Friday, January 28, 2011

DOTM Ironhide Video Review, Official Images and More Galleries

Peaugh once again shows off his ability to get hold of the latest Transformers toys before anyone else by reviewing Transformers: Dark of the Moon deluxe Ironhide. He actually posted the review about two weeks ago but I somehow missed it. The Mech Tech weapon gimmick doesn't do anything for me. The robot mode is looks good but appears to suffer from some engineering issues. It is possible that those have since been ironed out but I doubt it since Hasbro is probably past the design phase and now mass producing the toys to make their May release date (which is why all the leaks).

Speaking of, it seems Hasbro has recognized that the cat is out of the bag and decided to go ahead and release official images of Deluxe Starscream and Ironhide to Also hit the links below for more DOTM toy leaks images with voyager Ratchet, deluxe Starscream, and voyager Optimus Prime. As for the below right, that is a life size version of Bumblebee with his Mech Tech weapon that was for Takara-Tomy's Toy Forum in Japan for retailer while the image up top is for the 2011 New York Toy Fair that will take place from February 13-18th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (via TFW2005).
Ratchet | Starscream | Optimus Prime


  1. Toys are kind of the most boring part of this, yeah its nice we get to see robot modes etc... meh i guess I'm just excite about the trailer...

  2. Some of us like toys. ;P Though i can't say i like those. Shockwave and Megs are the best one.

  3. I'm over the Mech-Tech weapons.


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