Thursday, December 23, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Custimized Masterforce Overlord Transformer
One of the things I love about Transformers is how some fans can take a base figure (or two) and really just go to town creating wonderful new Transformers. At the link are a few images of such an effort. Using Armada Tidal Wave, ROTF Jetfire, and ROTF Bludgeon, procustimizer Sabrina created Masterforce Overlord (from Japan TF series) that is the combination of Giga and Mega.

Transformers: Prime Heads to Europe
Hasbro has reached an agreement with Turner Broadcasting to air Transformers: Prime in the UK, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Middle East. The show will start airing in summer 2011 on a combination of their "kid" network depending on what is available in each country.

Sumalee Montano (TF: Prime's Arcee) Interview
TFW2005's Black Oracle posted this interview with the lovely Sumalee Montano who voices Arcee in Transformers: Prime. It provides a little bit of background on the actress, becoming familiar with Transformers, Arcee, and meeting Susan Blu (original voice of Arcee).

Transformers: Prime 2/11 Trailer
New trailer for the return of Transformers: Prime in February.

UK Dark of the Moon Facebook Page Now Up
Paramount Pictures UK has launched their official Facebook page for Transformers 3 while the old ROTF page is remains the stateside face of the movie until something else gets going. According to TFW2005, the UK side did a great job taking advantage of Facebook by posting making of videos, posters, and running various competitions.

Transformers: Generations Wave 3
The next wave of Generations toys will be hitting next year and an update from Entertainment Earth reveals that Wheeljack and Thundercracker is joining the line. Based on the image, it appears that Wheeljack is a new mold that takes full advantage of his classic Generation One look from the 80s while Thundercracker will be the usual beautiful blue repaint of the classic Starscream mold.

FansProject TFX-04 Rodimus Prime Upgrade Set Review
A peaugh review of the custom cab now for sale for classics Rot Rod. The cab and accessories essentially "transform" the figure into Rodimus Prime with the trailer gun and attachments. The result is pretty sweet overall but debatable if worth spending $90 to upgrade a then $10 toy.

FansProject TFX-05 Sidearm (Firebolt) Review
As a companion piece to the Hot Rod upgrade is this re-creation of Targetmaster Firebolt. Back in the 80s Hot Rod was released for Transformers: The Movie and later re-released as a Targetmaster. For $10 you can add this figure to classics Hot Rod or for play with Rodimus. Again not sure if worth it but if already buying the above, see little reason not to get this creation.

Perfect Effect's Ninja and Kingbat 2-pack Review
Another review of fan creation available for online purchase for around $50. These are Targetmaster add-ons for an upgrade pack that turns classic's Optimus Prime into Ultra Magnus. Both are detailed figures that are has started to become common with these type of releases. Price remains a bit of a problem but still pretty cool.


  1. DOTM voyager class Ironhide !!!

  2. WOW, did you see the ROTF Optimus Prime on the Customs site? Amazing what a plastic toy can look like with a paint job.


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