Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Better DOTM Shockwave Images (Updated)

A few days ago our first look at the voyager Shockwave toy for Transformers: Dark of the Moon and now we get an even better look. ACToys has a new gallery of pictures that really show off the color and look of the Voyager class toy and therefore a close approximation of how he will look in the movie. While I am not completely sold his tank mode, the robot mode is pretty sweet and I like the homage to the classic Generation One design. The full gallery can be found here. (via Seibertron)

Update:ACToys has a group photo of DOTM leaked toys. According to TFW2005 the identified toys from bottom left are:
- Legends Crankcase/Dread
- Legends Nascar Blue Wrecker
- Deluxe Ratchet
- Deluxe Class Skids
- Voyager Shockwave
- Deluxe Nascar Green Wrecker
- Deluxe Crankcase/Dread
- Deluxe Starscream
- Voyager Ironhide
- Voyager Optimus Prime
- Voyager Megatron


  1. OH MY JESUS!!! O_O O_O O_O

    So freaking cool!

  2. Oh by the way, it's SHOCKWAVE, not Soundwave. ^_^

  3. Robot mode: 9/10
    Alt mode: 2/10

    I'm not gonna buy any toys that change into nothin .You call it cybertronian tank, i call it nothing. When I buy a TF toy, I want to be able to impress my gf by transforming the robot into something. But if I buy Shockwave, when he is transformed, my GF gonna go "what the hell is that?".

    Being cybertronian is no excuse for a figure to end up like this. I mean, look at cybertronian OP in War for Cybertronian. That is pretty alien looking, at the same time it has pretty decent alt mode. No go.

  4. Shockwave is flat-chested, unlike his G1 counterpart. So he gets a boob reduction, going from one identity crisis to another...thinking his new alt mode looks viable.

    Kidding aside, I don't mind any alt modes as long as they're justified on screen. The Fallen's jet mode was never seen in TF2 (his traveling was translucent), so his toy transformation was meaningless to me. Also, I liked Megatron's tank mode, but his only tank appearance was rushed. Hoping neither will be the case with Shockwave for TF3.

  5. Shockwaves robot mode is definitely badass!!!

  6. Shockwave is a buy for me! 100%

  7. nobody else kinda bugged by shockwave's heart-shaped torso? lol

    and I get the same feeling, that I got when I looked at the soundwave toy before ROTF came out, when I look at shockwave...the figure design is too...toyish/childish unlike other tformers...I really hope it's not the case that shockwave doesn't have a movie robot mode.
    I know he's supposed to be a main baddy but still.

  8. @B

    Both Shockwave & Soundwave will have robot modes AND participate in the epic battle in Chicago. I saw a photo of their heads held up on poles on the set. Can't wait 'till release day B-)

  9. Is that white Transformer in the bottom left of the group photo supposed to be Jolt? It looks like pieces from the Chevy Volt alt mode, but he looks crazy different transformed. That piece on his chest look like a skull to anyone else?

  10. Dont mean to be picky, but his gun is supposed to be on/his left arm.

    The gun is a mechtech so hopefully it and the "sword" are interchangeable.

    Looks ok, i think of this more of a Shockblast style than Shockwave. The chest ribs and bulkyness will take some getting used to, but i should be able to custom him a bit. Really wish the hands swiveled at the joints.

    Alt mode; bad
    Robot mode; good but not great

  11. This is awesome. How are people fucking calling it bad?

    I think it looks incredible and by the movie is released people are going to be loving this Shockwave interpretation.

    The Alt mode reminds me of some of the bigger Beast War toys of back in the day.

    Looking great!

  12. Not sure if this has been brought up before.
    But Shockwaves alt mode looks suspiciously alike the big thing with the engines seen on different sets.

  13. "The Alt mode reminds me of some of the bigger Beast War toys of back in the day."


    "But Shockwaves alt mode looks suspiciously alike the big thing with the engines seen on different sets."

    No, not really.

    "nobody else kinda bugged by shockwave's heart-shaped torso? lol"

    I try as hard as i can, but that doesnt look like a heart to me at all...

  14. Martinus Prime1/29/2011 11:28 AM

    Shockwave looks awesome, as robotform as well in altmode, he looks amazing to me.
    I love his big-ass canon, and who cares on what arms he carries it.
    His robotform is huge!! He's gonna kick some serious ass.

  15. I've seen a silhouette of shockwave's robot form on a comic cover, and he has much more humanoid proportions than his toy does....If they can make an amazing Starscream figure, surely they will release an epic leader class figure on down the line. I tend to buy 1 of each character, so I will wait for a better version. And he doesn't turn into a real car, so why not make a vehicle form out of an amazing robot form, there's really no excuse for making both modes sub-par..

  16. "and he has much more humanoid"

    In what way Shockwave is not humanoid...?

  17. Wow can't wait to see the moviiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  18. i seen the movie and he had no alt mode..... he died fast.....and didn't have much screen time...

  19. i seen the movie and shockwave didn't have an alt mode...he died fast..and didn't have much screen time


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