Thursday, August 05, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Transformers linkfest time. Hit the link to get caught up on latest toys news this time a sneak look at the next Masterpiece toy, next years Transformers waves with lots of G1 love, yet more Masterpiece stuff and new video review.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Prototype Pics
Hit the link for images of the next Masterpiece Transformers toy from Takara. This one is for Rodimus Prime and like the ones before is inspired by the G1 toy in both look and design but with a more complex Transformation sequence and details.

Transformers MMORPG Approved
A Transformers massively-multiplayer online game has been approved by Hasbro for non-US, European and "West" markets. For whatever reason, the game is currently planned only for "China, Asia, Russia, Middle East and North Africa". The game license has only been approved; there is no screenshots, artwork, script or really anything about the game in existence except the idea of creating it. Since MMORPG's can be very expensive to get off the ground (and so many often fail to ever launch), I wouldn't expect a real game, if ever, to exist for at least a year to two from now.

Hi-Res Predaking Gallery
Hit the link for more images of the re-reissue of Predaking for Japan. Still no news if this will make a stateside appearance.

Cybertron Con 2011 Toys
Hasbro revealed the next way of Transformers toys at the Cybertron Convention held last week in China. At the link are images of many of the Spring 2011 shown during the slide presentation that show that Hasbro is planning more G1 love with the Generations line. These include Generations Scourge, Jazz, Perceptor (with truck alt mode), Tracks, Thunderwing, and Grapple. Also Legends line will get G1 Gold Bumblebee, Megatron (with gun alt mode), Prime, and Starscream. Power Core will get more 5-packs, this time a Dinobot combiner with Grimlock as the core piece (and thus only one with a robot mode). It also seems that for the movie related portion of the Transformers line, once Hunt for the Decepticons has run its course the new sub-line will become "Reveal the Shield".

Takara-Tomy Museum Gallery
I don't know the details but apparently a Takara-Tomy Museum was opened that shows off much of the toys produced by the company over the years including many of the Transformers they have produced over the last 26 years.

iGear Mini-Masterpiece Thrust
Hit the link for more images of the mini-version of the Masterpiece Starscream mold modified to represent the "conehead" seekers. As a 3rd party product, each Deluxe sized figure will probably cost a lot but so far the results are looking great. Click here to also get a look at mini-MP Ramjet.

Axor, Electrostatic Jolt, and Terradive
Hit the link to look at these deluxe toys. No idea when hitting stores but all three are repaints. All three are repaints of existing toys.

Voyager Highbrow and Fallen Gallery
At this link is images of an actual new mold and of course the required repainted. Highbrow's alt mode is derived from a World War II bomber. The Fallen has a new gimmick that allows the removal of a facemask to show it after Prime had ripped it off in the movie. He also gets a spear similar to one seen in the opening sequence of ROTF. The blue and purple color scheme confounds me though.

Masterpiece Ghost Starscream
The fifth (?) release of the MP Starscream mold from Takara, this one uses the clear plastic look that results in a pretty sweet toy that is also quite expensive (around $125). As my frequent linking shows, I have nothing but high praise for the Masterpiece line and wish it was more popular stateside to encourage its growth (and maybe cut down on the constant repaints of the same mold). Over-all this seems like a sweet addition to the line but if you already have one of the MP Seekers I see little reason to buy this one unless just really like the look. The video review is made by the same company selling it so "review" is probably incorrect as its more of a sales presentation but useful if sitting on the fence about buying. I have purchased TF toys frequently from TFSource in the past and highly recommend them as their packaging method is the best of the bunch resulting in items arriving in excellent condition.

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