Saturday, October 30, 2010

Transformers 3 Still Filming (Updated)

A series of tweets, along with picture, from Tyrese Gibson indicates that Transformers 3 may still be filming in LA.
Back on the set of Transformers 3.!! Good to be back in LA I wrestled and had a pillow fight with my little girl last night!! Fun times !
Follow-up from October 28th seem to indicate that not only are they still filming but they allowed honor students from three local high schools to visit the set.TF hat tip to the lucky students.
Today is a BIGDAY. I arranged for 15 kids frm 3 High Schools in my town South Central Locke, Crenshaw & Compton! 2 visit our #TF3 set!!

A total of 45 kids to visit the set of Transformers 3! I'm gonna blow them away.,, And I'm gonna share everything I know with them.

Locke High School, Crenshaw & Compton High I will see you all in 1 hour on thd set of Tranformers 3! Ur 3.5+ GPA's earned you this today!!
Update: The Mail Online has posted images from the Los Angeles set of Shia LaBeouf filming a scene in front of a blue screen. I am guessing it is for close-up work that will be combined with the footage filmed at the Chicago parking deck with Shia's stunt double. Patrick Dempsey was also there but his casual attire indicates to me that he was just visiting. (via AllSpark)


  1. I hope there will be a series of bayhem in LA.

  2. Man i fucking hope Ratchet and Ironhide get at least one kill of a named decepticon this time.
    Even frigging bumblebee has killed 3 named characters, Optimus has killed 4 (should be more) Even jetfire and sideswipe have kills. But Ratchet and Ironhide dont even have 1 kill between the two of them.

    (I know some retard is gonna say they killed a protoform of screen)1. they didnt, 2. STFU, 3. if you STFU maybe theyll get a kill 4. you really want these movies to suck dont you? 5. Ratchet had better have more lines then skids, mudflap, einstien bot, nascars.

    Hopefully Ratchet, Ironhide and Sideswipe wont get pushed further into the background. They are genuinly good characters unlike Bumblebee who you know is never gonna die, who they give super powers to take out decepticons like fucking Brawl and who has had so much screen time even though he cant even speak.

  3. Wasn't production supposed to wrap at the end of October?
    If they're filming in LA now I wonder when the international filming will take place? I guess it could have happened right after they wrapped in DC or could be going on now as 2nd unit filming with the AD running things since Bay was spotted on set in LA.

  4. I think Sideswipe will not be pushed to the back because in a lot of filming you see him going round with Bumblebee and the Ferrari, also Ratchet was with them in Chicago so he should get some time too. Not sure about Ironhide though, but atleast we get less Skidz and Mudflap though Bay said they're practically gone.

  5. From the footage mostly online the autobots will be these:

    Optimus Prime
    Sideswipe + Red ferrari
    The Benz
    3 Wreckers (who are perhaps not t-formers).

    I think Ironhide will do something cool.

    Hope so. Someone has to make up for the daftness that is called ditchin Mikaela Banes.

  6. Megan was a bitch and couldn't act, getting Rosie will atleast eliminate one of those problems. Also, isn't there meant to be some kind of sub-plot with Optimus, Ironhide and Lennox, hopefully that will mean something cool for Ironhide.

  7. Hey you,
    there is a difference between changing an actress or a character. Get it?

    Megan looks way better then Rosie imo.
    Plus her acting wasn't worse or better then Shia or any of the soldiers.


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