Thursday, July 22, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Official Behind the Scenes Video and More

Nelson has posted the promised video that go along with his set photos and report. The video shows Bay and cast shooting a scene and later interacting with the crowd while. Thanks to Teddy for the link.

As for the picture to the left, that comes from's karellan. I believe it is same blue Transformer doohickey from the Hotel 71/Trump Tower video from the other day. Usually when this kind of object is built, it means that a cast member physically interacts with it in some way (touches it, sits on it, whatever). The solid blue color is so that ILM can insert the CGI Transformers piece in its place during post-production. Basically you are looking at the foot, half foot, something of a Transformer for the movie. The site theorizes it might be part of a combiner but there is so little context it is anyone's guess.

Last are even more videos from Wacker Street this weekend. The first video from is yet another angle, this time from high in the air, on the Bumblebee at the intersection scene with half that soldiers continuing to fire because couldn't hear the cut. After that we have videos from TFW2005's sannman. Six videos total (embeds and links below) they seem to show a below street level angle of the same scenes but incorporates a little bit of tank footage from before the intersection scene (at least guessing by the sounds and explosion) and shows that the firefight isn't just from the ground but soldiers in office building windows (that look a lot like the office tilting prop).

Wacker Drive I | Striker Unit I | Firefight | Police Escort


  1. This is really getting me pumped up for TF3.

  2. You guys may not think this, but What do you think of 2 combiners tearing up the city? one autobot and decepticon, beating the living hell out of each other, While the rest of the bots are going at it. With this much destruction.

    "Bay said something very bad has happned to America"

    To me I think that final 30 mins of the film is just full on again. No stopping.

  3. i hope omegea supreme is going to be tf3

  4. That's a transformer's foot you tools ...its not omega supreme or whoever else

  5. I think it looks like the leg of optimus prime, transformed when his wheels lock into place. I can't tell which side is the foot or hip, but maybe. Does he get torn apart?

  6. booked my room for the 71

  7. are they still going till film some scenes in Moscow Russia? I'm just wondering cause I'm going to adore see the mother land in TF3.

  8. I also thought this could be the leg of optimus Prime. To me it looks like his Femor. also remember they have updated the look of prime. They have verifid that.

    Also Just goofing here. Here is a link to Carly, Spike and Shockwave, G1 appearance togeather. The when the dinobots take off and i forgot what. But The Decepticons and autobots are hurting for energon. And in the past 2 movies both have been in need of it badly.

    Possiable Plot?

  9. Man I fucking hate how the soldiers can take on transformers easily, in the first film they needed 40mm and air support like all the time, in rotf the soldiers were just way to comfortable like they were just fighting another army and they were just using bullets .I seriously hope they dont make it so the decepticons are such pussies like last time, getting owned by regular tanks. And i know some noob is going to reply saying they werent weak, but terminators would never get owned by soldiers that,

  10. @"Anonymous 7/23/2010 6:25 AM"--On the first movie they didn't figure out that Transformers metal armor got broken at very high temperature.. it's explained during the movie and at Mission City soldiers were able to fight back although helped by Autobots all the time.
    On the second movie NEST was equipped with new weapons to kill Decepticons.

  11. Actually on the first movie they figured that out, how to kill Decepticons, but their weapons were not effective enough. NEST instead was equipped with proper weapons.

  12. Well, my guessing-attempt on this Blue part is, that it might be Prime's Foot, when he's combined with his trailer.

  13. Martinus Prime7/23/2010 4:31 PM

    I'm with you Ranger565! I'm also guessing and hoping there are 2 combiners bringing carnage!!!
    I'm hoping Superion vs Menasor!!!
    After ROTF, Bay can't let us down with no combiner, he has to bring at least 1, but better 2.
    I don't think it's Shockwave's work to tilt the building, it's the wrecking power of a combiner.

    Man, I cant't wait for the film and also getting pumped up!!!
    When do you guys think we will get to see the first (teaser)trailer, Superbowl again?

  14. michael bay was here!!7/23/2010 6:53 PM

    oh guys filming update! man you guys saw the oil spill. man now that will make a very serious TF scene! it has the emotion, sadness the poor basterd poeple, which falled victom to some decepticons ill get shia and were going to LA!!!


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