Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hardcore Eddie, $50k Bounty, Concept Art and Hostages (Updated)

I guess I could have broken this up into four or five posts but figured better to hit all the bullet points at once for this interesting day in the world of Transformers. The news covers an interview with Lester Speight, new concept art, a reward from Michael Bay and Discovery Communications held hostage.

Michael Bay once again is prepared to take out his checkbook for a cause, in this case in bringing someone to justice for animal cruelty. From his website.
There is a disturbing video going around the news outlets. It's a video of blonde young woman in a red sweatshirt casually tossing squealing puppies into the fast-moving river one by one.

Michael Bay has informed me that he is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the woman in the red sweatshirt and the person who shot this act of cruelty.

If you have any information, please e-mail me at
The video is disturbing enough that the folks over at 4chan are on the case. As it turns out, the 4chan threat might have lead Bosnian Katja Puschnik to post a video (pulled by YouTube) apologizing for her actions. She wrote:
"My name is Katja Puschnik and I would like to apologize [sic] for my behavior. The puppies belong to my grandma and she told me to get rid of them because they were only 3 days and they were ill. They had parasites from their mother. I didn't knew [sic] exactly what to do so I thrown [sic] them in the river because it was a short death. I did not want to make them suffer. I am really sorry for this:("
Local police are apparently investigating this but it has not been verified if this confession is real or not.

In an interview with actor Lester Speight talks TF3 and his career. Below is the Transformers 3 part of the interview and his role of Hardcore Eddie.
MG: Tell us about your role in the upcoming “Transformers 3″?
LS: I am not sure if you know but “Transformers 3″ has just eclipsed “Titanic” as the largest budgeted film ever. $400 million (incorrect, see below) and still going north! We are totally taking over downtown Chicago. The city is buzzing and it is crazy around here. I play Hardcore Eddie. Tyrese’s character Robert Epps calls me in. I was in a war with his father. I always told his dad I would look out for him and watch his back. I am doing all the heavy shooting, rocket launchers and kicking ass. Hardcore Eddie is old school soldier who has seen it all and done it all. I am just kicking ass and blowing up shit. Michael (Bay) just created such a great character.
No idea if the $400 million budget figure is true but I think it is likely way too high. It will likely be a while before find out for sure. If true, I take it as great news as Bay is such a budget hawk that the more he has to spend, the more screen time of Transformers in robot mode we are likely to get. (link via TFW2005)

Update: That was quick. Bay has already emphatically shot down the budget figure. Apparently making sure this false figure doesn't spread was important enough to post after a 4 month hiatus.

"Leister is moron. He has no clue about much, other then to try to get internet hype. He's been on the movie a total of 10 days the guys is just letting his ass talk. Movie is $ just above Revenge. He knows not to talk about this movie!" That would put the budget in the expected $200 million range. Lester might want to be careful. A little editing ninjutsu and he will wind up on the cutting room floor.

The Ultimate Transformers Blog has posted this art from Josh Nizzi (from his website I guess) that shows a concept of Optimus Prime combining with his trailer. I have a feeling this is Transformers 2 art but still cool looking idea, especially with the electric axe. Thanks to Scorpio for the link.

In the last bit of news, Discovery Communications Headquarters (part owners of The Hub channel) was the site of a hostage situation this afternoon. The suspect, James Lee, was shot and killed after appearing to be prepared to shoot a hostage that moved. He was the only one killed during the incident. Apparently the man was mentally disturbed and had a website that demanded Discovery Channel "stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants." Congrats to the Montgomery County PD in Maryland for successfully rescuing the hostages.


  1. That art of Optimus combining is supposed to be of Optimus and Jetfire combined, I am pretty sure. It has been on his site since TF2 came out. But yeah, still cool nonetheless. Can't wait to see what they are going to do with his trailer in the new movie.

  2. It seems it is under the catagory for Transformers ROTF, i apologize for stating it is from Transformers 3. Just the title on the concept art leads me to believe at some stage Prime was set to combine with his trailer in TF2, with the trailer concept being replaced with Jetfire.

  3. Cool to see that MBay has a heart, that he would give out a reward to find a woman who tosses infants into a river.

    About the Leister thing, well...

  4. thats rotf concept art tf3

  5. I`ve updated my website with an extra peice of concept imagery from TF:ROTF. Although it is from ROTF it still shows another variation of how Prime was planned to combine with a Trailer instead of Jetfire.

  6. Michael loves animals and will do anything he can to help them. It's one of the many reasons why we love him so much!


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