Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Transformers 3 Not Returning to Milwaukee

The Journal Sentinel is reporting that due to schedule changes, Transformers 3 production is not returning to Milwaukee as initially planned to film at the Tower Automotive plant.
Under the new plan, the big budget sci-fi film "Transformers 3" will not return to Milwaukee, according to Visit Milwaukee spokesman Dave Fantle.
According to a location scout for the film, changes in the film's "production schedule have made returning to Milwaukee for this scene impractical."

Last month, a crew of about 150 filmed dialogue scenes at the Milwaukee Art Museum with several of the movie's principal actors. Filming at the old Tower Automotive plant on the city's north side was scheduled to take place this month after principal photography in Chicago was completed.

The Tower scenes were supposed to involve a small amount of pyrotechnics, but no damage.
It sounds like production was able to find a location in Detroit (I believe the next stop) for whatever purpose they had intended to use the Tower location for. Thanks to Winston for the link.

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