Friday, February 04, 2011

Transformers 3 Big Boy Toys

In a little break from all the Transformers: Dark of the Moon pictures how about more pictures of the various Autobot vehicles including the Ferrari, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and few others. The full gallery can be found here. Thanks to lordberti for the link.


  1. Those 3 are going to be a team. I wonder if Ironhide and the twins are also 1 team.

  2. if red had been Sideswipe and silver Sunstreaker (enough yellow with 'Bee) then they'd be a pretty decent set of characters. I can't imagine red being anyone other than Hot Rod/Rodimus now. My guess is he's bestowed with some 'leadership' toward the end - arise Rodimus Prime.

    with the Wreckers I don't think we need the Twins anymore (not that we did in the first place). If they go round as a group and 'gang-up' then it'll be interesting. I imagine they'll be 'silent' bounty-hunters, i.e. turn up, kick-ass, litte said, clear off.

    I'd like to see some Autobot arrivals this time. Didn't get ANY in RotF.

  3. that would work if the red Ferrari was Hot Rod. But its not. Has anyone forgotten that sunstreaker was red in his Diakon colors? Now im not saying it's sunstreaker for sure but im saying its NOT Hot Rod. The Ferrari could also be Mirage as Bay wants it to have an Italian voice.

  4. please for the love of mike don't let it be hot rod (worst story arc ever).

    That Ferrari is badda$$.
    I've seen it in person (along with the other autobotomobiles in DC). It certainly grabbed my attention more than anything there (ok.. maybe not prime with the trailer).

  5. dont think it will be hot rod because if you have hotrod then you have to have rodimus. they will not kill optimus again because they did that in the 1980 movie and had to redo the ending to say optimus will return because so many kids were upset

  6. why would the "have to have Rodimus."?

    The only thing worse than a pink, yellow and orange hot rod car is a pink, yellow and orange winnebago taking over for the bada$$ optimus prime.

    No Thanks!

    yeah.. enough with killing optimus too.
    They did it already in RotF.

  7. Nobody has to be anybody!!!! "its red so it has to be hotrod", "has to be mirage because its an italian", or "its alpha trion/unicron because it has a beard and horns". I see where people come from but don't act so sure about anything when it comes to Bay's transformers. Ironhide and sideswipe are no longer red, Skids is not blue or resemble anything of G1, Megatron is now a truck, Devestator is a mindless gorillabot, Soundwave sounds like Mr Claw, Starscream looks like a chicken, Bumblebee goes from have the 3rd biggest dialog to having no dialog, etc. I'm not complaining about his adaptation, but explaining that there is no "has to be" or "for sure". Colors, type of vehicle, and character of original characters don't matter to Bay.

    Point of this is it pretty pointless to say "it has to be...", "your stupid to think its...", or and other "for sure" statements. "I think its..." and "it should be..." sound a little more intelligent whether you are right or not later down the road.

    For instance I could say the helicopter has to be Springer because its green and you are stupid to think otherwise. But it could possibly be a baddie or Airraid. I I'll say I hope its Springer because i beleive he was part of the wreckers too.

  8. And mind my grammer and spelling in that last post. I understand the hipocriticism of talking about intelligence and then spelling things wrong from not checking before pressing send

  9. to poster above me... you are 100% right about everything. This is a Bay movie and he does with the bots as he likes. Plane and simple. One thing though... the Russian chopper is an Autobot ;)

  10. Hotrod would be cool but i think it is clifjumper.

  11. Sunstreaker clifjumber Hot Rod Mirage or swerve are posabilitise!Right? that would work! Why hasent any one sujested swerve?


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