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Alan Tudyk's Character Revealed

Back in May it was leaked that Alan Tudyk had joined the cast of Transformers 3. At the time that was all that was revealed. Now the Firefly actor tells Mira S. Sharma's From Hollywood with Love a few details on the role.
When I asked Tudyk about the character he plays in Michael Bay’s ultra secret film, Transformers 3, the actor confidently replied, “John Turturro’s character, who has been in the other two movies, Agent Simmons. I’m a fellow agent of his that is sort of his assistant and weapons expert, computer hacker, cyber sleuth.”
I don't know if this means Sector 7 has returned but this not only definitively verifies he is in the movie but has a human role. As Chicago is apparently the main location of the film's finale, does it mean anything that neither actor has been spotted in the city?


  1. "...does it mean anything that neither actor has been spotted in the city?" Does anyone think that those actors were killed off? I don't see another possibility other than that. I mean, Lennox and this other guy would be at the finale.

  2. Although Michael Bay told the press that Chicago would be the finale I really don't think that he told the truth. Too many main actors and characters missing on set there in Chicago.. no John Turturro/Agent Simmons, no Ramon Rodriguez/Leo Spitz,no John Malkovich... it's really suspect. All those characters would have been killed then? Or their scenes would be in other places and briefly showing them during the finale like on the first Transformers movie while the battle was moving towards Mission City?
    Either that scheme being repeated and it would be quite lazy for Bay and Spielberg to do exactly the same thing they did on the first movie for the final battle.... OR Bay and the whole production team keep spreading misinformation and so the battle in Chicago might be just the ending of the first half of the movie.. which could be a two-acts one like the second movie was..... or anyway even if it's going to be a classic three-acts movie the middle one might be actually split into two actually causing the movie to be like a four-acts one.. (and the runtime should be way longer to allow such a thing.. 165minutes+ like Avatar at least)... ?

  3. The production team has hinted that this film will be darker and have significant death so it's possible that the characters played by Turturro, Malkovich and Tudyk have been killed off by the films finale. It's also possible that the Simmon's character will have a smaller role than in the 1st two films and that the roles played by Malkovich and Tudyk are smaller roles and don't figure into the films finale. Bay has said that the heros are on their own during the Chicago battle ala Black Hawk Down.
    Based on the amount of time the production is spending on the Chicago action sequence, the number of human and robot characters involved I believe Bay when he says this sequence comes at the films end.
    Bay has said there are "big action sequences" in Chicago, DC and Moscow but I can't imagine they will be of this scope given the fact that the initial plan was to film in DC for 2 weeks and I doubt they could stage a huge amount of pyrotechnic work in Moscow, especially if they're filming at the Kremlin. I expect mostly character stuff to happen in those locations with a small amount of action filming. I also expect that the Detroit footage will stand in for DC as it stood in for LA in the first movie.

  4. He's Agent Coulson, Agent Coulson's brother who went into Sector 7 instead of SHIELD.

  5. Martinus Prime8/04/2010 3:16 PM

    I agree with you Ray, Bay also didn't say Chicago is the finale but at/near the end of the movie, but given the big ff-ing carnage in Chicago it must be the finale.
    For now all what we can do is speculate, wich is nice.
    But with all the misinformation Bay gives, we'll have to wait till the movie comes out.
    Ironhide was in Chicago, so he probably doesn't die in the beginning pf the movie, that is if he dies at, what we fans don't hope for.

    Only 6 months for the Superbowl!!

  6. It has to be the biggest battle scene of the movie, that's for sure. But the finale could be something like the ultimate showdown between Optimus and Megatron, and this could be taking place somewhere else. If it's one thing I believe to be misinformation by Bay, it's the fact that Shockwave is the main villain. No doubt he's gonna be in it. But main villain? No way.

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  8. To above, added your name to the blog credit. Got to admit first time ever seen anyone insist on their name being posted along with their blog name (which I had spelled correctly if had done more then paste a form letter) as it is the linking to the website that gives you hits and attention, not a random name posted here and there. Congrats on the scoop btw.

    To any site admins, just note that I do not want any credits to my blog to be "Robert's Live Action" blah blah. Just a link back to this blog is enough for me.

  9. Now that thats out of the way, back to the serious business. I really do beleive Bay when he said that this is more or less the climax of the movie, because, as was stated back during filming of the 2nd movie, he wouldn't try to missinform the large, mainstream media. He went on the local news here in Chicago, (NBC anyway) and said that this is the climax of the movie. I know he does the missinformation campaign, but to blatently lie to a major media source would just be stupid.

    To the comments about Simmons and Leo not being in the scenes currently being shot... Keep in mind after the Devestator part in TFROTF(L) Simmons wasn't to be seen, and Leo shortly before that. And the same goes for the first movie where Simmons (as well as Maggie, SecDef, and computer geek) weren't anywhere to be seen in the final battle. Sure, in chronological order of the film they still appeared, but in filming terms they were not on the set the whole time that climactic battle was being filmed.

    Disclaimer: I'm a little drunk at the moment, so I hope that made sense. It does to me.


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