to show off its toy plans and talk War for Cybertron and the other was to finally give a peak into their plans and designs for the new Transformers: Prime CGI cartoon. As the image on the left shows (more images here), Hasbro isn't pulling any punches in promoting the Hub network and the new cartoon.

The Hasbro panel didn't really cover any new ground, choosing to discuss War for Cybertron, the upcoming DLC and talking about the next wave of Transformers toys with the Hunt for Decepticons, Power Core Combiners and Generations lines whose information has already been released over the last several months. A summary can be found here. The slideshow of toy images from the panel can be found here. A gallery of Transformers toys on display at the con can be found here and here.

The Transformers: Prime panels were probably the more interesting of the two with the participation of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Peter Cullen. Below are two videos, one shows off a brief video of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker at work and the second video is the test scene that gives you an idea of the CGI being developed for the series. The main reveals is the series is based on a 350 page lore book that Hasbro has. It’s not entirely clear but I got the impression from reading various summaries that the series is set in the War for Cybertron continuity and events are inspired by the movies but not exactly taking place during or after the movies. The basic idea is Transformers are in disguise on Earth more or less in the present day, ready in case the Decepticons attack. There is a human cast, but none related to the movies. The summary of the panel and a gallery of images that show off the Transformers and human cast can be found here.

If test scene doesn't appear, click here to view.


  1. the idiot fan7/23/2010 1:35 AM

    man i realy hate the fans at tformers they realy hate the movie franchise its called change get over it anyone see this?!

  2. looks bad ass cant wait for fall

  3. I LOVE Bumblebee's new look! So cute!

  4. Optimus's abdomen looks like the underside of a cockroach.

  5. so call fans please move on already OMFG!!! im a g1 fan too but i like almost all transformers genereations and i love the movies i cant wait for this and cant wait for transformers 3 and if you dont like it dont watch it...cry babys !!!!!

  6. Martinus Prime7/23/2010 3:52 PM

    The new Prime cartoon footage looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it!!

  7. I must admit, other than the head i almost collapsed due to sheer awesomeness on how cool Megatron looks. I need better pics of the head to be sure but it looks Samuri style. Anyway the Test scene looks good. Maybe a bit more realistic CGI on the Decepticons but other than that simply great almost as iconic in its style as Beast wars.

    Prime on the otherhand looks like a complete failure to me because of porportions. His arms look too bulky while his chest and torso is thin. Maybe thats just because its the real thing and not CGI but i dont want another bulky toy with limited movement.

  8. hey scopio what happened to your TF3 adaptaion i wasnt finished reading it yet! lol! but no realy what happened??


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