Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Transformers 3 Final Day in Chicago Details

It turns out that Transformers 3 just cannot quit the city of Chicago as production is returning tomorrow to film at Millennium Park, Wacker Drive, and Midway Plainsance with ground and rooftop pyrotechnics. Sadly, this is the last schedule day for production in Chicago. Maybe.
6AM – 11AM
Brief limited use of pyrotechnics under the supervision of the Chicago Fire and Police Department.

7PM – 9PM
A helicopter will be flying at high elevations above the main branch of the Chicago River. Brief rooftop pyrotechnics will be used at various high-rise buildings along Wacker Drive.

Intermittent street closures of the Midway Plaisance between Woodlawn and Dorchester with brief limited use of pyrotechnics.

This is the last scheduled day of filming for Transformers 3 in Chicago.
The Lakeshore East filming around the park has been confirmed thanks to Rob who spotted them setting up this afternoon.

So the City of Chicago posted the above indicating that tomorrow is it for TF3 there. However a letter sent out by The University of Chicago suggests that filming could continue through Saturday. It also revealed the purpose behind the Midway Plainsance shoot as "intended to use the Midway as the backdrop for an action sequence set on the National Mall in Washington, DC." The National Park Service has vetoed any action sequences from being filmed at the National Mall so I guess this is part of Bay's solution to that problem. Thanks to Dane S. for the info.
City enacts Midway parking and traffic restrictions for "Transformers 3" filming

To accommodate the filming of action scenes for the movie "Transformers 3," the city will ban regular parking on some streets around the Midway from Wednesday,
Sept. 1, through Saturday, Sept. 4.

The main parking ban will affect 60th Street between Woodlawn Ave. and Dorchester Ave., where there will be no parking for vehicles without movie permits from Sept. 1 through Sept. 4. For the entire day of Thursday, Sept. 2, the parking restriction in that area will expand to cover 59th St., both sides of the Midway Plaisance, and small portions of nearby streets. A map of the ban for Sept. 2 can be found here (

In addition, 60th St. will be entirely closed to traffic at times when filming is scheduled, starting at 4 p.m. Thursday and continuing to at least 3 a.m. on Friday. Other nearby streets will be closed to traffic intermittently that evening as needed to accommodate filming. The sidewalks on the south side of the Midway and on the affected portion of 60th St. also will be closed to most pedestrians that evening. Officers with the Chicago Police Department and the University of Chicago Police Department will be in the area to direct traffic and assist local residents.

Movie representatives say the filming will include pyrotechnics and simulated gunfire, so residents and University personnel should expect excess noise on Thursday night. The filming, which was approved through the city, is intended to use the Midway as the backdrop for an action sequence set on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Car owners are advised to move their vehicles well in advance of the parking restrictions. People whose cars are relocated because of the parking ban may call 773-xxx-xxxx for more information.

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Sr. Client Services Manager
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  1. did not know if you knew this but an extra was seriously injured on set in Hammon, IN today....they don't know a whole bunch yet about the condition of the person - but an extra reported that it was a pretty bad accident. here is an article -


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