Friday, December 24, 2010

Dark of the Moon Novelization Finished

Writer extraordinaire Peter David reports on his blog that he has completed the work on the novelization of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Even better, he seemed to enjoy the experience and working with the characters. Hopefully IDW is paying attention and look into possibilities of him maybe writing some Transformer comics. If I remember right, the previous novelizations came about about a week before the movie was released so probably the same thing will occur here.(via TFW2005)
And after that it turned into a police car…and then a Boeing 747…and then…

Seriously, the novelization actually turned out pretty well, I thought. I’m always kind of amazed when a novelization reads smoothly, because while I’m in the middle of it, it always feels like it’s patchwork as I integrate my own scenes and dialogue with what’s in the script. But when I sat down and proofread it, it was pretty seamless. So I’m rather pleased with it. This is my first really sustained involvement with the Transformers and I didn’t realize what a fun bunch of characters they can be.

Plus what helped tremendously was that I had direct access to Hasbro. As opposed to some other occasions where everything has to be routed through the editor and, consequently, getting things questions answered can take a while, this was a snap because if there was anything I needed clarified, I went right to Hasbro and my contact there filled me in. So it was as smooth a process as it could possibly have been.

I don’t know the pub date, but I’d imagine it’ll be between four and six weeks before the film.

One hopes it will be available in places other than Costco and Sam’s Club.



  1. Why Peter David? Why did they fire Alan Dean Foster which wrote the first two movies novels?
    Both writers have a sci-fi bibliography of Star Trek novels and other sci-fi movies adaptations BUT between the two Alan Dean Foster surely is the better one with way more experience.
    So... 1) They fired Megan Fox 2) They will go with the just stupid "Mikaela broke up with Sam" thing instead of having Mikaela Banes funeral which would make sense to get rid of the character 3) Michael Bay was against 3D and then he was forced by Paramount managers to film in 3D 4) There have been multiple reports of 2D->3D conversion issues and native 3D filmed footage that looks awful 5) They fired Alan Dean Foster too...
    THIS FRANCHISE IS DEAD. Transformers3 is going to underperform or bomb at boxoffice.

  2. Oh yeah.. I forgot to add 6) No native IMAX.. no IMAX rendering=lower overall CGI quality just to force the 3D gimmick on people.

  3. Thank for sharing this one guys!

  4. @Anonymous 12/26/2010 12:18 PM...
    You've got such a healthy imagination perhaps they should've hired you to novelize the film.
    Where did you learn that they "fired" Alan dean Foster? Please share your source so we can all benefit from it.
    above is a link to Peter David's bibliograhy.
    I guess you think they hired him to ruin the novelization.

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